Crawford County,  Pennsylvania
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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


SCHAFFSTALL, Maria ROSS 1851 Mercer County, PA 1881  

wife of Albert Schaffstall, daughter of Stephen and Hannah Susley Ross, granddaughter of Aaron and Sarah Harris Ross

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SCHAFFSTALL, Peter 1767 Strausburg Twp., Lancaster Co. PA 1 Oct 1851  

age 84yrs. 5mo. 16 days, married to Catherine Hoffman, headstone is broken but still readable.


1891   1963  

married to Jessie A. Shaffstalll

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SHAFFSTALL, Arthur A. 1853   1943  

To the left is E. Jennie Shaffstall same type of head stone

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SHAFFSTALL, E. Jennie 1860   1946  

wife of Arthur


SHAFFSTALL, Elmer 1905   1927  

son of C. L and E. J. Shaffstall

SHAFFSTALL, Floyd 1907   1914  

son of C. L and E. J. Shaffstall

SHAFFSTALL, Frank S.         view headstone

SHAFFSTALL, Jennie E. 1887   1971  

wife of Lee Carl Shaffstall


17 Jul 1894 Butler Co., PA 13 Feb 1985 Crawford Co., PA

wife of Archie B Shaffstall


SHAFFSTALL, Julia A.         

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SHAFFSTALL, Lawrence     1915   view headstone

SHAFFSTALL, Lee Carl 1883   1960  

married to Jennie E. Shaffstall


SHAFFSTALL, Wesley     1917   view headstone

SHAFFSTALL, William Peter 1856   1943   view headstone

SHOFFSTALL, Teddyinfant        

SHOFFSTALL, Edgar 1886   1918   view headstone

SHOFFSTALL, Edgar D. 1918   1990   view headstone

SHOFFSTALL, Fred  1882   1929   view headstone

SHOFFSTALL, Hattie 1863   1943  

on stone with husband, John


SHOFFSTALL, John 1857   1934  

on stone with wife, Hattie

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SMITH, R. C.     Feb 1910    
SMITH, Reginald B. 29 Jun 1938   3 Sept 1992   husband of Wanda Faye Peterson

SZITAS, Sheldon 7 Aug 1935   3 May 1996   married Mary Ellen Walker 16 Jul 1955

Cochranton Cemetery

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