Crawford County,  Pennsylvania
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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


IRWIN, Paul Raymond  29 Jul 1912 Salina, Venango, PA 13 Jan 1984 Ocala, Marion, FL son of William Cecil Irwin and Aplhaetta Pha Korb Irwin

IRWIN, Verna Rose STUBBE  21 Nov 1909 Erie Co., PA 1 Nov 1997   daughter of Albert Stubbe and Sarah Rose Stubbe

JENKINS, Clarinda Selina RANDALL         wife of Mark Thomas Jenkins  
JENKINS, Mark Thomas         married Clarinda Selina Randall  
LINN, Peter 6 Sept 1872 Mifflin Twp, Allegheny Co., PA 4 Oct 1954 Linesville, Crawford Co., PA   

MOODY, James 9 Sept 1801 Ireland 24 Sept 1882 Crawford Co. Husband of Elizabeth McCormick Moody

MOODY, Elizabeth MC CORMICK 26 May 1801 Ireland 4 Mar 1877 Crawford Co Wife of James Moody

MOODY, William James 1845 Butler Co., PA 3 Aug 1922 Vernon Twp., Crawford co. Son of James and Elizabeth McCormick Moody, Husband of Elizabeth McKay Moody

MOODY, Elizabeth MC KAY 1848 Summerhill Twp, Crawford Co. 13 Feb 1907 Shermansville, Sadsbury Twp., Crawford Co. Wife of William James Moody, Daughter of John and Mary Lackey McKay

MOODY, Clarance 22 Feb 1904   8 May 1938   Son of Kay and Grace Miller Moody, Husband of Florence McKean Shurbert

MOODY, McKay "Kay" 1877 Crawford Co. 11 Feb 1951 Crawford Co. Son of William James and Elizabeth McKay Moody, husband of Grace Miller Sherman Moody, He was always good for a nickel for an ice cream cone

MOODY, Grace Miller SHERMAN 1881   1957 Crawford Co. Wife of Kay Moody

MORROW, Mary Jane JENKINS         wife of Thomas Eddy Morrow; daughter of Mark Thomas and Clarinda Selina Randall Jenkins  
MORROW, Thomas Eddy         married Mary Jane Jenkins  
PHELPS, Albert LeRoy 18 Apr 1883   2 Sept 1963    

PHELPS, Beatrice Ellen 24 Mar 1895   17 Oct 1982    

PHELPS, Christopher Wallace 10 Dec 1919   30 Apr 1997    

PHELPS, Delellis Grace, WILLIAMS AIRHART 24 Sept 1914 Cambria County, Pa. 26 Feb 1974 Conneaut Lake, Crawford County, Pa. Wife of Floyd Albert Phelps
PHELPS, Floyd Albert 23 Mar 1906   17 Feb 1987    

PHELPS, George Weldon  15 Sept 1860   26 Jan 1942    

PHELPS, Pearl MOWRY 13 Nov 1886   30 May 1957    

PHELPS, Susan K. V. BECKETT 31 Dec 1860   28 Jun


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