MICHAEL F. ACHEY, justice of the peace and school teacher, grammar department, P.O. Milford Square, was born in Northampton county, Pa., in 1805. His great-grandfather, with four brothers, emigrated from Germany. Lewis Achey, grandfather of Michael F., was the father of six children. His son Michael married Mary Wassor, to whom two children were born. Mr. Achey’s first wife died, and he was again married to Miss Wirling, daughter of Andrew Wirling, of New Jersey. Nine children were the result of this marriage, two now deceased; Michael F. was the third son. After passing through the common schools, he was for a time a student at the Normal school. He began teaching in 1874. In 1880 he married Hannah, daughter of Aaron and Susanna (Mussleman) Shimmel, of this township. Their children were: Joseph Warren and Ida Josephine, both living. Mr. Achey is a public-spirited man, and was elected by the democratic party justice of the peace in 1880, which position he now ably fills. He is a member of the Lutheran church.

MAHLON ARTMAN, of Artman & Treichler, wholesale dealers in carpets, oil cloths, etc., 713 Market street, Philadelphia, was born in Milford township April 1, 1833, and is a son of Enos and Margaret Artman. His education was principally obtained at the Friend’s school at Quakertown. At the age of fifteen he was hired to Richard Green to learn the mercantile business. After leaving Mr. Green he clerked successively at Quakertown, Milford Square and Zionsville, Lehigh county. In the spring of 1855 he started on a western tour, returning in the fall of 1856. In December, 1856, he was married to Maria Backensto. The next spring he bought out the store of his brother, and carried on business at Zionsville for six years. His wife died in March, 1858, leaving one child, Horace. In 1860 he married Maria Loudenschlager, of Zionsville, who died in 1877 in Philadelphia. By her he had eight children, of whom two died young. Those living are: Edward, Alice, James, Annie, Flora and Stella. In August, 1879, Mr. Artman was married to Emma, widow of Thomas Hauberger, by whom he has no children. His oldest son, Horace, died in September, 1884, in India, where he had been sent as a missionary by the Lutheran church in the spring of 1880. In 1863 Mr. Artman removed to Philadelphia and was engaged as salesman with Mussleman & Kirk. In 1866 he engaged in his present business under the firm name of Artman, Dillinger & Co. In 1869 Mr. Dillinger and E.R. Artman withdrew, and M.K. Treichler was admitted as a partner. The business has steadily increased from $250,000 in 1869 to $1,300,000 in 1886. The business was first located at 216 North Third street, then removed to 219 North Third, and in 1881 to the present location, 713 Market street. Mr. Artman is a Lutheran and a republican in politics.

DAVID T. BREISCH, merchant and cigar manufacturer, P.O. Trumbauersville, was born in this township in 1839. Michel Breisch, his grandfather, was the father of five children, Jonas being the youngest son. He married Sallie, daughter of Henry and Sista (Jude) Troxell, of this county. Eleven children were the result of this marriage, three now deceased. The mother died in 1849, the father being still alive, aged 70 years. David T. was the second son of this couple. He began life with a common-school education, afterward learning cigar-making, which he followed till 1852, when he engaged in the coach-making business, following this for three years. After that be engaged in the lumber trade for eight years. In 1861 he married Mary, daughter of Charles Koechline, of this county, to whom three sons were born: Leo, Henry and Franklin, all living at home. In 1863 he engaged in mercantile pursuits, and for a period of eighteen years has been at his present location. In 1885 a partnership was formed under the name of Reiter & Breisch, which carries on the manufacture of cigars and gives employment to over seventy hands. The firm also carries on a general merchandise trade and have a large store filled with all goods generally found in country stores. Mr. Breisch has for the past twenty-five years been a member of the Masonic order and also belongs to the Knights of Pythias. In politics he is a democrat.

OLIVER H. ERDMAN, dealer in general merchandise and postmaster under Cleveland’s administration at Steinsburg, is descended from a family who came from Germany early in the history of this country. The great-grandfather of our subject had seven children. His second son, Henry, married Kate Seams, of Northampton county. This couple had three sons and three daughters, Henry E. being the youngest son. In 1848 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Isaac and Catherine (Apple) Shimer. They were the parents of two sons, Allen and Oliver H. Mr. Erdman attended the common schools and was at one time a student at Collegeville. Returning home he engaged in mercantile pursuits, which occupied him for nine years, when he retired and rented the store property. In 1887 he again entered the mercantile business at Steinsburg, Bucks county. In 1872 he married Miss Alavesta, daughter of Charles and Elvina (Donner) Kemmerer, of Lehigh county. Mr. and Mrs. Erdman are the parents of two children: Quena and Viola, both living. Mr. Erdman is a member of St. Paul’s German church and is a democrat politically.

