Crawford County,  Pennsylvania
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Name Born Birthplace Died Deathplace


VANORSDALE, Cornelius     1887   War of 1812 Veteran
VANORSDALE, Delilah     Nov 1910   age 93
VOGAN, Wayne C. 1923   1987   husband of Mildred M. Vogan

WARD, Donovan 1900   1962   son of Mark & Julia E. Culver Ward

WARD, H. Willis  1888   1967   son of Mark & Julia E. Culver Ward; husband of Marjory Ward

WATSON, Emma J.     Oct 1910   age 53 
WILLIAMS, Abraham     Mar 1910   age 58
YARNELL, Albert Leroy abt 1861   4 Oct 1946   married Nettie Karns; lived on  farm in Wayne Twp., son of Jesse and Elizabeth "Liza" Miller Yarnell
YARNELL, Albert "Bert" Leroy 1895   1957   son of Albert Leroy and Nettie Karns Yarnell; married Mildred Elizabeth Karns
YARNELL, Florence PERRY 12 Feb 1892 Oil City 1975   wife of William Guy Yarnell; daughter of
YARNELL, George Henry Mar 1891   3 Mar 1962   son of Albert Leroy and Nettie Karns Yarnell; married Ms. Tingley who died in KS and Alice Spaid
YARNELL, Mildred Elizabeth KARNS [WILLIAMS] 27 May 1916 Jackson 16 Apr 1981 City Hospital, Meadville, PA.  daughter of  Leroy and Frances Reed Karns; wife of Albert "Bert" Yarnell and Homer Williams
YARNELL, Nettie KARNS 17 Feb 1869   6 Dec 1938   daughter of George & Margaret Petterman Karns, wife of Albert Leroy Yarnell
YARNELL, William Guy May 1887   1 Mar 1954   WW1 veteran, son of Albert Leroy and Nettie Karns Yarnell; married Florence Perry; ran a news store in Cochranton
Cochranton Cemetery

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