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Below is a table of the currently known cemeteries and burials in the county. They are organized alphabetically by civil division and then by name. The United States Geological Survey 7.5 minute quadrangle topographical map on which they appear is listed. Global Positioning System coordinates are given for those who use GPS receivers to locate the more obscure cemeteries and burials in DD MM.MM, WGS84 datum, and latitude north and longitude west. Other notes including directions are also offered.

Clicking on the highlighted cemetery name takes you offsite to photos and/or tombstone transcriptions.

Name USGS Map GPS Coordinates Directions/Notes
Buffalo Township
Baker/Kelly Lewisburg N40°57.628' W76°59.659' Just off Rt. 192, west of Buffalo Crossroads. West of Beaver Run approximately 1/3 mile; north of Rt. 192 on private road ¼ mile to walled cemetery.
Beiler-Glick-Riehl Amish Mennonite Approximately ¾ mile east Dreisbach Church-New Berlin Mt. Rd on north side of Furnace Rd on the far east side of Johnson Auto Body Shop (Erdley Farm).
Buffalo Presbyterian Church Meeting House Lane, south east corner of Buffalo Crossroads by church along Rt. 192, west of Lewisburg.
Dreisbach Union Church Dreisbach Church Road, southeast of Vicksburg. West from Lewisburg approximately 6 miles; turn south on Dreisbach Church Road. Cemetery on left by Dreisbach Church.
Hettick Burial Site Lewisburg N40°58.028' W76°56.722' Rt. 192 east of Buffalo Crossroads. From Lewisburg west on Rt. 192 past Peddlers Tract Bed & Breakfast right along the right side of the road at the top of the hill alongside of a large tree.
Iddings Just off Johnson Mill Road, south end of Mazeppa, across field along Buffalo Creek.
Immanuel United Methodist Church Col. John Kelly Road. North end of Mazeppa on east side.
Mazeppa Union Church Lewisburg Johnson Mill Road, north end of Mazeppa on east side.
Mountain Chapel New Berlin Mountain Road, north of New Berlin. From Rt. 45 take Dreisbach Church Road toward New Berlin. On left going south at top of north side of Shamokin (New Berlin) Mountain.
National Pontius Mifflinburg N40°55.207' W77°00.700' Furnace Road, east of Mifflinburg. On right hand side of Furnace Road approximately 2 miles east of Mifflinburg, 100 yards south of road. Sign along road.
Sierer Lewisburg N40°57.961' W76°58.922' Private property. Just off Beaver Run Road, west of Buffalo Crossroads. East of the Sierer stone house.
Thompson Mifflinburg N40°55.206' W77°00.293' Private property. Just off Furnace Road, east of Mifflinburg.
Vicksburg Amish-Mennonite Church Strickler Road, right off Beaver Run Road north of Vicksburg.
Vicksburg Old Order Mennonite Church Beaver Run Road, about ½ mile south of Vicksburg.
Wolfland Mennonite Church Wolfland Road, east of Johnson Mill Road between Buffalo Crossroads and Mazeppa.
East Buffalo Township
Ebenezer Evangelical Church Lewisburg Furnace Road, east of Dreisbach Church. Right-hand (north) side of Furnace Road approximately 1 ¾ miles west of Rt. 15.
Jenkins Mill Not extant, junction of Furnace Road & Rt. 15, Turtleville.
Lantz Amish-Mennonite Church Lewisburg Salem Church Road, west of Lewisburg. South of Rt. 45 at Lochiel east, of Robert Criswell farm.
Gregg Township
Addis North of Allenwood, east of Rt. 15, 200 feet from Lycoming county line
Allenwood Rt. 44, west side of Allenwood
Brown Within federal prison complex.
Farley Southwest of Allenwood
Messiah Union Church Alvira, in state game lands
St John's Evangelical Church Alvira
Washington Presbyterian Church Allenwood Located on the property of the state game commission. Approximately one mile beyond White Deer Baptist Church Cemetery.
White Deer Baptist Church One mile north of Spring Garden. Take Rt. 44 from Allenwood approximately 2 miles, take road to right toward Federal Prison Camp approximately 1/3 mile.
Hartleton Borough
Hartleton Hill Hartleton North side of Rt. 45 west end of Hartleton.
Hartleton Mennonite Church Laurel Rd., southwest of Hartleton.
Hartleton Union Church South side of Hartleton.
Hartley Township
Glover Not extant, moved to Hartleton Hill Cemetery.
Grace Evangelical Church Pikeville, Rt. 45 1 mile east of Laurelton Center. Approx. 2 miles west of Hartleton on south side of Rt. 45.
Hironimus Union Church About ¾ mile west of Weikert.
Kester's Dunkard Church West of Laurelton, east of Weikert.
Laurelton (Laurel Run) Union Church East side of Laurelton
Lincoln Chapel United Methodist Church Paddy Mountain Road & Lincoln Chapel Road, west of Laurelton. From south end of Laurelton turn right (west) and go approximately 1 mile.
Long Lane Union Lincoln Chapel Road, west of Laurelton. From south end of Laurelton turn right (west) & go approximately ½ mile.
Kelly Township
Buffalo Mennonite Church Hoffa's Mill Road, at "Y" west of Kelly Point.
Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary Just off Col. John Kelly Road, go south 1/8 mile from Taylorville and east.
Royer Dunkard Church Colonel John Kelly Road, north of Penitentiary. At northeast entrance to Federal Penitentiary.
St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church White Deer Churches Road (west side), go due west of West Milton approximately 2 miles; turn left (south); church & cemetery on right.
St. Peter's United Church of Christ White Deer Churches Road. Go due west of West Milton approximately 2 miles; turn left (south); church & cemetery on left. (east side)
Stoltzfus Amish-Mennonite Church Lewisburg Hill School Road. Take road north from Rt. 192 on Hoffa Mill Rd.; go past Grove's Mill and take the first road to the left. Cemetery is on the right side of the road on the Aaron Stahl farm.
Lewis Township
Millmont West of Millmont, not extant.
Millmont Mennonite Church Northwest corner of Millmont.
Mountain View Old Order Mennonite Church Kaiser Run Road, northwest of the Buffalo Church of the Brethren.
Old Cedars Hartleton Southeast side of Swengel, behind former union church.
Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church Northeast of Hartleton. Right (east) side of Pleasant Grove, behind church.
St. Peter's (Ray's) Union Church Rt. 45 east of Hartleton. On south side of Rt. 45 approximately 3 miles west of Mifflinburg.
Lewisburg Borough
Lewisburg Cemetery Lewisburg Cemetery, west side of South Seventh Street.
Limestone Township
Buffalo Church of the Brethren Rt. 45 west of Mifflinburg. On left side of Rt. 45 at Church of the Brethren, approx. 1 ¾ miles west of Mifflinburg.
Dry Run Just off Rt. 304 west of New Berlin, not extant.
Etzweiler Burial Site Brouse Rd. southeast of Mifflinburg. Take Furnace Road east from Mifflinburg approx. 2 miles; turn right at Ritzenthaler's old home; go approx. 1 mile to top of hill. Monument on right side of road with fence around it. (Top of hill north of Art Borden's.)
LeRoy Massacre Site Beaver Rd. & Dice Rd., southeast of Mifflinburg.
Lewis Mifflinburg Approx. 1 ¼ miles east of White Springs toward Rt. 104; long lane in north side of road on top of hill. (Can be seen from road.)
Stees Beaver Rd., southeast of Mifflinburg. Directly north on hillside at LeRoy Monument in grove of trees at base of ridge.
Mifflinburg Borough
East Side (also Stuck, Hilltop, & Pleasant View) East of Rt. 304 (South Fourth St.)
First Presbyterian Green Street.
Long Mifflinburg Stoney Acres Rd., east of Rt. 304.
Old Mifflinburg (also Fairview & Woodlawn) West of Rt. 304 (South Fourth St.); behind Old Elias Church.
New Berlin Borough
New Berlin Walnut St. northwest corner of New Berlin.
Gross-Miller Addition West of Walnut St.
Union Township
Chestnut Hills Felmy Rd., southwest of Winfield. At Winfield take Park Rd. south past the quarry; turn right at next road (Felmy Rd.
Lee Burial Site Just off 304, Winfield.
Old Winfield Just off Rt. 304, Winfield.
Templeton Rt. 304, between New Berlin & Dry Valley, not extant.
West Buffalo Township
Forest Hill United Methodist Mifflinburg N40°58.489' W77°02.810' North side of Rt. 192 at Forest Hill.
Hillside Bible Church Just off Centennial Rd., west of Forest Hill, south from Rt. 192.
Johnson Mifflinburg N40°58.187' W77°02.927' Buffalo Rd., Approx. ¼ mile south of Forest Hill on west side of Buffalo Road toward Mifflinburg.
Reish Mifflinburg N40°57.911' W77°03.003' Private property. Just off Buffalo Rd., approx. ¾ mile south of Forest Hill, private road on Gardner farm, on top of hill behind farmhouse.
Sipley Mifflinburg N40°55.89'N W77°3.95' Not Extant. Site at Green Ridge Rd., west of Mifflinburg. Take N Eighth St. north to Green Ridge Rd., turn left, go a short distance. Site is on left in fence row.
Taylor Mifflinburg N40°57.229 W77°05.747 Reber Road northwest of Mifflinburg. From Mifflinburg take North Eighth St. north to Green Ridge Rd., pass Dietrich Rd. on Pleasant Grove Rd.; pass Red Bank Rd. on right; turn right onto Sportsman's Club Road and onto Reber Road on left, Steffen Rd. on right. Cemetery on right side of road.
White Deer Township
Baker Cemetery (Burial Plot) Stones were moved to St. Peter's UCC Cemetery, Kelly Township
Clapp Just off New Columbia Rd., 1 mile west of Rt. 15 exit.
Deliverance Chapel Pleasant View Road, 4 mile southwest of New Columbia.
Fenton Hidden Valley, New Columbia.
Highland Milton Pleasant View Road, southwest of New Columbia west of Rt. 15.
Huff 5 miles west of New Columbia, just off Ridge Road.
Semple Miller's Bottom Road, 8 mi. west of New Columbia.
Sunrise United Methodist Church Sunrise Rd. & Miller's Bottom Rd. Approx. 1 1/2 miles on Spruce Run Rd. northwest of Kelly Cross-Roads.
Sypher Just off Ridge Rd. 6 mi. west of New Columbia.

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