St John the Baptist

St John The Baptist RC Church,
Haycock Township, Bucks County, PA

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The church records start in 1803
(see Most Blessed Sacrament, Bally, PA before this date).
The names are spelled as found in the



1803 Josephus Gordan to Catharina Kohl, wit:Nicolas M'Carty & Jacobus Koh

3 May 1803 Thomas, son of Nicolai & Aloitina M'Carty to Magdalena, dau of Nicolai & Elisabetha Buck, wit: Nicolaus Buck & Nicolaus M'Carty

25 Jun 1804 Carrolus M'Entiere son of Catharina M'Carty to Elisabetha, dau of Jacobi & Elisabetha Kohl, wit:Nicolaus M'Carty, Sen. & Antonius Griesa

29 Apr 1806 Michael, son of Michaelis Rohr & Cath. to Magdalena, dau of Leonardi & Elisabetha Buck wit: N. M'Carty, Sen. & N. Buck

27 Apr 1807 Jacobus Rupple to Maria Hammerstein, wit: Nic.  Hammerstein & Wilh. Rupple

29 May 1807 Jacobus son of Jac. & Elis. Kohl to Clara Kelly, wit: Nic. M'Carty, Sen. & Bernardus Boatmann

24 Apr 1808 Wilhelmus Rupple to Elisabetha Walter, wit:  Nic. M'Carty & Jac. Kohl

26 Jun 1808 Georgius, son of Josephi & Marg. Kohl to Elisabeth, dau of Nicoloa & Magdalena Buck

25 Aug 1811 Jois, son of Nic. l& Aloitina M'Carty to Maria  dau of Nic. &Elis. Mc'Carty

20 Oct 1811 Thomas, son of Nic. & Elis M'Carty, wit: Th.  M'Carty & ??

16 Dec 1811 Michael son of Henrius & Rosina Dettimer to  Catharina dau of Mich. & Helena Honig wit: Jois Bock & Nic. M'Carty

? Au 1811 Jacobus ONale to Cath. Reed, wit: Jos & Mar.  Honig

29 Jun 1813 Josephus Ruppel to Maria Rachel Hass in New Jersey, wit: Michaele Honig & Joe Wilhelmus Ruppel

23 Apr 1815 Jois M'Kety to Sara dau of Jois & Elis. M'Carty

23 Apr 1815 Jois, son of Jacobi & Elisabeth Kohl, to Elisabeth, dau of Conradi & Magdalena Hoffmann

24 Oct 1815 Joes Malone to Sara, dau of Nicolai & Magd. Buck

28 Oct 1816 Philippus son of Andrea & Barb. Hammerstein to  Catharina, dau of Michaelis & Magd. Melchior

28 Apr 1817 Joes son of Jacobi & Susanna Bock to  Elisabetha, dau of Michaelis & Helena Honig

23 Jun 1817 Joes, don of Petri & Elisabeth Samson to Anna, dau of Josephi & Maria Honig

29 Apr 1818 Jois, son of Jois & Elis Mc Carty to Maria dau of Nicolai & Elis. McCarty, wit: Thomas McCarty & Jos. Kohl

18 Dec 1819 Thomas Hogi to Anna Hens of Haycock

27 Mar 1820 Ma... Weibel to Magdalena, vidua(widow)

26  Apr 1820 ...ala Richimann, Vidnus, to Magdalena Schneider, Vidua, wit: Niolaus Buck & thomas Baumgartium

Next six entries at Haycock, from Goshenhoppen records:

1) Jacob Buck to Catharine Schwar Jun 24 1822

2) Jacob Buck to Catharine Applebach Feb 25, 1824 wit: John McCarty & Jacob Buck

3) Aaron Beam to Elizabeth Buck Feb 25, 1824

4) Nicholas Buck to Machitildis Mearedy May 29, 1826

5) John McCarty to Catharine Dodendorf Aug j26, 1827

6) Abner McCarty to Ludovia McEntyre Oct 11, 1827

Bryan J. Rauch to Mary Maher, widow on 19 Feb 1829

Patrick O'Connell to Mary Scannill on 3 Sep 1829

James ...Aham to Ellen Caunahan on 28 Nov 1829

Michael S. Heany to Elizabeth McCarty on 4 Jan 1830

Hugh Daugherty to Maria Otto on 11 Jan 1830

Joannern Martin to Elizabeth Brown on  14 Mar 1830

Anthony Heany to Maria Geary on 19 Apr 1830

Ratification of Matrimony: Georgium Cavauagh & Anna Gardner  4 May l1830

Patrick Brogen to Ellen Walsh, l widow, on 8 May 1830

Edward Slater to Bridget Keegan, widow, on 6 Jun 1830

David Thompson to Mary Anne English on 1 Aug 1830

Ridmond Condon to Judith Flynn on 24 Jun 1831

Ratification of Matrimony: Carolum McNamce to Esther Mast  on 4 Jul 1831

Joseph Heany to Mary Fretz on 30 Aug 1831

Thomas McCarty to Elizabeth Meredith on 29 Sep 1831

William Gray to Elizabeth Melcher on 27 Feb 1832

26 Nov 1833 Thomas Karnen to Catherina Mora

18 Dec 1833 Franciscus Guttin to Mageretha Vux

5 Jan 1834 Daniel McDanniel to Maria ...hen

11 Jan 1834 Michael Born to Margaretha Weber

1 Mar 1834 Augustus Schmustier to Elisabetha Hetzel

8 Jun 1834 Wilhelmus Corrien to Catharina Enaly, vidua,

3 Aug 1834 Philippus Wilhelmus Abele to Margaretha Zins

15 Sep 1834 Partricius Coock to Brigitta Kitson

26 Oct 1834 Johannes Mondau to Jessha Monbawer

12 Oct 1834 Jacobus Luen to Sara Bratzmann

14 Dec 1834 Jacobus Logen to Eleonora Laonard

29 Dec 1834 Antonius Kohl to Barbara Lutz

10 Jan 1835 Antonius Guttier to Otteilia Fenz

21 Feb 1835 Bernardus Hushe to Catharina Coneima

18 Apr 1835 Johannes Fetlin to Jolanna Polin

7 Jun 1835 Johannes Butler & Esther Gon...

4 Jul 1835 Bartholomous Murtha to Sara Odoselle

14 Feb 1836 Patricius McGoin to Briitta Taaffe

14 Feb 1836 Justus McCarty to Maria Anna Braun

3 Mar 1836 Joannes Leidy to Angelica Fladt

9 Apr 1836 Ignatius Arenebrost to Catharina Schumather

18 Jul 1836 Patricius Durver to Margarita Comisky

7 Sep 1836 Michael Macher jto Eleonora, vidua Farrell

1 Jan 1837 Francisius Josephus Wittmann to Susanna Melcher

8 Jan 1837 Carolus Bles to Maria Stotzer vidusz nata Kocker

1837 Johann McCarty to Honora Julican

24 Jul 1837 Patrick Callahan to Unity McCarty

Easton, 19 Sep 1839 Jonas Truck to Elizabetha Browers

11 Feb 1841 Thomas Shafer to lMadelina Giese

14 Feb 1841 John Atherholt to Elizabeth McCarty

12 Apr 1841 Philip Brous to Polly Cleaver

3 Aug 1841 Bernard Dempsy to Mary Lyn...

31 Aug 1843 Michael Doolin to Louisa Cameron

28 Sep 1845 Nicholus H. McCarty to Eleanor Wilder

26 Apr 1846 John Ruth to Maryann Maer

7 Jan 1849 Joanes Sattel son of Petri Sattel & Magdalena Scherrer of

Rust in Badia to Mar. Anna Gigel dau of Michaelis Gigel & Magd. Schneider of Rheinan in ???

27 Mar 1849 Florianus Strubech of Badia to Helena Roesner dau of Simonus Roesner of Bucks Co., PA & Hamerstein

3 Sep 1850 Julielmus Murphy to Anna Wallport

7 Oct 1850 Arnolldus Wismann to Magdalena Redley

10 Oct 1850 Joannes Propfer to Helena Mich

18 Feb 1851 Georgius Steinlein to Rosanna Frich

15 Jun 1851 Jonas Buck lto Johanna Klinker

10 Aug 1851 Michaelis Buck to Emma Johanna Ott

16 Nov 1851 Robertus McCarty to Maria McCarty

24 Feb 1852 Nicolaus Mich to Elisabetha ...gling

12 Apr 1852 Franciscus Kar. Frick to Sophia Seinlein

10 Jan 1853 Heionicus Seitz to Catharine Frick

19 Mar 1953 Antonius Ziegler to Margaretha Visoier

5 Apr 1853 Ferdinandus Knietzer to Catharine Elisabetha Roerbeak

10 Apr 1853 Jacobus McCarty to Maria McCarty

30 Jun 1853 Amos Schamp (a Catholicus) to Maria Wiesmer

3 Jul 1853 Thomas Carroll to Rachele Hunt

26 Dec 1853 Andrias Wiemer to Anna Gensseva Gerich

8 Feb 1854 Josephus Dottlein to Helena Kohl

8 Feb 1854 Georgius Thuma to Sophia Stehle

29 May 1854 Joannes Bohnlein to Anna Maria Stoek

25 Feb 1855 Thomas Ryan to Maria Anna Regal

28 Nov 1855 Samuel Buck to Rebecca Heaney

10 Jan 1856 Bernardus Mutz to Maria Kasel

26 Mar 1856 Samuel Reinbold to Theresia Frich

23 Aug 1857 Gubielmum Flamming to Catharina Wiesmor

6 Dec 1857 Eleasar McCarty to Luciana Rosh

9 Feb 1858 Hugh O'Connell to Carolina McCarty

14 Feb 1858 Simonus Heaney to Laura Heaney

16 Feb 1858 Joannes Corcaran to Salome McEntee

7 Jun 1858 Franciscum Goss to Theresia Loebler

7 Nov 1858 Jacobum Fose Slibernum County Donnengall & Parish Dramhome toMarian Kenedy of same place

25 Jan 1859 Melchior Frueh son of Xaver Frueh & Maria Anna Steiner of

Niederhausen in Baden to Magdalena Fleck dau of Agatis Fleck & Rosa Enghanser of Niederhausen in Baden

Feb 1859 Edwardus McCardy (McCarty) to Sophia Cohl(Kohl)

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