JOHN H. FISHER, horse and cattle dealer, P.O. Trumbauersville. This enterprising business man was born in Philadelphia August 15, 1828. His father, Michael Fisher, came from Germany to Philadelphia at the age of 20 years, and afterward married Margaret Cinser, a German lady, who at the age of 12 years came to America with her parents. Born to this union were eight children, six of whom are now living, John H. being the eldest son. In 1854 he married Sarah, daughter of Frederick Ritter. They are the parents of six children: Charles, Michael (deceased), John, Maggie (Mrs. Wile), Seth and Lizzie. Mr. Fisher learned the shoemaking trade, which occupation he followed for fifteen years. Since then he has been engaged with his sons, Seth and John F., in buying and selling horses and cattle, averaging for the past fifteen years the sale of four hundred head of horses and twelve hundred head of cattle yearly. The horses are mostly purchased in Indiana, and the cattle in Ohio and New York, whence they are shipped to Quakertown and sold at auction to farmers and traders. A large trade is carried on by this firm under the name of Fisher & Sons, which has won the confidence of the community. Mr. Fisher is a member of the Lutheran church and belongs to the Odd Fellows, Knights of Pythias and Knights of the Golden Eagle. in politics he is a democrat.

PETER GERSTNER, miller, P.O. Steinsburg, is the son of Frederick and Elizabeth Gerstner, and was born in Prussia in 1804. He came to America in 1832. At the age of 21 Mr. Gerstner learned his trade, which he followed in various places in this county after coming to America, but for the past eighteen years has been at his present location. In 1858 he married Miss Carolina, daughter of Peter Smith, of Northampton county. They had two children, one of whom is deceased. William, the survivor, entered school at the age of 16 and was a student of the Kutztown Normal school, Berks county. In 1881 he married Miss Celesta Jones, of this county, to whom two children were born: Annie and Caroline. At the age of 21 William commenced farming with his father. He is also carrying on the milling trade.

OSWIN C. KEIPER, farmer, P.O. Spinnerstown, was born in Lehigh county in 1848, his great-grandfather having been a life-long resident of Milford, Bucks county. Samuel Keiper, grandfather of Oswin, married Catharine Rosenberger, and had eleven children, five now living; John, the second son, was father of Oswin C. He married Rebecca, daughter of Adam and Margaret Carver. The result of this union was three children, of whom our subject is one. Oswin C. attended the common schools until the age of 18, when he was for one year a student at the normal school at Millersville. For three years thereafter he taught during the winter months, attending school in the summer time, and from 1870 to 1884 was engaged exclusively in teaching, having been granted a permanent certificate from the state department of public instruction in 1880. In 1876 he married Lizzie, daughter of Isaac Bickel, of this township. Their union was blessed with four children: Minnie A., Elma, Corrinna and Robert Cleveland, all living. In 1884 Mr. Keiper gave up his occupation as teacher and engaged exclusively in farming on his farm, where he now resides. For a period of five years he was assessor of his native township. He is a member of the German Reformed church and has been superintendent of the Sunday school for a number of years. Mr. Keiper is highly respected by his neighbors for his honesty, integrity and sincerity. Politically he is a democrat.

JOSEPH W. REITER, cigar manufacturer and merchant, P.O. Trumbauersville, was born in this county in 1853. The pioneer of this family came from Saxony about 1790 and settled in Montgomery county. To him nine children were born, his son, Joseph, being the antecedent of our subject. Joseph Reiter was the father of four children, one of whom, Tobias, was married to Edith, daughter of George Wonsidler, of this township. Joseph W. was the son of this union, he being one of eight children. His mother died in 1864, and his father now lives, at the age of 63 years. When only 15 years old our subject learned the trade of cigar-making, which occupation he followed until 1872. In that year, in partnership with J.W. Brunner, under the style of Reiter & Brunner, he commenced the manufacture of cigars. April 1, 1877, the partnership was dissolved by mutual consent, and Mr. Helter continued the business alone, with about twelve employees, till October 1, 1883, when he took as a partner Frank W. Brunner, and the firm again became Reiter & Brunner. July 1, 1885, the firm dissolved partnership, and Mr. Reiter, in connection with David F. Breisch, a merchant of this place, formed the present firm of Reiter & Breisch, general merchants, and proprietors of the Fidelity Cigar Manufacturing company. They employ seventy-three men and women. Mr. Reiter was baptized, married, and began business in the house where he was born, and remained there until 1883, when he purchased and removed to his present residence. He married Miss Mary, daughter of David Benner, of this township, who bore him four children: Maurice Revellan, deceased; Franklin Pierce, Katie Masella and Jennie Victoria, now living. He is a member of the Lutheran church and a republican; a master Mason of Saucon lodge, No. 469, F. and A.M., of Coopersburg, Lehigh county, and a Knight of Pythias, of Trumbauersville.

