Captain, William McIlvain

First lieutenant, Abram Britton

Second lieutenant, John Priestly



James Ledden First,

John Bodyne Second



Daniel Kennedy First,

John Lyne Second.



William Allen

John Ash

James Barber

William Barber

John Barnely

John Bennett

Ralph Boon

Samuel Brailsford

John Broom

Daniel Bunting

William Burke

William Burris

Joshua Carrigan

John Curren

Dennis Dailey

John Dawson

William DeNormandie

John Edgar

Abraham Foster

William George

Stephen Gurjon

David Guyont

Jacob Harman

James Heaton

Martin Heyhernan

Lawrence Johnston

Isaac Leech

William Leech

John Leland

Peter Lyne

Joseph Madget

James McNeil

Charles Mellen

Henry Mitchell

John Mitchell

Richard Mitchell

Thomas Murphy

John Murray

Charles Purnell

Jiles Ransey

Thomas Right

Jonathan Ring

Benjamin Rue

Lewis Rue

Thomas Scott

Francis Stackhouse

John Stackhouse

Michael Stackhouse

William Stackhouse

Joseph Burden Stevens

Andrew Stoop

John Sullivan

Edward Walstead

James Wick

Obadiah Wilday

Charles Wright

Jonathan Wright

Joshua Wright

[The following list consists of those who, though formally associated, have paid but little, and some of them no attendance.]

Charles Bessonett*

Peter Brown

David Edgar

John Ellwood

James Flowers

Robert Framet

Richard Gosline

William Heatont

John Herd*

Samuel Herd

Joseph Kees*

Henry Ketlaer

Samuel Kinsey*

Thomas Martin*

Benjamin McDaniels

George Norton*

William Parker*

Robert Patterson

William Poole*

Willam Race*

Joshua Ruet

Josiah Seplee

Daniel Thompson*

Joseph White*

Charles Wilday*

N. B.—Those marked * pay no attendance, and those marked t have been discharged for misdemeanor.




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