Baron Rowland Funeral Home

Kindly submitted by Herb Hart in Philadelphia

Baron Rowland Funeral Home is currently at 1059 Old York Rd. , Abington , PA. They were previously located at 1908 Diamond St. , Philadelphia .  Their records have been donated to the Old York Road Historical Society at the Jenkintown Library, 460 Old York Rd.  These records are well maintained and searchable.  Included are the records of W. B. Weaver at one time of 538 N. 5th St. , Philadelphia .

SURNAME Given name Cemetery Year
Bailey Leonard Mt. Moriah 1875
Baker Charles American Mechanics 1900
Barnes Sophia Northwood 1914
Bartley Robert West Laurel Hill 1917
Baumann Julia Northwood 1904
Beach William American Mechanics 1854
Blizzard David Fernwood 1879
Brown David Greenwood  1887
Brown Thom  Mt. Moriah 1889
Butzner John H. Northwood 1938
Buzkos Bill West Laurel Hill 1937
Christy/Snyder Sallie American Mechanics 1898
Cox Asa West Laurel Hill 1916
Crean Margaret American Mechanics 1857
Cummingham Walter Mt. Peace 1883
Delane Mary Holy Cross 1947
Early Mary Ann Mt. Vernon 1874
Filler Annie Monument 1914
Finley Viola Holy Cross 1901
Fleur Cleveland Greenmount 1918
Forgrave Thomas Hillside 1909
Fox Charles Mt. Vernon 1887
Fry Ann Friends southwest 1896
Galbraithe John West Laurel Hill 1878
Gantert Frederick Monument 1920
Gilbert Richard Odd Fellows 1856
Greenman Henry Westminster 1926
Grubb Samuel Mt. Vernon 1866
Haas Robert Mt. Vernon 1883
Hagerty John Cathedral 1897
Harris Nicholas Laurel Hill 1852
Henderson Thomas American Mechanics 1850
Hershey John Friends southwest 1890
Herwig Louis Odd Fellows, Pottsville 1870
Hirner E. H. Mt. Peace 1896
Jackso  John Mt. Peace 1876
Jackson John H. American Mechanics 1915
Johnson/Griffith John C.F./Louisa Fernwood 1915
Karbach Michael Holy Redeemer 1896
Knause Annie Odd Fellows 1859
Laurence/Christine Elizabeth/Annie Mt. Peace 1918
Lincoln Harry C. Laurel Hill 1894
Loeser Sarah Northwood 1895
Macready Harry   Fernwood 1876
Marshall Henry Greenmount 1938
Mathers/Clark Samuel/Rebecca Laurel Hill 1865
Mc Calley Emma Fernwood 1914
Mc Cormick William Laurel Hill 1860
Mc Donald John New Cathedral 1882
Mc Gowan Michael Holy Sepulchre 1925
Mc Kinley William Holy Cross 1904
Moore John C.  Laurel Hill 1866
Morgan Rebecca American Mechanics 1933
Neck Jennie Monument 1916
Nichel Fredrick Laurel Hill 1895
Ormsby Carolyn Friends southwest 1931
Payne Mary Odd Fellows 1931
Pettit William H. Monument 1918
Purcell Robert Monument 1911
Randolph Mary Friends southwest 1923
Ritchie William D. Westminster 1918
Schaeffer C.E. Chelten Hills 1913
Schmied ? Mt. Vernon 1923
Schulte Elizabeth  New Cathedral 1908
Seeds Bertram Friends, Germantown ?
Selbaker William A. Mt. Peace 1867
Sharpley George W. Monument 1897
Simmer John Mt. Vernon 1890
Simon Emma Arlington 1912
Simon Athanas Monument 1916
Singleton Catherine Holy Sepulchre 1948
Sinn Howard Laurel Hill 1914
Smith Elmer Northwood 1936
Snyder Ruben Holy Sepulchre 1925
Soby James Thompson Memorial 1886
Staymaker Mary A. Odd Fellows 1906
Steube John Glenwood 1864
Stewart James R. Mt. Peace 1862
Stradling Anna Fernwood 1882
Sylvester Christian Odd Fellows 1859
Taylor Maggie D. West Laurel Hill 1892
Tomlinson/Nutt Charles Westminster 1914
Uber Henry Odd Fellows 1886
Van Roden   Holy Sepulchre 1930
Warner Samuel Mt. Vernon 1873
Waters Charles Greenwood, K of P 1886
Weaver William B. Westminster 1904
Wilkinson John B. Mt. Vernon 1879
Wilson/Cronin Florence/Margaret Monument 1910
Wirth May Forest Hill 1936
Wolfe Charles Westminster 1927
Worrall Frank Mt. Peace 1930
Zšuner Henry Mt. Vernon 1876
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