TOBIAS REITER, retired, P.O. Trumbauersville, is a son of Joseph Reiter, and was born in this township in 1825. This gentleman is to-day the oldest resident in Trumbauersville. In 1848 he was married to Edith Wonsidler, to whom eight children were born, six of whom are now deceased, Joseph and Edward remaining. His wife dying in 1865 Mr. Reiter was again married in 1866 to Miss Sarah, daughter of Anthony Cressman, who died in 1874. Mr. Reiter’s third wife was Miss Christiana Stiefel, daughter of Jacob and Catharine Stiefel, of Germany. They have no children now living by this marriage. The mother of our subject, whose maiden name was Heist, is still living, being 85 years of age, the father dying in 1879. Mr. Reiter received a common-school education and was always engaged in farming until 1878, when he retired from active work. He is past chancellor of the Knights of Pythias and is a member of the Lutheran church. Politically he is a democrat;

EDWIN Z. ROEDER, P.O. Spinnerstown, was born in Pennsburg, Montgomery county, in 1841. His father was the third son of Samuel Roeder, and was married to Esther, daughter of John and Rebecca Graber. This couple were the parents of six children, all of whom are now living, our subject being the oldest child. In 1864 he married Amanda, daughter of Daniel Dubbs, of Lehigh county. Mr. Roeder received a common-school education, and was reared on a farm. For 21 years he has lived on his present farm, where he moved after his marriage. Mr. and Mrs. Roeder are the parents of four children: Carrie, Cora, Eugene and William, all living. Always being interested in farm life, Mr. Roeder has not sought public office at any time. He is a member of the German Reformed church, and is a democrat politically.

N.C. ROEDER, postmaster and dealer in general merchandise, P.O. Spinnerstown, is a native of Lehigh county, and was born in 1831. His grandfather, Samuel Roeder, was also a native of Lehigh county. His son Samuel married Miss Elizabeth Cressrnan, of Berks county, Pa. They were the parents of eleven children, our subject being the youngest son. He started with a common-school education, and till the age of 23 years was engaged in purchasing produce and marketing. In 1854 he married Miss Lucinda, daughter of Amos and Lydia (Gery) Antrim of Bucks county. The result of this marriage is four children, all living: Elmira (Mrs. Dr. Fretz), Climena, Elmer and Emma. In 1854 Mr. Roeder started his mercantile life in Geryville, this county, where he remained for three years, when he moved to his present location. Through strictly honest dealing and carrying a full line of goods, he has secured the patronage of a large community. For twenty-one years he has been postmaster, and has been secretary of the Farmers’ Dairy association of Spinnerstown for seven years. He has been a member of the Reformed church for sixteen years, has been superintendent of the Sunday school and now secretary since 1884. In politics he is a democrat.

ANDREW B. SHELLY, clergyman, P.O. Milford Square, was born in this township in 1834. The original Shellys emigrated from Germany or Switzerland about 1730. Jacob, the grandfather of our subject, was the great-grandson of Abraham Shelly, who emigrated from Europe, settled himself in this township, and from whom a now numerous Shelly family, scattered in different parts of our country, originated. Jacob was the father of ten children. His second son, Joseph, married Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Bechtel) Bauer, of Montgomery county. This couple were the parents of four children: one son, our subject, and three daughters, the youngest daughter now deceased. The father died in 1872, and his wife is now living at the age of 77 years. Mr. Shelly’s early education was received at the parochial and common schools, and at the age of 18 he commenced teaching school during the winter months, attending school part of his time during the summer. The remainder of his time during the summer he devoted to work on his father’s farm, and private study. He continued teaching for ten years. In 1854, as also in 1857, he was a student at Freeland seminary, now Ursinus college, in Montgomery county. In 1858 he married Fannie, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Shelly) Weinberger, of this township. The issue of this union is five children: Mary Lizzie (Mrs. Clymer), Adeline (Mrs. Stauffer), Joseph, Menno, and Oswin. The first two sons are now teachers, and Oswin is a student at West Chester Normal school. In 1864 Mr. Shelly entered the ministry, being a teacher and leader of the doctrines of the Mennonite religion, and is now a minister at East and West Swamp and Flatland churches. For a period of fifteen years he was editor of the "Mennonitische Friedensbote," a church paper, which was printed at Milford Square. Since then he was for some time associate editor of the "Christliche Bundesbote," a German paper, published in the interests of the Mennonite church at Berne, Indiana. At present he is one of the editors of the "Mennonite," an English church paper, published at Philadelphia. He has occupied a prominent position in his church, being president of the triennial general conference and a member of both the foreign mission and publication boards of the same. Mr. Shelly, from early life, has been a faithful and ardent worker in whatever cause he undertook.

