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This page lists what federal and state census schedules are available and for what civil divisions. Microfilms may be examined in libraries or purchased from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) in Washington DC, or a subscription to online census services may be purchased. Transcriptions for the county posted on the Internet are limited.

Census Year NARA Microfilm Census County
1790 M687-9 Northumberland County
1800 M32-37 Northumberland County
1810 M252-53 Northumberland County
1820 M33-113 Union County
1830 M19-149 Union County
1840 M704-496 Union County
1850 M432-831 Union County
1860 M653-1188 Union County
1870 M593-1458 Union County
1880 T9-1197 Union County
1890 (Special Veterans) M123-86 Union County
1900 T623-1488 Union County
1910 T624-1423 Union County
1920 T625-1655 Union County
1930 -2150 Union County
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