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This information is from "The First Reformed Church of Easton.Pa."

From 1760-1852

March 24,1801   married--John Roeder and   Sophia Fluck

Dec.4, 1848        married---James Schmidt and Belinda Fluk

"Early Pennsylvania Reformed Church and Cemetery Records"

Springfield- Durham- Saucon townships Bucks County pa.

Henry        b.Aug.9,1848 bap.April 23,1848      Abraham and Hannah Fluck                      parents

Marriages by Rev.J.A.Mertz

June 10,1903    Henry Warford and Annie E. Fluck


John Fluck b. June 5, 1780   died  Dec.23,1853

Lovia Fluck   b.Jan.24,1809   died Jan.2,1864

Dorothy May Fluck  died  June 10,1904  age  2 years 9mon. 10 days

David L. Fluck   died June 6,1906   age 64 yrs.5 mon.9 da.

John Rueben Fluck  died March 31,1907  age 22 yrs. 3 mon. 17 da.

Edwin Fluck   died Dec.7,1909   age 56 yrs.5 mon.21 da.  buried Springtown

Emmeline Fluck   died June 3,1923   age 76 yrs. 9 mon.20da.


Anna Marie     b.Mar.30,1783 bap.May 11,1783    Ludwig and Barbara Fluck     Christian and Anna Maria Kern

Anna Maria       b.Aug.21,1800         Ludwig and Elisabeth Fluck            George and Catherine Smith

Henry          b.Oct.21,1800             Philip and Barbara Fluck                   parents

Isaac               b.March 7,1802   John and Christena Fluck                     Adam and Catherine Fluck

Christena       b.Aug.1,1809 bap.Oct.1,1809       John and Christena Fluck  parents

Isaac    b.Nov.2,1825 bap.29,1826  Abraham and Elisabeth Fluck  Michael and Elisabeth Frankenfield

Christina    b.Nov.7,1826 bap.Dec.31,1826     Abraham and Elisabeth Fluck    John Fluck and Catherine Frankenfield

Abraham          b.Jan.20,1828 bap.April 19,1828      Abraham and Elisabeth Fluck      Michael and Elisabeth Weiss

-----------------                         -------------------

Nov.26,1797     Philip Fluck married Barbara dau. of Peter Ruhl


Trinity Union Church      1751-1795

Ludwig Fluck    b.              1732    died   Oct.29,1792    age 60 yrs.

        Barbara Fluck    b.May 11,1740    died  Dec.11,1808   age   66 yrs. 7 mon. -

         Philip Fluck    b. April 6,1767         died   March 11,1807  age  40 yrs.1 mon.3 da.

         John Fluck     b.JUne 15,1769        died Sept.29,1818       age  49 yrs.3 mon. 22 da.

       Christine,wife of John  b. April 4,1772   died  July 26,1847   age 75 yrs.3 mon.22 da.

        John Fluck        b. April 25,1798        died   Feb.10,1880    age 81 yrs. 9 mon. 15 da.

     Elizabeth Fluck,1st. wife of John,  b.Oct.1,1807    died   May 30, 1845   age 37 yrs.7 mon. 29 da.

      Catherine Fluck,2nd. wife of Johhn--nee Hess-- widow of David Rockel b.Feb6,1800  d.Sept.1,1854

  Abrahem Fluck    b.July 23,1779   died   May 10,1803     age  23 yrs.10 mon. 18 da.

      Maria Fluck     b. April 13,1800   died   April 27,1817    age  17 yrs.0mon.14 da.

    Jacob Fluck    b.Aug.7,1808     died Mar.5,1876    age 67 yrs.8 mon. 28 da.

  Mary Fluck,wife of Jacob  b.Jan.11,1816  died Dec.24,1874  age  58 yrs.11 mon.13 da.

    Mary Ann Fluck  dau.of Jacob and Mary b.Dec.5,1851  died Sep.20,1863   age 11 yrs. 9mon. 19 da.

   Benjamin Fluck   b. Dec.28,1839   died May 17,1905    age 65 yrs.4 mon.19 da.

   Mary Ann Fluck,wife of Benjamin F.,  b.Feb.16,1844   died Dec.23,1913  age  74 yrs.10 mon.9 da

    David A. Fluck  b. Jan.29,1843    died   Sept.23,1913   age  70 yrs.7 mon. 24 da.

husband of Amanda Frankenfield

    Henrietta Fluck,wife of Lewis A. ,   b.March 5,1846    died   Jan.13,1905   age 58 yrs.10 mon.0 da.

    Jacob Fluck  b, May 18,1847   died  July 4,1891   age 44yrs. 1mon.26 da.

     Carrie May Fluck,dau of Ephraim and Maria C,  b.May 14,1879  died  Oct.3,1884   age 2yrs.4mon.19da.

Lottie I. Fluck, wife of Leidy,b.July 20,1883   died Dec.21,1905   age 22yrs. 5mon.1da.

      Roland Fluck,son of Calvin and Gertrude, b.Nov.14,1907  died Jan.22,1908  age.2 omn.16 da.

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Springtown Cemetery,Bucks County, Pa.

John L. Fluck  b.Aug.15,1830   died Sept.20,1911   age 81 yrs.1mon.5da

         Sarah A.,wife of John L., Fluck  b. July 13,1830  died Sept. 23,1870  age 40yrs.3mon.10da.

      Mary P.,2nd wife of John L. Fluck,  b.Oct.7,1835  died  Aug.23,1911  age 75yrs. 10mon. 16 da.

     Infant son of John L. and Sarah A. Fluck b.April 6,1855   died April 6,1855

      Clinton A,son of John L. and sarah A. Fluck,  b.Oct.19,1856  died April 6,1879  age  22yrs.5mon.7d

     Infant son of John L. and Sarah A. Fluck,b.Feb.23,1861  died  Feb.23,1861

     Elena Fluck,du of JohnL. and Sarah A.Fluck  b.May 14,1865  died   Sept.16,1871  age 6yrs.4mon 2da.

   Ephraim Fluck  b.Jul.15,1849   died   June 14,1913   age 63yrs.10mon.29da.

  James A. Fluck   b.April 12,1841    died Jan.31,1903    age 61 yrs. 9mon.19da.

    Henry A.Fluck    b.Aug.1,1855   died   Mar.23,1901    age   45yrs.7mon.22da.

  Edwin Fluck    b.June 16,1858    died   Dec.7,1909   age 56yrs.5mon.21da.

   John R.Fluck   b.Jan.1,1885   died   Mar.21,1907   age  22yrs.3mon

   Wooster R. Fluck   b.Oct.30,1858       died  April 25,1890  age  31yrs.5mon.25da.

  McClunnen Peter Fluck   b. March 1,1862   died  Sept.7,1890

  Elbert M,son of S.E.and Lizzie Fluck  b. June 24,1902     age   29 days




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