A.B. SHELLY, machinist, P.O. Quakertown, was born in this township in 1856, and is a descendant of the original Shellys, who settled in this township. Noah, the father of our subject, married Anna Boniger, of Richland township. They were the parents of three children, all living, A.B. being the youngest child. He received a common-school education, and lived on his father’s farm until 18 years of age, when, after serving an apprenticeship of a year and a half, he started in business for himself in this place, continuing for seven years. In 1885 he gave up his then occupation for that of a machinist, and in his present location, fitted up with modern conveniences, he carries on all kinds of machine work and the manufacture of all kinds of agricultural implements, such as rollers, cultivators, harrows, etc. A sawmill is also attached, where any kind of sawing can be done, and he runs a large cider press through the season. Mr. Shelly was married in 1881 to Sarah, daughter of Isaac Groff, of this township. They have three children: Frank, Mamie, and Robert, all living. Mr. Shelly is a member of the German Reformed church. In politics he is a republican.

JACOB N. SHELLY, retired, P.O. Steinsburg, was born in this township in 1810. His grandfather, Jacob Shelly, was twice married, and by his second marriage had nine children. His son, Daniel, married Mary, daughter of John Newcomer, of Lehigh county. They were the parents of nine children, Jacob N. being the third son. From his early life until a few years ago, Nr. Shelly has been a hard-working and industrious farmer. He learned his trade at the age of 21, and married Lydia Geisinger, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Geisinger. They have four children, two deceased. The survivors are: Mary, married, and Elizabeth, residing at home. Mr. Shelly has already lived to a ripe old age, and is now enjoying the results of his hard-earned wealth. He is a member of the Mennonite church, and is a republican politically.

WILLIAM STAUFFER, farmer, P.O. Milford Square, is a native of this township, and was born in 1844. John Stauffer, father of our subject, married Elizabeth Yodder, of Lehigh county. They were the parents of but one child, William. John Stauffer died in 1873, and his wife in 1877. William Stauffer received a common-school education, and was reared a farmer. He has now the pleasure of owning a fine farm, on which he lives. On December 25, 1866, he married Marie, daughter of Henry and Anna Moyer, of Springfield township. They have five children: Emma, John, Howard, Oliver, and Clarence. Mr. Stauffer has owned his present farm since his marriage, it being the homestead. He is a member of the Mennonite church, and is a republican politically.

WILLIAM R. STROHM, farmer, P.O. Quakertown, was born in Bedminster township, this county, in 1830. The original Strohms came to America from Germany at an early period. Jacob Strohm, grandfather of our subject, had seven children, the oldest son being John, who married Julia, daughter of William Roberts, of New Jersey. They were the parents of ten children, the second son being William R. In 1855 he married Sarah, daughter of Jacob and Mary Hockman, of this county. Their children are: James Monroe, Mary Ann, Edward, Laura, Willson, Huldah, Julietta, Sarah Jane, William Franklin, Amanda H., deceased, and Alice A. Mr. Strohm received a common-school education, and at the age of 21 learned the trade of stone mason, which he followed for twelve years, and then purchased the place which he now owns, and which is acknowledged to be the finest farm in this section of the township. Mr. Strohm was elected school director of Richland township for four years, and for upwards of sixteen years has been an Odd Fellow. He is a member of the Reformed church, and in politics is a democrat.

