Findley Township

Findley township,  created in its present form in 1849, from the north half of Springfield township, was named after John Findley, who settled in this township in 1796 and died on his farm December 9, 1855. He was the first recorder and prothonotary of the county, later served again in the same positions, was an associate judge, and was often employed as a surveyor.  

The Junkin family, related by marriage to John Findley, were among the early settlers and founded the place called Hope Mills, else where mentioned. Henry Hosack established the large family of that name in this township about 1800. The land about the mining community of Pardoe was settled by Christian Truxell in 1799.

Mercer borough has always been the principal commercial center for Findley township, and the history of the township naturally revolves about that point. The township’s interests have been diversified. In the early years the mills along the Neshannock and on Mill creek, the high ways which cross the township connecting the county seat with Pittsburg, Butler and other centers, the events at the county seat, gave variety to the life of the rural residents, while in later years the railroads, the mining development, have added new features to the activities of the township.   

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 158

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Formed in 1849
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