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Knowing where an ancestor lived is crucial to finding records. This is a list of known settlements, boroughs, villages and towns in the county. In some cases their aliases are given. Also listed are their location in the current civil divisions, coordinates used in locating the community on online maps and GPS receivers (WGS84 datum, DD.MM.MM), and the name of the 7.5 minute quadrangle United States Geological Survey map.

Table of Communities
Name Alias Civil Division Coordinates USGS 7.5' Map
Allenwood Uniontown
Gregg Township 41° 6.46'N, 76° 53.90'W Allenwood
Alvira (extinct) Gregg Township 41° 8.06'N, 76° 57.32'W Montoursville South
Bucknell East Buffalo Township 40° 57.46'N, 76° 54.50'W Lewisburg
Buffalo Crossroads Buffalo Township 40° 57.80'N, 76° 58.13'W Lewisburg
Cameron Buffalo Township 40° 58.46'N, 76° 58.60'W Lewisburg
Camp Hironimus Hartley Township 40° 50.87'N, 77° 19.98'W Weikert
Central Oak Heights Kelly Township 41° 0.69'N, 76° 52.22'W Milton
Cherry Run Hartley Township 40° 50.97'N, 77° 21.26'W Weikert
College Park East Buffalo Township 40° 56.90'N, 76° 53.08'W Lewisburg
Cowan Buffalo Township 40° 57.46'N, 77° 0.82'W Mifflinburg
Dice Battletown Limestone Township 40° 53.27'N, 77° 2.28'W Mifflinburg
Dry Valley Crossroads Union Township 40° 53.51'N, 76° 54.86'W Lewisburg
Fairville East Buffalo Township 40° 57.11'N, 76° 54.13'W Lewisburg
Forest Hill West Buffalo Township 40° 58.47'N, 77° 2.96'W Mifflinburg
Glen Iron Hartley Township 40° 52.04'N, 77° 12.07'W Beavertown
Hartleton borough 40° 54.04'N, 77° 9.37'W Hartleton
Johnstown West Buffalo Township 40° 56.41'N, 77° 3.17'W Mifflinburg
Kelly Crossroads Kelly Township 41° 0.99'N, 76° 56.13'W Allenwood
Kelly Point Kelly Township 40° 59.52'N, 76° 56.13'W Lewisburg
Laurel Park Hartley Township 40° 52.24'N, 77° 10.98'W Beavertown
Laurelton Hartley Township 40° 52.99'N, 77° 11.92'W Hartleton
Lewisburg Derrstown borough 40° 57.87'N, 76° 53.06'W Lewisburg
Linntown East Buffalo Township 40° 57.54'N, 76° 53.95'W Lewisburg
Lochiel East Buffalo Township 40° 56.90'N, 76° 57.26'W Lewisburg
Mazeppa Buffalo Township 40° 59.02'N, 76° 59.30'W Lewisburg
Mifflinburg Youngmanstown borough 40° 55.06'N, 77° 2.87'W Miffilnburg
Millmont Lewis Township 40° 53.15'N, 77° 8.45'W Hartleton
New Berlin Longstown borough 40° 52.74'N, 76° 59.21'W Lewisburg
New Columbia White Deer Township 41° 2.45'N, 76° 52.01'W Milton
Old Furnace White Deer Township 41° 4.44'N, 76° 56.10'W Allenwood
Pardee Hartley Township 40° 51.64'N, 77° 16.31'W Weikert
Pleasant Grove Lewis Township 40° 55.96'N, 77° 7.95'W Hartleton
Rand West Buffalo Township 40° 55.89'N, 77° 5.78'W Mifflinburg
Red Bank West Buffalo Township 40° 57.05'N, 77° 3.22'W Mifflinburg
Spring Garden Gregg Township 41° 6.84'N, 76° 55.70'W Allenwood
Swengel Lewis Township 40° 53.54'N, 77° 7.60'W Hartleton
Tannertown West Buffalo Township 40° 58.25'N, 77° 2.27'W Mifflinburg
Turtleville East Buffalo Township 40° 55.51'N, 76° 51.85'W Northumberland
Vicksburg Buffalo Township 40° 56.32'N, 76° 59.28'W Lewisburg
Weikert Hartley Township 40° 51.50'N, 77° 17.75'W Weikert
West Lawn East Buffalo Township 40° 57.12'N, 76° 54.08'W Lewisburg
West Milton White Deer Township 41° 1.21'N, 76° 52.30'W Milton
White Deer White Deer Mills White Deer Township 41° 4.55'N, 76° 52.48'W Allenwood
White Springs Limestone Township 40° 52.99'N, 77° 5.27'W Mifflinburg
Wildwood Limestone Township 40° 52.18'N, 77° 3.11'W Middleburg
Winfield Union Township 40° 54.56'N, 76° 51.32'W Northumberland
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