Hartman Tettermer's Will

Submitted by Gayle Tettermer Henrington

Hartman’s will is located in Philadelphia Archives  in Philadelphia PA. Hartman Fitmore#165 year 1765.

I went there in 1994 and held the original document in my hand.  At that time it was very fragile, and it  had been repaired with scotch tape.  Over the years the scotch tape has turned dark yellow.  I was afraid to handle it, since it was written 10 years + before the Revolutionary War!  I have a certified copy of  Hartman’s will, but some places can not be read due to the tape that makes the copy very dark where the will had been repaired.  When I typed up this facsimile of the will IF there was any doubt what the word was in the dark area (some of the words are still readable) it was omitted.  Please note the varies spellings of Tettemer in the will.  Hartman himself spelt it 3 different ways. Tettomor, Tattomor, and Dettomer. The State of PA has it spelled Fitmore. 


Be it remembered that I Hartman Tettomor of the Township of _________in the county of Bucks in the province of Pennsylvania ________(yeoman) being mind full of my Mortality thought proper whilst Mercifuly favores  with the perfect sound ______ and memory to settel my worldly estate by this my last testamoy  manner and form following that is to say first I will the payment of my _________ and funeral expenses.   And I give  and bequeth unto my beloved wife _________  two sheep of her once chosing and one hundred pound lawful of Pennsylvania ___ paid to her one year after my deceased that which legacey my wife freely _______ in lius   of her dower and right of Widowhood and my will that my Daughter Betty  shall have Cow over and above her equal shair and I further I give unto my Daughter Hanna three pounds in money over and above her shair and my son Henry shall have five pounds in money and to have one equal shair with the rest of my children.  And it is my will that six weeks after my decease all my real and personal estate shall be sold and all the above said debts  to be paid and the remainder of my estate to be past upon  Intref (entrust?) Tail (till?)  my youngest child is fourteen years of age and the said Intref my younger children shall be maintained tail the youngest child is fourteen years old and after that my estate shall be Equally divided amongst my children and it is my will that my wife Cathrina and Henry Hertzel of Rockhill _____ my friend to be my executors giving them full power and authority to Bargain, sell and dispose of all my estate both real and personal except what I give unto my wife and _____ of my personal Estate. ________ whereof I the said Harman Dettomer have set my hand and seal ___ unto this on the 29th day of April in the year of   Our Lord one  thousand seven hundred and sixty five 1765.

Signed, sealed and delivered by the said Hartman Tattomor  for his last will and Testament in the presences of us we that were present at the signing and sealing thereof.

John Heany

___________ (unable to read)



and Hartman Tettemer’s signature.




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