Land Records For Bucks County Pennsylvania

Catherine Paystrud posted these to the Bucks County Mailing list and has given me permission to post to the Bucks County Site. Thanks Catherine.

Note from Catherine: some of them were very hard to make out but I did the best I could...

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Some of Philadelphia Court Quarter Sessions 1713-34

Might have some interest for you on the Bucks Co. line

Bucks Co line to Gwynedd mtg land 1727 alot of signatures. Joseph NAYLOR for one.

HARMARS mill by line between Whitemarsh and Dublin to Road by Dr. STEEGTETZ/STOOGHERZ? 1730 signatures for a road to be laid out.

1734 Bucks co Horsham Extention of Road from Bucks Co. line to Thomas FETEWAR's

1735 To KENDERDINES Mill signatures

1737 From Robert DAVIS at Bucks County line to North Wales Road or EDWARDS

1744 Road to KENDERDINES Mill and Neshamy Presbyterian Church from John GARRET land to Road near James NASH's Land and a map of Road and shows where KENDEDINES MILL was.

1745 is on Neshamina Creek

1744 Franconia Bucks Co line to North Wales Road petition for review. signatures

1764 Montgomery Bucks Co line to Easton Road

Shows Joseph NAYLOR's land, Samuel THOMAS land, John JONES land, Moses FRABLE land , Eldad ROBERTS land, Moses PETERS land, Joseph AMBLER's land, Matthew HYNES/KYMES land between public road and the county line.

1764 Barren Hill, Whitemarsh/Springfield, Chestnut Hill to Barren Hill. shows Jos. SHOEMAKER' house and land, Road to N. Wales, H. RINKERS Tavern, Benj. HOWEL"S land, Road to John PAUL's Mill and Barren Hill Church

and Road to Maxatawny.

1766 Marlborough twp laid out to Bucks Co line with Map

Thomas FLETCHER's Road by Abington mtg house to York Road. John SHOEMAKERS Mill to Road from York Road to FLETCHER's Iron Works - Petition and 296 has a map.

1769 Upper Hanover line to John MOCKS Mill to Road from Philadelphia to COLEBROOK Dale Furnace. Draft of road and on next page shows owners signatures.


10 Jan Frederick HOUSE 25 acres adjoining Frederick NAGLE above Forks of Delaware, Bucks Co. RP

8 Jan Jeremiah TRAXLER 50 a. in 2 tracts in Maccungy twp surveyed to George ERNEST by Warrant of 11 Aug 1744 which is forfeited. RP

8 Jan David RIPPLE? 25 a. adjoining Jacob RIFFLE? above Maccungy, Bucks co. RP could be RISSLE?

18 Jan Philip RAFESHNEIDER 25 a. adjoining Frederick HEIMER and William DIEL in Lower Saucon. RP

21 Jan Frederick FRITSCHY 30 a. in 2 places adj. Anthony LAUGH? and Michael LUTZ in Lower Saucon twp. RP

28 Jan Michael MILLER 30 a. adjoining Michael HATNER? and the manor land over the Blue Hills. RP

29 Jan Joseph EBERHOLT 50 a. adjoining his other land bot of Melchior STEHER?/LEHER and the manor land in Upper Milford twp. RP

29 Jan Michael HELER? 50 a. adj. Jacob SMITH and Joseph OBERHOLT in Upper Milford. RP

31 Jan John MOCK 100 a. adj. Leonard LUK in Upper Milford twp. RP

1 Feb John HENRY 50a. adj. Christopher FRANK over the Blue Hills. RP

2 Feb Philip BOVER? 25 a. adj. Conrad KRIMMS and his other land in Allemingle. RP

4 Feb John LAP 50 a. adj. Jacob WEAVER in Heidelberg twp. RP

5 Feb Jacob HAUSER 25 a. adj. Philip BOVER? and Christian MILLEISER in Allemingle. RP

5 Feb Jacob HOLZ/HOLS 25 a. adj. his other land and Benedict WEIFS/WEISS in Allemingle. RP

6 Feb Christopher? OBLE 50 a. ______________________Bucks Co. RP

6 Feb Frederick SCHNEIDER 25 a. adj. Daniel SCHNEIDER in Heidelberg. RP

6 Feb Frederick SCHNEIDER 30 a. adj. his other land bot of Christian SCHNEIDER and Philip WAGAMAN in Allemingle. RP

? Feb Peter MISSEMER 25 a. in 2 places adj. his other land and George WELGE___? in Heidelberg. RP

