Origins of Families that located in Bucks County PA


A survey was held on the Bucks County PA mailing list. Below is a response to the question that was posted on the list as to the origins of some of the families that located in Bucks County, complied by Bob Rice

* KENDERDINE, came from Llanedlas or sometimes called Lianidlose in Montgomeryshire, North Wales about 1700. *********

* MOON family came to Falls Twp in 1682. They arrived from Bristol England*********

* George POWNALL, Arrived in America on the Friends' Adventure July 28, 1682 . He and his family left from Lostock, Cheshire, England, also called Lostock Gralam. *******

* Leonard ECKERT Rockhill Twp., immigrated on the Ship Betsy, 13 Oct 1766, to Philadelphia from Zweibrucken, Germany.*************

* Hans Heinrich BARNHARDT, (BARNHARDT/BARNTZ/BARNET) A Palatine, arrived at Philadelphia 30 Sep. 1727 on the ship "Molly" from Rotterdam. *************

* Johan (Hans) Eberhard DROLLINGER (DROLLINGER/TROLLINGER/ TRULLINGER) Arrived Philadelphia on the ship "Friendship,"20 Sep 1738. from Ellmendingen, Karlsruhe, Germany ***********

* Sarah DUNGAN daughter of Rev. Thomas Dungan was born 1663 in Portsmith, Newport, Rhode Island. Rev. Thomas Dungan and his wife Elizabeth Weaver along with their children came to Bucks County in 1683. *********

* Petter DIMMIG (Dümmig/Dimmich)/Tohicken area emmigration 9/24/1753, from Rotterdam & Cowes Germany to Philadelphia, on "Neptune", **********

* Johann Michael LAMPARTH, immigrated to Philadelphia on the ship Brittania Sept. 26, 1764 from Garrweiler, Filial of Groembach, Oberamt Freudenstadt, Wurttemberg Germany . Settled in Williams Twp. present Northampton Co.************

* Nicholas STRAUSS, emmigrated from Ufar, Wertheim, Germany; to Philadelphia on "Richard & Mary" September 17, 1753. Settled: in Bedminster Twp., Bucks County, PA **********

* Hans Valentine NICOLAI emmigrated from Weibelskirchen, Nassau, Germany October 25, 1738, on the ship "Davy" to (Philadelphia?) Settled in Haycock Twp.*********

* Ann Elizabeth SCHENCK, wife of Hans Valentine Nicolai. Immigrated to Philadelphia, October 25, 1738 on the ship "Davy". Settled in Haycock Twp. *******

* Phillip Daniel GROSS immigrated to Philadelphia, PA., 9/18/1727 from Reihen, Pfalz, Germany. Settled in (fomerly Bucks County) Germantown, Lower Nazareth Twp., Northampton Co., PA.**********

* Hans Georg HIRTZEL immigrated to Philadelphia, PA., 18 SEP 1727 from Reihen, Grand Duchy of Baden, The Palatinate, on the ship William & Mary Settled in Upper Salford Township. **********

* Johann Georg REINHARD emmigrated from Pfungstadt, Hessen-Darmstadt, Germany to Philadelphia in 1752. Settled in former Bucks County, Coopersburg, Upper Milford Twp., Lehigh Co., PA.************

* Philip RAUB emmigrated from Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, on the ship Loyal Judith, 9/25/1732, to Philadelphia Settled in Knowlton Township, Bucks County, PA. *********

* Johann Martin SCHAFER, emmigrated from Bockenrod, Erbach, Hessen, Germany. Arrived in Phila Pa. 2 Sep 1749; on the ship Albany. Settled in former Bucks County, L Milford Twsp, Lehigh Co. PA. ***********

* Hans Jacob ZIEGENFUSS, emigrated from Beedenkirchen, Starkenburg, Hessen, Germany on the ship Brothers, 16 SEP 1751, to Philadelphia, PA. Settled in former Bucks County, Upper Saucon Twp., Lehigh Co., PA. **********

* CADWALLADER. Not sure when they came to Bucks County. They lived in Castle Valley outside of Doylestown. CADWALLADERS came from Wales to PA.***********

* CROASDALE, Thomas and Agnes from Newhey, Lancastershire, Yorkshire, England. Arrived in American colonies in 1682 on the "Lamb" of the Welcome Fleet of Ships. ************

* JANNEY, Thomas and Margery Heath Janney came from Cheshire England on the ship, Endeavor They arrived Sept.29, 1683 on the Delaware River, bringing as well as their sons--two servants, John Nield and Hannah Falkner. *********

* Matthias FENTON was the son of Joseph FENTON and Mary VAN DYCK, of Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY. ***********

* Thomas HARDING, Jr. I believe his family came from England Timothy HOWELL came from Newtown, Long Island, NY. Timothy was the son of Joseph HOWELL and Jemima BURROUGHS.*************

* KOHL, Conrad(Conrath) arrived on the Ship Lydia from Germany 1743 ************ * KEMMERER, Johannes Nicholas arrived in Bucks County, PA. in 1749, from Mannechel, Germany, and settled in Farmersville/Hecktown ************

* NEUHART, George Frederick aarrived in Bucks County, PA in 1737, from Rumbach, Germany, and settled in Whitehall Twp. ************ * John B. STEINBERGER emigrated from Germany. Arrived in the US, 1 May 1850. Located in Quakertown Bucks PA in 1870. . **************

* Derrick KROESEN was born about 1701 on Staten Island, Richmond, NY. He came to the Hamptons sometime before his death 1785-6. ************

* Simon VANARTSDALEN was born 16 Aug 1697 in Flatlands, Kings Co., NY and came to Northampton Twp., Bucks County sometime after 1716 . **************

* Fulkert VANDEGRIFT, born in 1695 in New Amsterdam, NY, came to Bensalem Twp., Bucks County sometime after 1719.***************

* Philip STEIN (STONE) was born in Germany, arrived in Bedminster about 1760. ************

* RICE, Edward arrived in Buckingham, Bucks County about 1736, from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland ************  

* SLACK family, most,if not all Slacks in Bucks County were of Dutch ancestry descended from Cornelis Slecht, Dutch immigrant to New Amsterdam. SLACK migrated to Bucks co in the 1700's. **************

* DUNN, Patrick born in Leagh, Queens County, Ireland 1815 immigrated to Salem, MA then to Bristol Township, Bucks County in 1833**************

* CROE, Hugh & Catharine (DUNN) CROE Immigrated from Queens County, Ireland to Bristol Township, Bucks County 1830. ******************

* DUNN, Patrick born in Leagh, Queens County, Ireland 1815 immigrated to Salem, MA then to Bristol Township, Bucks County in 1833.*************

* COMLY, Henry with wife Joan and son Henry came from Bedminster, Somersetshire, England in 1682. They lived on 300 acres in Warminster.***************



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