Transcribed by Laura VanSant


Samuel Armstrong-150-2-2-0

John Armstrong-150-3-4-0

Andrew Armstrong, tan yard-100-4-4-0

Casper Anishiser-12-0-1-0

Andrew Algert-0-0-0-0

Jacob Allom-100-0-0-0

Frederick Atterbold-200-2-3-0

Jacob Angany, Jr.-150-2-3-0

Jacob Angany, Sen., g.m.-100-3-4-0

Wm. Allen-70-0-0-0

John Bybihiser's est.-80-2-3-0

Daniel Bybihiser-150-2-4-0

Casper Pysler-74-2-4-0

Jacob Barret, B.S.-110-2-4-0

Jacob Ball-116-3-0-0

Nicholas Pup-130-0-2-0

John Berkstaser-0-1-1-0

John Black-60-2-5-0

Abram Black, Jr.-0-3-3-0

Abram Black, Sen.-300-2-3-0

Joseph Braden-92-6-3-0

Isaac Black-0-0-1-0

John Black-93-2-3-0

John Breech's est.-50-3-2-0

Jacob Crout-250-3-6-0

Geo. Clymer-0-0-1-0

Christian Clymer-33-1-2-0

Jacob Carter-0-2-2-0

Henry Croutmeal's est.-150-3-3-0

Henry Crout, g.m.-270-2-2-0

Jacob Carle-0-0-2-0

John Carle-150-2-3-0

John Ditwiller-150-2-5-0

Michael Ditwiller-200-3-5-0

Henry Eagle, tan yard-220-3-4-0

Thomas Derrach-180-4-6-0

Robert Derrach-210-3-4-0

Wm. Derrach-100-4-6-0

Daniel Folmer-0-0-2-0

Daniel Frets-100-3-3-0

John Fosbeaner's est. -6-1-1-0

Abram Frats-200-4-4-0

Abram Frats, Jr.-200-3-4-0

John Fly-0-2-2-0

Jacob Frats-180-3-4-0

John Fluck-150-2-4-0

Jacob Fox-78-1-2-0

Cap't Flowers-300-0-0-0

Henry Gibhart-75-2-4-0

Daniel Gross-66-2-4-0

Joseph Grier-0-2-0-0

Charles Gerris' est.-85-2-2-0

John Gerrise, B.S.-0-2-0-0

Frederick Garise-0-0-1-0

Christian Gilbert's est.-51-2-2-0

Phillip Griger-0-0-2-0

John Gebhart-0-1-1-0

Phillip Harple-150-3-3-0

Jacob Hockman-300-3-5-0

Andrew Hall-20-2-3-0

Mirech Hockman-100-2-5-0

Rudolph Hockman-90-2-3-0

James Hughes-100-1-1-0

Widow Hughes' est.-200-1-5-0

Henry Hoover-250-3-5-0

John Hendricks' est.-50-1-2-0

Melchor Hevender-256-4-8-0

John Horn-0-0-2-0

John Hase's est.-130-3-2-0

Charles Kichline, tan yard-100-2-5-0

Abram Culp's est.-200-3-2-0

David Culp-192-3-4-0

Hen'y Culp-0-0-2-0

John Coopper-100-2-1-0

Barnard Hoffman-0-0-1-0

Anthony Kennard-140-3-4-0

Tilman Culp-150-2-4-0

Frederick Loux-0-0-1-0

Michael Leatherman, still-150-3-5-0

Jacob Leatherman-120-2-4-0

Rudolph Landes, g.m.-240-2-0-0

Peter Loux-125-3-4-0

John Landes' est.-70-2-3-0

Abram Landes-200-3-4-0

John Lutz-0-0-2-0

Michael Land-113-3-5-0

Geo. Long-0-2-3-0

Anthony Leer's est.-120-3-4-0

Abram Leatherman-178-2-5-0

Henry Lott-150-4-4-1

Peter Leer's est.-100-2-3-0

William McHenry, Esq.-150-7-4-2

Widow Mitchell-55-1-1-0