1 Feb John HENRY 50 a. adj. Diel BOWER and one TEEDRS on this side of the Blue Hills. RP

10 Feb Godfridt SCHMELHER 25 a. adj. Henry HEARNE and John RHODES this side of the Blue Hills. RP

12 Feb John BIER 50 a. adj. his other land abt a mile from the Blue Hills. RP

12 Feb Ulrich PENNINGER 25 a. adj. his other land abt a mile from other land granted this day to John BIER. RP.

12 Feb George HARTMAN 15 a. adj. Nicholas SHOLL? and Adam FRITTLLINGER near Saucon. RP

13 Feb Samuel JONES? 20 a. adj. his other lands above Forks of the Delaware. RP

13 Feb William MACK 20 a. adj. or near his other land bot of Lynford LARDNER on East Branch of Delaware River. RP

13 Feb Edward ROBINSON 25 a. adj. his other land and William CRAIG above the Forks of the Delaware. RP

13 Feb George SHEWMAN 15 a. adj. Leonard OBLE and Andreas SIGGFULS? on Haycock Run. RP

14 Feb John FREY 25 a. adj. Stephen ACKERMAN near Springfield twp. RP

14 Feb John DEETER 100a. adj. Christian SHOLL and William DEETER near the Blue Hills above the Forks of the Delaware. RP

15 Feb Michael ALBRECHT 25 a. adj. Valentine BROST and Adam DIETCH in Allemingle twp. RP

19 Feb Michael BAUERMAN 50 a. adj. Lodowick REICHART and George BYER between Maccungy and Allemingle twp. RP

19 Feb Joseph CARTER 25 a. adj. Jacob SHOEMAKER and GERTHARD NEIMAN between Maccungy and Allemingle twp. RP

20 Feb Frederick BROOCHER 25 a. adj. Lawrence REMMY over the Blue Hills. RP

20 Feb Adam PLANCK 50 a. adj. his other land and John REIS near Maccungy twp. RP

25 Feb Adam BETTS 100 a. adj. Nicholas WESSER in Sugar Swamp. RP not to interfere with prior warrants and not to pay any money till the return.

27 Feb William DILLINGER 20 a. adj. his other land and Henry RUSSER/RUFFER? in Upper Milford. RP

2 Mar Robert Mathews 40 a. adj Adam TROLLINGEER? above the Forks of the Delaware. RP

6 Mar Michael BASTIAN 20 a. adj. Michael GOODMAN and Stephen BAUPERMYER in Upper Milford. RP

9 Mar Jacob KARR? 25 a. adj. Michael TIN___MAN in Upper Milford. RP

9 Mar Thomas KARR 25 a. adj. George KLYNE in Upper Milford. RP

? Mar Francis BAYLEY 50 a. adj. Henry BULLINGER and George REN in Heidelberg, Northampton at Great Leheigh. RP

11 Mar John ONELY//OMELY? 50 a. in Saucon surveyed to Henry ANTIS by warrant 15 Dec 1749 which is forfeited - Return to ONELY/OMELY? RP

11 Mar John SCHAUB 50a in Lower Saucon surveyed to Adam THROLLINGER by warrant 23 Apr 1746 which is forfeited - return to John SCHAUB. RP

