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Formation Date

Coordinated By:
Addison 1800 from Turkeyfoot .
Allegheny 1805 from Southampton .
Black 1886 from Milford Linda Marker
Brothersvalley 1771 from Bedford County .
Conemaugh 1801 from Quemahoning Brian L. Cartwright
Elk Lick 1785 from Brothersvalley .
Fair Hope 1891 from Southampton and Allegheny .
Greenville 1812 from Elk Lick Carol Hepburn
Jefferson 1847 from Jefferson .
Jenner 1811 from Quemahoning .
Larimer 1851 from Greenville and Northampton . 
Lincoln 1890 from Somerset .
Lower Turkeyfoot 1773 from Turkeyfoot .
Meyersdale Boro. 1844 and was incorporated in 1871 Sally Statler
Middlecreek 1853 from Milford Linda Marker
Milford 1780 from Turkeyfoot Linda Marker
Northampton 1851 from Southamton .
Ogle 1886 from Paint Brian L. Cartwright
Paint 1836 from Shade Brian L. Cartwright
Quemahoning 1775 from Brothersvalley and Turkeyfoot Jan Hoth
Salisbury Boro. 1796 and incorporated in 1862


Shade 1816 from Stonycreek Susan Jackman
Somerset 1796 from Turkeyfoot Nancy Hallberg
Stonycreek 1792 from Quemahoning Nancy Hallberg
Southampton 1801 from Bedford County Carol Hepburn
Summit 1843 from Brothersvalley and Elk Lick .
Upper Turkeyfoot 1773 from Brothersvalley .