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This time frame of the Vanzandt genealogical history was during the period of British
colonial expansion and consolidation along the eastern seaboard of North America. The
British had numerous wars during this period both in Europe and in North America,
mainly challenging the military power of France and Spain in America. William Penn
received his charter of Pennsylvania. The fanatical persecution of puritans in Great
Britain by Charles I only drove numerous refugees to America. Troubles continued with
the Indians and some exploration to the west of the Appalachian Mountains was

Jacobus Vansant was the fifth child of Garret Stoffeles and Lysbeth [Gerretts] Vanzandt.
He was baptized on February 15, 1685 at Flatbush, Long Island and he died in December
of 1744 at Southampton, Bucks co., pa. His will was dated 12th of December 1744 and
proved on the 9th of January 1745 at the first Presbyterian church in Philadelphia., pa.
Jacobus married Rebecca Barentjie (Verkirk) Van Der Grift in 1708.

In 1710 Jacobus and Rebecca joined the Bensalem church, Neshaminy branch and on the
7th of April, 1712, he purchased 100 acres in Southampton township, and fifty more on
the 1st of January, 1721. At his death, his will named wife Rebecca, five sons, two
daughters and a grandson, Charles Inyard.

The widow, Rebecca, died in 1747...her will dated the 18th of November 1746 and proved
on the 13th of January 1747 named the same children.


Summary of the will of Jacobus Vansand of Southampton in bucks county, province of

Jacobus Van Sand, yeoman, being of sound mind and memory, considering the
uncertainty of life that it is appointed for men to die... to Rebecca, the lower room in my
new house, bed, furniture, and all my goods therein, and the privilege of putting her
provisions in the cellar under it... and free aggress and regress in and out of the
premises... also one cow of her own choice of my cows, and her choice of one riding horse
or mare... for her
dower: yearly sum of fourteen pounds to be paid every year by my son Jacob, and he
shall find her firewood, and hay and straw for her horse and cow during her natural

To Nicholas and to his heirs and assigns forever all of that track and plantation with all
singular appurtenances there unto belonging lying in Southampton he now dwelt on... I
bought it of Cornelius segment 144 acres or thereabouts he paying loan office what same
is mortgaged for.

To Jacob all my tract of land lying in Southampton whereon i now dwell containing 150
acres, except reserving out of home privileges granted herein, before mentioned to my
wife. Also, he, son Jacof shall pat to executors sum of 350 pounds allowed them on the
value of the plantations hereby given them: have also given to my son garret, my
daughter Rebecca, and my daughter Elizabeth (the next word is difficult to read being
written in old Dutch but Irene thinks it is justifiable to say it is deceased)...each sum of
20 pounds in part of their portions and to my son Jacobus the sum of 30 pounds i will and
order...after debts and funeral charges is paid the residue of my personal estate that
shall arise out of my goods and chattels shall be divided between my two sons garret and
Isaiah and my daughter Rebecca in equal shares and that i do will and appoint my son
Jacob retain and keep in his hands 350 pounds and not to pay any part thereof until his
mother's death and afterwards pay it in manner directed.
Give to my grandson Charley Inyard an equal share with my children to be paid when he
arrives at the age of 21, deducting 20 pounds which his mother had in her lifetime.

In case there should not be enough with my personal estate and sum, i have ordered
Jacob to pay out of my plantation to make each child's part and charley Inyard's equal
alike...then in such case I do will and order my sons Jacobus and Nicholas to refund and
pay back to my executors equally as much as shall make each and every of my children
shares of the whole estate...except Jacob to whom I give a further legacy of forty pounds
and do order my executors to deduct our of Isaiah's share twenty five pounds and out of
garret's share 15 pounds, and pay the same to Jacob, do nominate, contribute, and
appoint my kinsmen, john van sand and my friend Nathaniel Britain.

Executors of this my last will and testament hereby ratifying and confirming this, and no
other, to be my last will and testament the 12th day of December 1744.

Jacobus (Ivs) Van Sand mark

Witnesses: Daniel Bankson of Bristol, Thomas Duff of Philadelphia, Robert Vernon

[Two of these witnesses appeared January 9, 1745, and certified that this was the will
they witnessed and it was his signature.... they refused to act as executors and Nicholas
and Jacobus were appointed January 18, 1745, to act along with the widow.]

Authority: Doylestown, pa. Will book, Bucks Co, pa., page 64

Summary of the will of Rebecca Van Sandt of Southampton, bucks county, province of

I, Rebecca van Sandt of sound memory, blessed be to god for the same....
make void all other wills by me... commit soul to god that gave it, and my body to the
earth to be...interred at the discretion of my executor... debts and funeral expenses:

To son, Jacobus 20 shillings
to son, Garret 5 shillings
to son, Nicholas 5 shillings
to son, e s aias [Isaiah] 5 shillings
to grandson Charles Inyard 5 shillings
to daughter Rebecca Lerue all wearing apparel, woolen and linen without any exception
and also my ear jewels...

To my son, Jacob my feather bed whereon I now lie with the black walnut bedstead
together with the bolster pillow, sheet blanket, coverlet, curtains and things whatsoever
thereto belongings, and to my cow and my riding horse, two of the biggest of my new
chairs and my gold ring and what shall remain of my year's annity that I have not
expended.... what else remains to be divided equally among my six children shear and
shear alike...

Appoint Jacob Executor

Dated November 18, 1746
Rebecca Van Sand X Her Mark
Proved January 13, 1746

* Jacobus, Jr (James) Vansant BAP. 12/01/1708 (D) / /
Married Margaret Breece 10/01/1732
Daughter Of Hendrick And Hannah Breece. One Daughter, Hannah
* Elizabeth Vansant BAP. 03/21/1710 (D) PRIOR TO 1744
Married Charles Inyard 04/01/1732
One Son, Charles Inyard Mentioned In Jabocus Vansant Will
* Nicholus Vansant BAP. 10/01/1712 D. 05/01/1801
Married Mary Britton / /
Daughter Of Nathaniel Brittian. Two Children, Nathaniel & Rebecca
* Isaiah Van Sant B. 00/00/1713 D. 04/15/1786
Married Gertrude [Charity] Vanhorn 04/06/1732
Daughter Of Peter And Elizabeth Vanhorn Children: Isaiah Jr., Elizabeth, Rachel,
Charity, Gabriel, Sarah, Joshua, Peter, Cornelius, Mary.
* Rebecca Vansant BAP 08/07/1716 D / /
Married Issac Larue 10/06/1743
* Garrett Vansant B 00/00/1711 D. 09/29/1779
Married Anne Groome 05/13/1739
Children: William, Phoebe, Mary, Rebecca, Elizabeth
* Jacob Vansant T B. 00/00/1720 D. 05/19/1812
Children: Elizabeth, Jane, Margaret
* Christophel Vansant B. 01/22/1726 D. / /



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