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Bucks County was one of the three provincial counties established by William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania having been granted a charter from King Charles II. He and around 100 passenger set sail in 1682 on the "Welcome." Most were Quakers. Bucks County is said to have been named after Buckinghamshire the old old home of the Penn's.  Was formed in 1682. Northampton, Lehigh were at one time part of Bucks County.

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Many of the History's of each Borough and Township can be found in THE HISTORY OF BUCKS COUNTY PA By BY W. W. H. DAVIS, A. M. located at the Bucks County Pa Archives.

Date: MONDAY, April 13, 1987  Page: B01  Edition: SECOND


by HAL MARCOVITZ, The Morning Call


Bedminster Township -Is located in northern part of the County and is surrounded by Haycock, Tinicum, Tohickon, and Plumstead Counties. The court of Quarter Sessions were petitioned by 35 residents in 1741 to lay out the township. The original petitioners were Irish or German and a very small number were Welsh. The first pastor was Rev. William Tennent from 1726 to 1738 

  • Bensalem Township - Is located in the southern corner of the county. It is surrounded by Lower Southampton. Neshaminy Creek separates is from Middletown and Bristol Township.
  • Bridgeton Township - Bridgeton was formed from a division of Nockamixon Township. The division was signed in 1890 saying that the larger section would be called Nockamixon and the smaller section Bridgeton. A special election was held around June of that year to elect it's first officials. 
  • Bristol Township ---   
    • April 9, 2024 itolHill/Lobby/2767/">The Friends of Bolton Mansion
  • Bristol Borough --Is the largest town which is found on the Delaware River. It is northeast of Philadelphia and southeast of Doylestown. It is one of the oldest boroughs. It became a borough in 1720. Formerly known as Buckingham.
  •   Bristol Borough Site includes History and Municipal Information
  • Buckingham Township - Both the present Buckingham and Solebury Townships were originally called Buckingham. Somewhere between 1700 and 1703 was when the two townships were separated. 

Buckingham  ------ A town  located in central Buckingham Township. Was known as Bogarts Tavern during the Revolution War. 

  • Chalfont Borough  -- Is located in the southwestern part of New Britain Township. It was first called Butler or Butlers Mill. 
  • Doylestown Borough --- Became a borough in 1838. It has also been the County seat since 1813. Land that the borough in was originally owed by the Free Society of Traders to London. Borough was named by the Doyle family. One of the earliest Bucks County pape April 9, 2024 tablished in 1802. and Charles Stewart was the first postmaster. 
  • Doylestown Township -Is surrounded by New Britain, Plumstead,  Buckingham, Warrington and Warwick Township. A petition was enter in 1818 to the August Term of Court and granted in 1819. The first election was held in 1819. 
  • Dublin Borough - Was incorporated in 1912 from parts of Hilltown and Bedminster Townships. 
  • Dublin Borough List officials, of borough, government, etc. 
  • Durham Township - Was established in 1775  before that was known as The Durham Tract. The Durham Furnace Company made large amounts of shot and shells used during the Revolutionary War. 
  • Falls Township -- Surrounded by Lower Makefield, Bristol and Middletown Townships. 1692 is was laid out as a legal subdivision. 
  • Haycock Township - Located in the northern part of Bucks Co. The township not established until 1762. Earlier efforts were made beginning around 1743.
  • Hilltown Township - Is on the Montgomery County line. Surrounded by East and West Rockhill, Bedminster, New Britain in Bucks County and Hatfield and Franconia Townships in Montgomery Counties. It is thought the town was organized around 1722. Manor of Perkasie was originally included. First settle by the Welsh and later Germans. The Hilltown Baptist Church was founded in 1737 by Rev. William Thomas. 
  • Hulmeville Borough - Is located on Neshaminy Creek. It's first went by the name of Milford, followed by Hulmeville. Formed from part of Middletown Township in 1872.
  • Ivyland Borough - Was incorporated in 1903. from part of Warminster Township. 
  • Langhorne Borough - Was incorporated in 1874 from parts of Middletown Township. In earlier times was know as Four Lanes End. because it was located at the juncture of four different roads. 
  •  Makefield Township - Was divided from Makefield into Lower and Upper in 1753. Early families were English Friends who worship in the Falls Monthly Meeting house until around 1750 when in 1752 the Makefield Meeting house was built. 
  • Middletown Township - Surrounded by Lower Makefield, Falls, Bristol, Bensalem and Northampton Townships. Formed in 1692. Known as Middle Lots, Middle Township. 
  • Milford Township - Located in northwest corner of the county. Became a township in 1734. First call Lower Milford. Was divided into Upper and Lower Milford in 1752 where Upper Milford became part of Northampton and in 1812 was incorporated into Lehigh County. 
  • Morrisville Borough - Was developed in 1804 from Falls Township. First postmaster was Mark Hapenny. Named after Robert Morris. 
  • Borough of Morrisville 
  • Morrisville Posted By: Carol Eddleman Date: August 18 2001 Morrisville is a pleasant village directly opposite Trenton. The population in 1830 was 531, in 1840, 405. It was incorporated as a borough in 1804. It has the advantage of an extensive water-power from the Delaware, and several important public improvements passing through it--the Delaware canal, and Philadelphia and Trenton railroad. The bridge across the Delaware here, is 1,100 feet long, 36 feet wide, consisting of 5 arches, supported on piers. The floor is supported by perpendicular iron rods depending from the arches. It is not devoid of historical interest. It was finished as early as the year 1806 at an immense cost--and was regarded by engineers, both in this country and Europe, as one of the finest specimens of bridge architecture, of wood, in the world. The flood of 1841, described on a preceding page, which left it unharmed, bore testimony to its superiority over the frail structures of modern years. The annexed view from the Jersey side shows this bridge, with its ancient front, and its quaint roof. Morrisville took its name from Robert Morris, the distinguished patriot and financier. He resided here for some time in a splendid mansion-house. The estate was afterwards purchased by the French royalist, Gen. Victor Moreau, who spent about three years of exile here. The neighbors remember him as a kind-hearted sociable man, who delighted in roaming about the banks of the river, fishing and hunting. The mansion took fire, and was consumed. The general returned to Europe, joined the allied armies, and was killed at Dresden. The grounds still remain in a rather dilapidated condition, and the immense carriage-house, which looks like a state arsenal, is used as a workshop by the railroad co. (Source: History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1843, pp. 169-70.)
  • New Britain Township - Founded in 1723 
  • New Britain Municipal information site also contains a brief History
  • New Britain Borough - Incorporated into a borough in 1928. Was formerly a village in New Britain Township
  • New Hope Borough - Incorporation from part of Solebury Township 1837. Located on the Delaware River.

