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Marriages by Rev. Casper Wack 1771-1781

March 22, 1774 John Fluck Son of Philip Fluck and Magdalena Leydi Daughter of Jacob Leydi
April 19, 1776 Ludwig Fluck Son of Philip Fluck and Anna Margaret Huber Daughter of Henry Huber
January 30, 1781 Christiam Fluck and Hannah Leydi
March 20, 1781 Caspter Fluck and Catherine Huber
Febuary 26, 1809 Benjamin Ferrel and Maria Fluck
March 5, 1809 John Fluck and Sophia Ziegler
October 17, 1809 Frederick Fluck and Sarah Folmer
October 24, 1810 Phlip Fluck and Susanna Weissel
March 24, 1812 Geroge Shutz and Esther Fluck
March 31, 1812 Geroge Weissel and Catherine Fluck
May 26, 1812 Philip Fluck and Maria Ott
March 16, 1813 Peter Fluck and Barbara Mitman
March 17, 1816 Davis Mumbower and Hannah Fluck
March 30, 1817 Samuel Fluck and Catherine Yost
December 2, 1817 David Fluck and Margaret Gorger
Marriages by Rev. John A. Strassburger 1818-1855
June 8, 1823 Abraham Benn and Hannah Fluck
February 6, 1825 Abraham Fluck and Lydia Gerhard
October 16, 1825 Samuel Scholl and Susan Fluck
December 7, 1826 Jacob Allum and Hannah Fluck
March 11, 1827 John Fluck and Maria Allum
November 11, 1827 Adam Fluck and Mary Koffel
March 15, 1831 Joseph Fluck and Elizabeth Strom
February 23, 1834 John Ott and Elizabeth Fluck
October 5, 1834 Jacob Fluck and Mary Althouse
April 30, 1835 Amos Fluck and Mary Hoot
April 12, 1835 Jonas Angemayer and Elizabeth Fluck
February 7, 1836 George Delp and Maria Fluck
October 23, 1836 Jessie Fluck and Ellemiard (?) Wambold
October 21, 1838 Tobia Fluck and Anna Staut
December 1, 1839 Henry Fluck and Mary Salladay
March 25, 1841 Peter Yost and Eva Fluck
November 30, 1843 John FLuck and Catherine Heffner
October 13, 1844 Reuben Frederick and Catherine Fluck
October 26, 1844 Jesse Fluck and Anna Maria Allen
December 1, 1844 Jacob Fassbender and Hannah Fluck
December 15, 1844 Aaron Fredrick and Sarah Fluck
October 5, 1845 Frederick Fluck and Elizabeth Leidy
December 4, 1845 Samuel Fluck and Susanna Bolinger
October 29, 1848 Samuel Fluck and Levina Creamer
October 21, 1849 Jacob Killmer and Elizabeth Fluck
October 13, 1850 Silas Deterly and Amanda Fluck
October 13, 1850 Peter Bachman and Susanna Fluck
November 3, 1850 Levi Fluck and Matilda Sloop
October 26, 1851 John Fluck and Amanda Deterly
November 29, 1851 Jacob Fluck and Catherine Fretz
September 12, 1852 Jacob Angeny and Lydiann Fluck
October 17, 1852 Samuel Fluck and Henrietta Roudenbush
October 16, 1853 William Fluck and Elizabeth Fluck
January 19, 1854 Tobias Fox and Catherine Fluck
January 27, 1855 Thomas Fluck and Caroline Creaver
The First Reformed Church of Easton, PA
March 24, 1801 John Roeder and Sophia Fluck
December 4, 1848 James Schmidt and Belinda Fluck
Marriages by Rev. J.A. Mertz
June 10, 1903 Henry Warford and Annie E. Fluck
November 26, 1797 Philip Fluck and Barbars Ruhl Daughter of Peter Ruhl


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