12 Mar Godfridt BREMOUR 20 a. adj. Baltzer LORR and Frederick SCHOLL in Lower Saucon, Northampton Co RP.

*******************Looks like Northampton takes some twps here- will not

do Northampton Co.****************

20 Mar William WEIRRICH? 50 a. adj. Ankord LIEB on Millcreek, Allemingle. RP

20 Mar Martin HINT/KINT? 40 a. adj. Jacob LEFOE and one ESHBACH in Allemingle. RP

20 Mar Durst KERSNER 25 a. adj. Jacob LEFOE and Martin HINT/KINT? in Allemingle. RP

24 Mar Philip TAUNY warrant to accept a survey in the year 1746 on 260 a. in Upper Milford Bucks Co. RL

26 Mar John BECKER 25 a. adj. Michael ZIMMERMAN and Abraham MYER in Upper Milford twp Northampton Co. RL

1 Apr Charles MAYCOCK 100 a. adj. Samuel BOND and William WILLIAMS in Springield twp. RL

3 Apr Peter TREXLER 50 a. adj. his other land & Conrad COLP in Maccungy. RP

7 Apr Lawrence CUNGHEL 50 a. adj. Jacob WEIFS/WEISS & Jacob EMRIGH over the 1st Blue Mountains Northhampton Co RP

7 Apr Joham CANGHEL 50 a adj. Fredrick DIEHL over 1st Blue Mountains

Northampton Co. RP

10 Apr Elias PANDTHER 125 a. Heidelberg, formerly Bucks now Northampton surveyed to Ulrich NEISLEY by 2 Warrants/ dated 12 Mar 1743 for 100 a. and / dated 13 Sept 1748 for 25 a. both which are vacated and returned to


13 Apr Nicholas HEFS/HESS 113 a. Saucon Creek Bucks surveyed to George ROOD by Warrant 4 Oct 1744 which is forfeited and survey to be returned for HESS. RP

? Apr Michael LAVAL/SAVAL? a warrant to accept a survey on 50 a. in Saucon twp formerly Bucks Co. now Northampton made in the year 1746. RP

25 Apr Thomas WARRANT? (I hope this is a last name) 25 a. adj. his other land and Philip ZEIGLER in Lower Milford twp. Bucks Co. RP

25 Apr Paul FRIEDT and Henry ZINK 400a. on Forks of Delaware formerly Bucks Co. now Northampton Co. surveyed to John RHINEBERRY by warrant 29 June 1738 which is forfeited and 350 a. of land to be returned for said Paul FRIEDT

and 50 a. for Henry ZINK. RP

28 Apr Nicholas FRY 100 a. adj. Abraham GRIFFITH and one HAYCOCK in Rockhill twp. RP

29 Apr John BOYLE 150 a. in Plumsted twp surveyed to John GADDES by warrant of 24 Oct 1738 which is forfeited and is to return to John BOYLE. RP

2 May David SPECK? 50 a. adj. his other land in Rockhill. RP

8 May Melchior BEAR 50 a. adj. John JARRETT and Christopher JACOB in Maccungy now Northampton Co RP

13 May Caspar RUTTER 194 a. on Saucon Creek formerly Bucks Co now Northampton co. surveyed to Paul RUTTER by warrant 2 Nov 1737 forfeited survey be returned to Casper RUTTER.

26 May John STORM? 25 a. near Stephen ACHERMAN/ACKERMAN on Haycock Run, Bucks Co. RP

30 May Joseph ALBREICHT 25 a. adj. his other land in Maccungy twp. for RP by RL

July 1752 Whereas our Late Honourable Father William PENN Esq. dec'd by his certain Deeds of Lease and Release dated on or abt 13 and 14 July 1681 did grant and convey to Thomas ROWLAND late of Bucks Co. Yeoman in his the

several quantities of 1,000 and 2,500 acres of unlocated land within the said Province under the rent of 1 shilling per 100 a. and Jno ROWLAND brother and Heir at Law of the said Thomas ROWLAND who died intestate by

his deed- Poll of the 9th Sept 1690 having granted and conveyed in fee to Gilbert WHEELER lated of Bucks Co. aforesaid yeoman the full quantity of 500 acres part of the said two tracts 2nd of ____ and 2500 a. and then to be located there was afterwards surveyed to and for the said Gilbert WHEELER under in part of the said original purchase a certain tract of land

