Delaware Township

Delaware township, created in 1805, from the east half of Pymatuning, was reduced to its present area in April, 1850, when Jefferson township was formed. John Clark, James K. Marshall, John Ralston are mentioned among the first settlers of the township, coming about the beginning of the century. The Kamerer family of this township have also been identified with it since pioneer times.

Delaware Grove [is] one of the old villages of this township. Fredonia is located in part in this township, and Kremis station on the Bessemer Railroad is also in the township. The postoffice at Kremis was established September, 1880, with George W. Hecker as postmaster. Charles Hecker organized the Kremis Milling Company about 1883 and was largely concerned in promoting the welfare of the little village. 

The village of New Hamburg has figured in the life history of many citizens of Mercer county. It is now a country place without even a postoffice, which was discontinued about a year ago. But at one time it was the commercial center of a considerable population, and its situation on the canal favored its growth and prosperity even to the point of rivaling some of the larger and older towns. Samuel Williamson was a settler at this place about 1820, and in 1838 Peter Beil laid out the village. This was during the building of the canal. Peter Beil, George Kamerer and Eli George were proprietors of the first store in 1840.

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, pages 170-171

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Transformation of Delaware Twp.
Formed in 1805
from Pymatuning Twp.

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