Newtown Borough - Was incorporated in 1838. 

  • Newtown Borough Homepage
  • Newtown Posted By: Carol Eddleman Date: August 18 2001   Newtown is a pleasant village on a small branch of the Neshaminy, ten miles northwest from Bristol. It contains about 120 dwellings, a Friends' meeting-house, and a Presbyterian church. It was for some years, until 1813, the county seat; and the public buildings still remain. Population about 600. Newtown has been settled many years. Rev. James Boyd was pastor of the Presbyterian church, in connection with that at Bensalem, for 45 years. The church was founded in 1769; repaired in 1818. The annexed view, reduced from a larger painting by Mr. Hicks of New York, was taken from a point east of the town. While the American army were guarding the river, from Coryell's ferry to Bristol, in 1776, Gen. Washington had his head-quarters at Newtown, in the house now belonging to Dr. Lee, on the west side of the creek; Gen. Mercer was at the house of Mr. Keith, a little out of town; and Gen. Greene at the large brick house, now Mr. Hough's hotel. One of the aged and respectable citizens of this place is Edward Hicks, a distinguished Quaker preacher of the Hicksite persuasion. Both Mr. Hicks's father and grandfather were attached to the British interest during the revolution. His grandfather made no secret of his attachment to that side, and was proscribed; his fine property was confiscated, and he fled to Nova Scotia, where he was murdered by a highway robber. Edward, however, is a warm whig, (as regards the revolution) and a great admirer of Gen. Washington's character. In addition to his other accomplishments, he adds that of painting. A specimen of his self-acquired skill in the fine arts, as well as of his high-souled patriotism, may be seen on the tavern-sign in the village. It is no ordinary specimen of village art, but is really the spirited production of a skilful artist. On one side is represented the crossing of the Delaware, after Sully's design' but, with true historical accuracy, the general is represented as mounted upon a chestnut-sorrel horse, and not upon a white horse, as is usual in paintings of that scene. It seems that the distinguished white charger, so well known to all, was a great favorite with the commander-in-chief; and being somewhat in years, the general selected for the arduous service of that night a younger and more vigorous animal. On the other side of the sign is the declaration of independence, after Trumbull's design. Mr. Hicks relates that Gen. Washington left Newtown the same night that he crossed the Delaware. He also says that the night preceding Gen. Mercer told Mrs. Keith that he had dreamed of being attacked and overpowered by a huge black bear. A few days afterwards he was indeed attacked and killed, at Princeton, by the British or Hessians. Soothsayers may draw their own inferences. (Source: History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, 1843, pp. 170-1.)
  • Newtown Township
  • Nockamixon Township - Is bound by Springfield, Durham, Bridgeton, Tinicum, and Haycock township. Became a township in 1742
  • Northampton Township  - Located in the south west part of Bucks County. Surrounded by Warwick, Wrightstown, Newtown, Middletown and Southampton and Warminster Township.  It is thought to have become a township around 1722. 
  • Penndel Borough - Was from a part of Middletown Township. It was incorporated in 1889 as Attleboro.  The name Penndel was adopted in 1948. 
  • Perkasie Borough  - Came from part of East Rockhill Township in 1876. Lies in the boundaries of the Manor of Perkasie one of William Penn's manors. 
  • Plumstead Township - Township border the Delaware Rive. Was attempt to organize was in 1715 but is seems the Court took no action so it was petition again in 1725. 
  • Quakertown Borough - Created in 1854 from Part of Richland Township. First settlers were English Quakers. 
  • Richland Township - Located in the interior northwestern part of the county. The first white settlers called it Great Swamp. Also been called 'Rich Lands", because the land was found to be very fertile. The first petition for organization into a township was granted in 1734. 
  • Richlandtown Borough - Located in the northern part of the county between Richland township between Quakertown and Pleasant Valley. Other names that the area was suppose to have been call were Flatland, Ducktown, Frogtown and Mattsville. The borough was incorporated in 1890. 