situate above the Forks of Delaware and commonly called and known by the Indian name of Winnahaw cow chunck? laid and for 400 acres and which tract the said Gilbert WHEELER have by his deed Poll of 21 day of May 1701 conveyed in fee to John PIDCOCK he obtained a Warrant from our said late Father dated the 31 day of said month of May 1701 for resurveyed the said tract to and for the said John PIDCOCK and the same was accordingly resurveyed for him the 17 day of Feb 1701 by Phineas PEMBERTON then surveyor Gen. and to be situate in the Manor of Highlands and to contain 505 acres as ___ ____the said warrant and resurvey remaining in our Survey Office now fully appears. AND whereas the said John PIDCOCKS Right to the _____ tract which he so purchased of the said Gilbert WHEELER is now vested in Wm COLEMAN of the city of Philadelphia, merchant, but it is being only for 440 acres ___ to compleat his right to the said whole tract of 505 acres hath now purchased the Right to ____acres more, part of the original Purchase of 1,000 ____ acres heretofore granted by our late Honourable Father William PENN Esq. unto Adrian URAESEN? then of Bethlehem?, merchant. AND the said William COLEMAN having now humbly_______us to force our warrant to our surveyor General to make return unto Surveyors Office of the said 505 acres in order for our confirmation thereof to him by Patent. These are therefor to Will and Require you forthwith to Make return unto Secretary's Office of the said tract so resurveyed for the said PIDCOCK by and according to the Metes and Bounds thereof in order that the same may be confirmed unto the said William COLEMAN in Fee and for your so doing________________?signed Nicholas Scull Surv. Genrl and Richard Peters-Secretary.

22 July William GREGORY 25 a. adj. William BRITAIN in Nockamixon twp, Bucks Co. RP

27 July William HANKE 100 a. adj. James LOGAN and Lawrence GROWDON in the Long Swamp Bucks or Berks Co RP

13 Aug Survey or cause to be Surveyed for the use of the Honorable Proprietaries a Warrant supposed to be 100 a. of land between Robert TEST?, Thomas MAYLEIGH, Widow CRAWFORD, ____LANGHOUSE, ____NEZROS, John FELLS in Nichimsham??twpBucks Co discarded? by Tristran DAVIES? who is to have the right of ____. RP

31 Aug Jacob REESLER 2 a. adj. his other land (very hard to read)____________ Nockamixon twp. RP

? Nov Baltzer YEAGER 50 a. by Conrad _______ & Henry YOHL in Allemingle, Northampton Co RL

9 Nov William DIXON 50 a. Nockamixon adj. or near Joseph (Blank space)_____ ,_____(blank space) UNFORD, Bucks Co.

No Applications for December.

Start Year 1753

No applications for January

24 Mar John NEALE 100 a. adj. John COY & Samuel BOND in Springfield twp, Bucks Co. RP MCCOY as below??????????????30 Mar

30 Mar Simon SCHREIER 25 a. adj. Stephen ACKERMAN & Christian STEICKENBAGH in Bedminster twp, Bucks Co. RL

30 Mar Thomas WATSON 100 a. adj. John McCOY and Samuel BOND in Springfield Bucks Co. RL

? Apr George WILDONNER 25 a. adj. Baltzer STIEVER & his other land in Tohiccon, Bucks Co. RP

25 Apr Godfridt BREMOUR 25 a. adj. Baltzer STIEVER & William GRAHAM including his improvements that were burnt, Godfridt BREMOURS warrant of the 25 Apr last is to be located on the other side of Baltser STIEVER of Tohiccon. RP not to pay until Return of Survey.

16 May Patrick SMITH 25 a. adj. Edmund BLENEY near Tohiccon. RP

5 July Henry DRACK/DRACH 50 a. adj. Georger KEISER in Nockamixon. RP

6 July Whereas A Warrant of the 24th of November? 1737? granted to Lawrence GROWDEN of Treva???Bucks Co __24 a. of land Compleats the original purchase of 50 a. made of Our Late Honourable Father William Penn Esq. _____by Lawrence GROWDEN of the Kingdon of Great Britain by ___lease and Release dated 24 and 25 Oct. 1681 and whereby one the 16th Oct 1738 Benjamin EASTBURN then Surveyor General by a writing under his hand certified that __-______the above Warrant was granted and Deed ______ found _____ 106 acres of what was deemed the said Lawrence GROWDEN _Patquebin???? and requested Nicholas SCULL then deputy to _____the said Lawrence GROWDEN 106 acres more or less than the said_____424 acres which have not hitherto been done. AND the RIghts of said 106 a. being now vested in Samuel MORRIS of Whitemarsh, Phil Co. who requires a warrant for Surveying his said quantity of 106 a. of land in Right aforesaid. __are therefore to Authorize and require you to survey or cause to be surveyed the said quantity of 106 a. in any part of the said part not appropriated and purchased of the Indians and Make _____ thereof unto the Secretaries office for use of the said Samuel MORRIS & for so doing this shall by your sufficient way given_______. signed by A______ HAMILTON

