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     1910 Banes Family Reunion

Submitted by Ken Ferris

     The thirty-forth annual reunion of the Banes family was held Labor Day at the   home of Mr. and Mrs. James Banes Pierson, Glenside , Pa. One hundred and nine members of the family and five visitors were present. It was the largest gathering of this family ever held.  The oldest member of the family present was Mrs. Lucy Banes Pierson, at the age of 79 years.

     According to the Genealogical History of the Banes family they are descendants of an old Yorkshire family of Baines, the main branch of which had resided at Baines Hall, Knowesthrope, Yorkshire , England , for over seven hundred years. In 1650 they found their way to America and at different periods settled in Pennsylvania . The Banes family “Coat of Arms” is represented by the figures of two giants standing erect, each with a hand resting upon a shield and clubs thrown across their shoulders. Their brows and loins are adorned with wreaths of holly and their bodies’ nude. It carries the insignia, Furor Arma Ministrat, the interpretation is “Rage finds weapons”. The name is Scotch and means “Bone” or Strength”.

    The members are the descendants of four brothers. Charles, Joseph M., Thomas, and William Banes, All born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania , and follow the trades of blacksmith, carpenter, cabinet-maker, carriage-spring maker and wheelwright. Joseph M. Banes was a member of the troop as a special guard for the purpose of escorting the nation’s guest, General Lafayette, to Philadelphia on the 26th day of September 1824. Charles Henry Banes, son of Thomas Banes, enlisted in the Civil War as a private, and thru meritorious service rose to rank of colonel. He was also prominent in business life and in politics of this city.

    Officials elected for year included: President, George H. Banes:

    Vice-president, James B. Pierson, Treasurer, James Cornell: Secretary, L. Watson Hampton.

   Those present were: Mrs. Lucy Banes Pierson, Ellis and Banes Pierson, Mrs. Anna K. Danenhower, Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Mr. and Mrs.  Warren Sinkler, George, Anna Harriet and Mildred Sinkler, Southampton; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker and family, Hatboro; Mr. and Mrs. George H. Banes, Frank Banes, Miss Elizabeth Heaton, Mrs. Emma Walker, Mrs. Ella Longaker, Miss Lydia Banes, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence D. Fassett, Clarence Fassett Jr., Edward F. Dennison Sr., Edward F. Dennison Jr., Virginia B. Dennison William A. Dennison, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dennison, Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Banes, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leech, Mr. and Mrs. William Snyder, Betty Snyder, Oak Lane, Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Rhodes, Trenton, N.J.:  Mr. and Mrs. James Enstein Baltimore, Md., Mr. Wilmer Tomlinson, Grace Hansel, Mrs. Frizzell, Miss Sarah Banes, Miss Martha Pierson, Glenside: Shelden and Evan Davis, Bethayres; Mr. and Mrs. James Cornell, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cornell, Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Pierson, Maud, John, and Harry B. Pierson Jr., Fox Chase; Mr. and Mrs. James E. Taylor, Mrs. Lucy Spain, Mr. and Mrs. John Woodruffe, Russell and Schneider Woodruffe, Mr. and Mrs. L. Watson Hampton, Doris R. Hampton, Miss Evelyn Taylor, Walter W. Allison, Philadelphia; Caroline and Lester Banes, Olney; Clarence, Helen, and Margaret Leech, and Mr. and Mrs. James B. Pierson and sons, Ellis, Banes, and Henry, Misses Hagaman of Newton; Mrs. Clarence Ely, Marion Ely, Willow Grove; Oliver Banes, Mrs. Percy, Mr. and Mrs. Beatrice Souter, Kenneth, Frank, Allen and James Lambert Souter, Pleasantville, N.J.; Mr. and Mrs. C. Ross Banes, Mary Virginia Banes, Miss Sarah Banes, John Banes, Camden N.J.

                                                 THE FRANKFORD DISPATCH

                                                       Friday, September 5, 1919 .




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