JACOB VAN BUSKIRK, retired, P.O. Steinsburg, was born in Rockhill township in 1816. The founder of the family in this country was Laurens Andriessen Van Buskirk, who came from Holstein, Denmark, in 1655. His name first appears in the records of New Amsterdam June 29, 1656, in a deed for a lot on Broad street. He was then unmarried. He was by trade a turner, but afterward became a draper. He was a man of more than ordinary, ability and soon acquired great influence among his neighbors. To him belongs the honor of holding the first commission to administer the coroner’s inquest law in the county of Bergen, N.J. Laurens Van Buskirk, second son of Laurens Andriessen, came into the county of Bucks from Bergen, N.J., and bought a large tract of land in Hilltown township, in 1707. Jacob, the great-grandfather of our subject, was married in 1727 and was the father of five children. Jacob, the fourth son, born in 1739, was a Lutheran minister. He married Anna Maria Hollenbach, of Montgomery county, this state, in 1764. Thomas, the youngest child of this union, was born in 1791, and was a tanner by trade, married Catherine Schlichter, of Sellersville, this county, in 1813, and five children were born to them. The father died in 1828 and two of the children died in infancy. Jacob, our subject, was the oldest son. He attended school in Rockhill, Pottstown, Montgomery county, and Quakertown, this county, and learned his father’s trade, that of a tanner and currier. His father was a learned man in his time. Six years after his marriage, Mr. Van Buskirk came to Steinsburg and carried on his trade here for fifteen years. In 1841 he married Miss Livy Apple, of Springfield township. They had three children. Thomas, the oldest son, a tanner by trade, was married to Lucretia Hilman, at Bethlehem, in 1863; and has two Sons: Samuel and Frank. James, the second son of Jacob, is a graduate of the Jefferson Medical college, of Philadelphia, and a practising physician in that city, and is married to Leonore Hillegas, of Philadelphia. Albert, the youngest son, died at the age of 21 years. Samuel Van Buskirk, son of Thomas and grandson of Jacob, is also a graduate of Jefferson Medical college. Mr. Van Buskirk has resided in Steinsburg since 1847, and during his long life has held various positions of trust. In 1862 he was appointed to make the enrollment of militia in Milford township for the civil war. In 1870 he took the census for Milford township and for three years was jury commissioner. He was postmaster for twenty years and is a director of the Perkiomen National bank, East Greenville, Montgomery county. Judged by his long business life he is looked on as a good, upright man, and has been a life-long advocate of the temperance cause.

JOHN G. WEINBERGER, farmer, P.O. Milford Square, was born March 17, 1835. Baltzar, his great-grandfather, came from Germany to this township before the revolution. He had four children. His son, Baltzar, grandfather of John, also had four children, Samuel, the second son, marrying Lydia, daughter of John Gehman, of Berks county. Five children were the result of this union, three sons and two daughters, John G. being the oldest son. The mother died in 1872, aged 64 years, and the father, aged 81 years, resides in Locust Valley, Lehigh county. Mr. Weinberger was reared on a farm near Spinnerstown, this county, and attended school a few months each winter until the age of 16. He manifested an aptitude to learn and a desire for knowledge beyond what the surroundings afforded him. In those days books were scarce, and various expedients were resorted to in order to satisfy his craving for knowledge. Attending the Friends school at Quakertown for some months in order to gain a little knowledge of the English language, he managed to teach the school he formerly attended as a pupil. Teaching during the winter months and attending school himself in summer, he made such progress that in 1858 he entered the scientific course in the Normal school at Millersville, Lancaster county, from which institution he was graduated with honor in the class of 1861, being appointed valedictorian of the class. He then served as professor of mathematics in the same institution for two years. In 1863 he was elected by the board of school directors of Schuylkill Haven principal of their schools, serving as such for two years. Failing health compelled him to resign this pleasant situation, and shortly after he accepted the appointment of paymaster for the Greenwood Coal company, which position he filled with credit and satisfaction for four years, residing during that time at Tamaqua, Schuylkill county. In 1870 he removed to his present home. In 1863 he married Sarah Ann, daughter of Henry T. and Mary (Moyer) Shelly, of this county. They have four children: Ella, Laura, John Howard and Oliver Nelson. Ella is a graduate of the West Chester Normal school and Laura is teaching at Andalusia, this county. Mr. Weinberger has held numerous positions of trust and responsibility, among which may be mentioned county auditor, paymaster of the above-mentioned company, treasurer of building associations, etc. During his residence in Tamaqua he received the unanimous support for school director, and to-day is one of the few highly-educated and intelligent men engaged in farming. He has a fine library of choice books, indicating good taste and refinement. He is a member of the Mennonite church and has served as superintendent of the Sunday school for a number of years.