18 Aug Hartman DETTERMER 50 a. adj. John BEAS and William ALLEN in Bedminster Bucks Co. RP

none for September 1753

10 Oct Andreas CALF 25 a. adj. Bartholomew LONGSTREET and David MANES Nockamixon. RP

1 Nov. Andrew CALF 25 a. adj. to Bartholomew LONGSTREET and Daniel McLAUGHLIN in Nockamixon twp, Bucks Co RP


30 Nov 1753 Christopher KINSEL 30 a. adj. his other land in Springfield twp, Bucks Co. RP

11 Dec George OVERPECK 25 a. adj. John ANDERSON and his other land in Nockamixon. RP

13 Dec Michael HILLEGAS 140 a. at Hochyondocky above Forks of Delaware formerly Bucks Co - now Northampton Co surveyed to John SMITH by Warrant 15 Dec 1749 which is forfeited and survey ordered to be returned for the said


18 Dec Peter OLDHEN 25 a. adj. his other land in Springfield twp. RP


23 Jan Peter MOYER 50 a. adj. John LLOYD in Springfield twp. RP

28 Jan survey or cause to survey for use of Proprietaries all the vacant land or overplus land adj. within reputed lines of John SIMON's the elder and a tract of land lately patented to John ROBERTS in order to agree with Thomas ROBINSON for the same. RP

1 Feb John Dennis SMITH 15 a. adj. Jacob DIEL and Peter OHL in Springfield twp. RP

1 Feb Charles HOLE 15 a. by Baltzer STIEVER and George TESH near Springfield. RP

8 Feb Joseph FORMAN 25 a. adj. his other land belonging to the London Company in Nockamixon. RP

8 Feb Joseph FORMAN 25 a. adj. John BAYLEY & Joseph WARFORD in Nockamixon. RP

15 Feb Nicholas KUNTS 50 a. adj. Lawrence GROWDEN in Nockamixon. RP

14 Feb Isaac WALSON 100 a. adj. Silas McCARTY in Rockhill, RP

28 Feb Frederich METS 25 a. adj. Peter YOUNG and Peter KEISER in Nockamixon. RP

Aug 1748 Michael RYFELL/RYSELL 25 a. adj. John LESHER in Upper Milford

Aug 15 1750 Michael REIFAL/REISAL 25 a. adj. George SHOEMAKER in Maccungy

Oct 9 1751 Michael RIFSEL 25 a. adj. his other land and George SHOEMAKER Muccungy. signed by David KENNEDY.

YEAR 1754 Bucks County Warrant Applications

Feb 28 1754 Michael RISHEL 25 a. adj. Jacob SHULTZ and George SHOEMAKER in Northampton Co. RP

26 Mar John ADAMS 50 a. adj. Conrad CUSTARD & William MILLER in Nockamixon twp. RP by RL

Surveyor General was Nicholas SCULL and Secretary was Richard PETERS (RP) & Richard LEVERS (RL)