Edward Murphy's est.-45-0-2-0

Hugh McFall-100-3-4-0

Jacob Moyer-60-1-2-0

Connard Mitman-100-2-4-0

Ann Moyer-40-0-0-0

Jacob Mast-150-3-7-0

John Moyer-20-1-0-0

Henry Mcgill-0-1-2-0

Robert McNeely's est.-300-4-7-0

John McKinny-0-0-1-0

And'w McNeely's est.-100-2-4-0

Henry Overholt-150-2-4-0

Jacob Overholt-130-2-5-0

Peter Ott-100-2-2-0

Christian Overholt-178-2-2-0

Isaac Overholt-100-2-3-0

Abram Overholt's est.-100-2-2-0

Henry Ott-109-2-5-0

Jacob Ott-100-2-2-0

Benja. Ott-59-2-2-0

Michael Ott-125-3-4-0

John Ott-100-2-2-0

Widow Pissor-150-1-1-0

And'w Pisor-0-2-4-0

Henry Rickert-180-3-7-0

Felty Ruth-0-1-3-0

Robert Robinson-75-3-2-1

Abram Ruderach-125-2-2-0

Henry Renner-0-2-2-0

John Renner's est.-150-3-5-0

Felty Renner-130-0-2-0

Michael Renner-0-2-2-0

Peter Renner-0-0-3-0

Adam Renner-0-2-1-0

Jacob Rippant-0-0-1-0

John Shaw-40-3-3-0

Anthony Shewalter's est.-200-3-5-0

Widow Stoufer-150-4-8-0

Nicholas Strouse-98-2-3-0

Phillip Stone-194-3-3-0

Peter Shipe-94-2-3-0

Samuel Smith-100-0-0-0

Jacob Salladay-130-2-4-0

Bostian Stone-150-2-4-0

Frederick Sollady-0-0-2-0

Frederick Sollady, Sen.-140-3-5-0

Peter Stout's est.-200-4-4-0

George Shittinger-50-1-2-0

Adam Shafer, s.m.-3-0-0-0

Ulrich Stover, still-180-2-4-0

Peter Sign-0-1-2-0

Joseph Townsend-150-3-3-0

Addam Tinsman-120-2-4-0

Dennis Tinsman's est.-87-2-4-0

Henry Trough-100-3-4-0

Mark Wismer's est.-100-2-2-0

Adam Trough-200-4-4-0

Abram Wismer's est.-100-2-2-0

Henry Walter-0-0-2-0

Isaac Walton's est.-120-3-1-0

Michael Weisel, Sen.-200-3-3-0

Michael Weisel, Jun.-50-0-2-0

Jacob Weisel-260-3-7-0

Bartle White-150-3-4-0

Ludwick Woolfanger-100-3-3-0

William Wigton's est.-180-4-3-0

Henry Younkin-80-0-0-0

Michael Young-0-0-2-0

Michael Yost-150-1-1-0

Jacob Yost-300-3-4-0

Abram Yost-0-2-2-0

Wm. Wright's est.-130-2-3-0

Wm. Black-0-0-1-0

Jos. Yost-0-0-1-0

Casper Cramer's est.-102-2-2-0

Ludwick Stinger-0-2-2-0

Samuel Armstrong-150-2-2-0

John Armstrong-150-3-4-0  

Single Men

Francis McHenry

Jacob Rickart

Peter Shewalter

Neail McDuffee

Henry Stover

George Strouse

Peters Tinsman

John Tinsman

John Loux

Jacob Culp

Abram Culp

Tho's Hughes

Nicholas Sims

John McNeely

Nicholas Garise

John Solety

Wm. Sign

Abriam Black

Henry Frets

Jacob Nearnant

Jacob Stout

Frederick Welsel

Ludwick Wolfanger

Jacob Gotshalk

Jacob Hoover

John Joover

Abram Landes


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