Borough History - Richlandtown Borough

Richlandtown Borough was organized in 1890. The history of Richlandtown is documented best through documents that have been passed down though the last ... -

  • Riegelsville Borough - Located in the northeastern part of the county. Was incorporated in 1916 from Durham Township. Post Office was established in 1847 and Tobias Worman was the first postmaster. Has also been called Shank's Ferry. 

Riegelsville Library - HISTORY

  • Rockhill Township ---- Originally called Rockhill Township. Broke off into East and West Rockhill The original township was established in 1740 and divided in 1890. 
  • Sellersville Borough -Incorporated in 1874.  
  • Silverdale Borough - Located in the western part of the county was erected in 1896. Other names were Portland, and Lawndale.
  • Solebury Township - Located in central northeastern Bucks County. Bordered by Plumstead, Upper Makefield, Buckingham, Township and the Delaware River. Originally Buckingham and Solebury were one township. Earliest settlers in the area were Friends. Organized around 1703.
  • Southampton Township - Was recognized in 1703. Surrounded by Warminster, Northampton, Bensalem, and Middletown Townships, and Philadelphia./Montgomery County Line. Named after Southampton, Hampshire England. Early settlers were English, later by Holland Dutch. The township was divide in 1928. 
  • Springfield Township - Borders along Berks and Northampton Counties and Durham, Nockamixon, Haycock, Richland, and Milford Townships. Has the Highest elevation in the country. Established as a township in 1743. 
  • Telford Borough - Is one of two in PA both of which border each other. One in Bucks County and the other in Montgomery County. Petition to incorporate in Bucks county was presented in 1886 Tinicum Township - Located in the northeastern part of the county. Triangular in shape. Was organized in 1738.  Border by Nockamixon, Bridgeton, Plumstead, Bedminster Township and the Delaware River.
  • Trumbauersville Borough - is the largest town In Milford Township near Lehigh County. One time called Eagle Hotel., and Charlestown. Was incorporated as a borough in 1908.
  • Warminster Township -- Located in the southwestern part of the county. Border by Warrington, Warwick, Northampton, Southampton Township and Moreland and Horsham Townships in Montgomery County. It became it own township in 1712.
  • Warrington Township ---- Established as a township in 1734. Border by New Britain, Doylestown, Warminster, Warwick township and the Montgomery County Line. 
  • Warwick Township ----- Called Middlebury before it became a township. Organization in 1733. Located in the mid interior of the county. 
  • Wrightstown Township ----- It is thought to have be organized around 1703. border by Buckingham, Upper Makefield, Newtown, Northampton and Warwick Townships. 
  • Yardley Borough ---



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