4 Apr Michael MEFER?MESER? 150 a. adjoining Jacob GARRS_E_Y? in Nockamixon twp RP

17 Apr Abraham SWARTZ 50 a. adj. John REES and George CHURCHMAN Springield twp. RP

30 Apr Andrew MILLER 50 a. situate on the North East Branch of Tennecham Creek Nockamixon twp RP

3 July James GRAHAM 25 a. adj. Abraham WALSON at Rockhill twp. for RP. by RL

2 Aug Henry KLEIN 20 a. adj. Henry TRACK at Nockamixon. RP

8 Oct Peter ESCH 20 a. adj. Balthaser STUPER? and John WISLAR at Rockhill. RL

30 Oct Lawrence PEARSON 25 a. adj. Conrad __HISLER and Jacob RESLEY at Nockamixon twp for RP by RL.

1 Nov Philip ZIMMER 20 a.adj. Peter DERRAN and his other land near Haycock Run.for RP by RL

4 Nov Henry KELLER 20 a. adj. Griffith DAVID on Tohiccon. RP

5 Nov Valentine NICHOLAS 25 a. adj. Dennis ENT and Dennis BOARNE at Tohichon. RP

13 Dec Peter HESHERIG 25 a. adj. his other land and Christian DRAWER in Bedminster twp. RP

YEAR 1755

20 Jan Mary RAUFAY/RAMSAY widow 30 acres adj. Jacob TRIMBLE at Nockamixon. RP

29 Jan Valentine ROHR 50 a. adj. Joseph TOMLINSON and John STOKES at Rockhill RP

10 Feb Frederick FRIEND 20 a. adj. Godfridt PREIMEYER and George DEST/TEST on Tohiccon, RP

11 Feb Arnts CLINKER 50 a. adj. his other land and Yost FULMER at Tohiccon. RP

13 Feb George MILL 50 a. adj. his other land on Haycock Run. RP

14 Feb Conrad GOODS 25 a. adj. John KENIG/HENIG? and George DEST/TEST , Rockhill RP

14 Feb Nicholas FRANTS 26 a. 32 perches in Upper Saucon formerly Bucks Co. now Northampton survey by warrant of 31st Jan 1742 to George MAN______ which is forfeited - return survey for Nicholas FRANTS. RP

18 Feb Peter HOSSER/HOFSER? 25 a. adj. Benedict GAMOND? Upper Milford twp Bucks Co RP

19 Feb. The Surveyor General is desired to make a survey of a vacancy of land supposed to Contain 200 a. part of the Manor of Highlands in Bucks Co. adj. Thomas PHILIPS and John BEAUMONT and the River Delaware in order to agree with George CYLY/EIBY?/PYLY? who is _____to take a lease thereof. Care is to be taken that other tract not be interfered with and the quality of the land is to be reported along with the survey. RP

19 Feb. Charles DENNIS 25 a. adj. Joseph DENNIS and Stephen ACKERMAN near Haycock Run, RP

19 Mar Martin BRIEL 20 a. adj. one MAGJOG? and Jacob BROWN in Springfield. RP

21 Mar Conrad TEETER 20 a. adj. John LESIER and Nicholas HESS at Springfield twp. RP

11 Apr Henry SHERER 50 a. adj. Peter ALS in Springfield in the Big Swamp. for RP by RL

24 Apr Peter DIEL 50 a. adj. Peter CARTY and James MCCLEAN at Haycock Run. RP

No applications for July

25 Aug George WAGENER 25 a. in Rockhill twp adj. land late of Thomas TREME/FREME? Esq. dece'd land of ____ KUCKEL. RP

8 Oct William CROW 25 a. adj. William PHILIPS and the Little Haycock above Tohiccon. RP

10 Oct Peter STOAT 50a between land late of John CHAPMAN deceased and the tract of land formerly surveyed to Roger CANNON in Bedminster twp, RP

29 Oct John McCARTY 25 a. adj. his other land and Peter DEEL near Tohiccon. for RP by RL

4 Nov Peter MICHAEL 20 a. adj. his other land and Peter YOUNG at Nockamixon twp. RP

7 Nov William CARRILL a warrant to accept survey of 211 a. and 46 perches at Tohichon in Bucks Co made by Jno COOLSON? ____& a___ ___ __-. RP