SAMUEL L. WEISS, farmer, P.O. Milford Square, was born in 1839. His grandfather, Killean Weiss, was born in Lehigh county, Upper Milford township, December 15, 1751, and died February 16, 1840. Samuel L. Weiss, his father, was born in Upper Milford January 1, 1798, and died in Montgomery county March 21, 1876. He married Hannah Latchar, of Berks county, who bore him seven children, Samuel being the sixth child. He received a common-school education, and at the age of seventeen years learned the trade of blacksmith, which he followed for four years. He then engaged in farming. He was drafted during the civil war and served in the army nine months. He married Rebecca, daughter of John Lewis, of Rockhill township. They are the parents of the following children: Samuel, Abraham, Hannah Elizabeth (deceased), Milton, deceased, Henry, Lewis, Anna, Catherine, Rebecca, Cora and Flora L. In 1875 Mr. Weiss moved from Montgomery county to his present farm, which he owns. He has always led a quiet life, doing all he could to secure a good education for his children, having two intelligent sons now engaged in teaching. He is a member of the Mennonite church, and a republican.

JACOB WENNIG, blacksmith and wheelwright, P.O. Spinnerstown, was born in Montgomery county in 1840. Jacob Wennig, the father of our subject, married Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Wisler of Montgomery county. Seven children were born to them, four of whom are now deceased. Mr. Wennig received a common-school education in both German and English, and was engaged in cigar-making and then in brick-making, until 1865, when he took up his present occupation. In 1867 he was married to Catherine Anna, daughter of Elias and Anna (Bartholomew) Wilt, of Bucks county. They were the parents of two children, Anna Ellen, deceased, and Emma Elizabeth. Among the positions of trust filled by Mr. Wennig is that of school director for four years, and auditor for the township for three years. In 1862 he was drafted, and after being in Virginia and the Carolinas was, in August, 1863, honorably discharged, his hearing being defective. Mr. Wennig is highly spoken of as an upright man, who is always identified in favoring any progressive enterprise. He is a member of St. John’s Lutheran church, and a democrat.

C.H. WONSIDLER, deceased, Trumbauersville, ex-representative of Bucks county, Pa., was the son of George and Elizabeth (Weidner) Wonsidler, and was born in Richland township in 1838, being the youngest of six children. He was reared on a farm and received a common-school education. For many years he was engaged in teaching. In 1867 he was elected assessor of Milford township, and was re-elected repeatedly until 1880, when his party (democratic), recognizing in him a worthy man and upright citizen, nominated and elected him representative, and re-elected him at the expiration of his first term. He married Sophia, daughter of Franklin and Catherine Demmer, of Montgomery county. They had eight children: Emma, Charles H. (deceased), Amanda, Carrie, Lizzie, Oliver Franklin, Robert and Annie, who make their home with their widowed mother. Mr. Wonsidler was for many years an active democrat. In whatever capacity he served his constituents, it was with that faithfulness to further their interests which was his marked characteristic. He died October 24, 1886, and his faithful wife and children continue to mourn the loss of an affectionate husband and kind father.

JOHN M. ZUCK, notary public at Quakertown National bank, surveyor and conveyancer and farmer, P.O. Zion Hill, was born in this township in 1831. As early as 1727 the progenitors of the family came to America from Palatine, originally from Switzerland, whence they were driven on account of their religion. Peter, great-great-grandfather of John M., came to this country in 1727, in the ship "James Goodwill," and settled in Milford township, on the same premises that are now occupied by our subject. Three others, cousins, who came in the same ship, settled in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Peter, son of the above Peter, married a Rodetrock, by whom he had three children. John, the only son, married Anna Bochman, of Lehigh county, and had six children. Peter, the third son, married Hannah Markel, of Bucks county. This couple were the parents of five children, one of whom is John M. The father and mother deceased respectively in 1884 and 1886. Mr. Zuck received a common-school education, and for several years was a student at Quakertown Normal school. At the age of 22 years he commenced teaching, which occupation he followed for two years. He then engaged in farming, and in 1870 was elected justice of the peace of his township, which position he ably filled for ten years. In 1864 he married Miss Hannah Shive, daughter of Isaac Shive, of this county, and they had the following children: Milton Alvin (a twin deceased), James S., Annie S., John Henry and Kate Hannah; and a child deceased. In 1882 Mr. Zuck was commissioned a notary public by Governor Pattison, and appointed by the National bank of Quakertown as their notary public. He represents the fifth generation which has owned the farm where he now resides, and which is only part of the original estate. In 1886 he was elected surveyor and conveyancer of Bucks county, and for a period of six years was township auditor. He has, since he was 17 years old, been a faithful member of the Lutheran church, his wife being a member of the German Reformed church.



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