8 Nov Alexander BROWN a warrant to accept ___ __-of a tract of land____ ____ ____ 211 a. & 46 perches at Tohichon. RP

26 Nov Jacob WISMER 40 a. adj. his other land at Nockamixon. for RP by RL

6 Dec Morris MORRIS 25 a. including his improvement adj. Haycock Run. RP


29 Apr Richard LONDON/LOUDON? Jr. 25 a. adj. Joseph FURMAN's Land and a tract of one BARKER's Nockamixon twp. RP

27 Mar Lodowick KRACKER 20 a. adj. Miles HARRIS, John WISSE and William DILL Nockamixon Bucks Co. RP

3 Apr Valentine ROD 50 a. adj. his other land, Joseph TOMLINSON and Silas McCARTY in Kimbles Branch. RP

6 Apr Daniel HUERTNER? 10 a. adj. his plantation, William HAYCOCK's and Christopher HAYMAKER at Rockhill. RP

12 Apr Abraham REYNARD 80 a. Upper Milford adj. land of Peter OBERDING and Jacob MORETZ Northampton Co.

25 May Robert McFARLIN 5 a. adj. his other land and John NORCROFS in Plumstead twp/ RP

17 Aug John WILDHANGER 25 a. adj. Peter ACKER and Andrew DENNISON at Nockamixon.

11 Sept John HONINGER 15 a. adj. Jacob WALTINGS land and land of Jacob REES and George SHOOMAN at Rockhill twp.

14 Oct Jacob EANNICK 25 a. adj. Fecty RHOAS and John STOAK in Springfield twp.

19 Oct Bartholomew SCHEIFFLE 25 a. adj. Geroge RUCK and vacant land in Whitehall twp Northampton Co.

4 Nov William GROVE 25 a. adj. Stephen ACKERMAN and Edward BLANY near the Haycock in Bucks Co.

15 Dec Christian STONEBECK 20 a. adj. his other land and Peter DOSAN near the Haycock Bucks Co.


None for January or February

12 Mar John WARSNER 25 a. adj. John RHOAD at Heidelberg Northampton co

21 Apr John SMITH 15 a. adj. the land of Peter ALT and Peter SMITH in Springfield, Bucks Co RP 28 Apr Joseph RAWLINGS 130 a. adj. William HODGE and Thomas RAWLINGS in Richland twp, Bucks Co.

16 Aug George RON 15 a. adj. Jacob RICE? and John HANNINGER in Rockhill.

5 Oct Bartle MILLER 25 a. adj. Casper WISTER in Maccongy twp Bucks Co.


3 Jan Jacob HUBER 25 a in Lower Milford twp Bucks Co adj. his other land and Christian SILSSMAN? and Dan'l MILLER. RP

23 Mar A warrant to John BEARD to accept a survey or S G 6 acres 5 3/4 perches in Warwick twp Bucks Co. to on Cosner S Noch_____creek and land of Jno KODMAN? Jno McCOLLOGH, Robert WALKER, Jno & Jo ROBERTS, Richard THOMAS, Rob STUART? and Jno HODMAN __ ___1749. for which he is to _ _ _ __ _ 1758. RP very hard to read!!!!!

28 Mar Robert and Leonard THOMAS 50 a. adj. Daniel BLACK, Philip SINGLER and land of T. THOMAS part in Marlborough twp Phil Co. and Part in Lower Milford twp Bucks Co. RP

18 May Peter SHEPPERD 25 a. adj. his other land, William SHEPPERD and George ___ in Rockhill twp Bucks Co. RP

13 June John Stephen ACKERMAN 25 a. adj. John DONE and Nicholas NANLANTS in Bedminster twp, Bucks Co. RP

14 Aug Samuel IDEN 40 a. adj. land of Silas McCARTY and Lawrence MYER in Branch of Tohichon called Osy Branch in Bucks Co. RP

15 Aug Jacob REES 20 a. adj. his other land and William BRYAN in Rockhill twp, Bucks Co. RP

Richard ILIFF applied for 200 acres in Nockamixon twp. Applicationa byMich'l CROW and Philip MICHAEL. signed Richard ILIFF  Dec 4, 1765.

John ILIFF 200 acres in Nockamixon  making application on Woodland by hisown lands and London Co. Lands 9 Dec 1765.

George KOHL applies for 50 acres partly in Haycock/partly in Springfield,23 Sept 1765 by lands of Simon Peter GEHARD, William ______?, MichaelEV_IGHTER, Martin YOUNG, and Jacob SWARTZ.

Richard LONDON applied for 50 acres  in Nockamixon by lands of James BAILEY and Joseph WARFORD 18 Nov 1765.

Philip MICHAEL applied for 25 acres in Nockamixon 4 Sept 1765.

This film was listed as Dauphin Co. but had all these from York, Lancaster, Cumberland, Chester, Bucks, Berks, and Northampton. did not do Berks or Northampton. It takes all day to do one film folks and I just got  glasses...Anyway I am placing them on the other 5 lists..hope one of these  is yours...CAT

Stots OBERHOLTZ applied for 50 acres in Nockamixon 2 Oct 1765

Paul RIMON applied for 60? acres in Nockamixon 13 Aug 1765

Robert RAMSEY applied for 100 acres in Nockamixon 5 Dec 1765.

George RHINEHART applied for 150 acres beyond the blue Mountains and within 1/2 mile of Little Schuylkill - 14 Nov 1765.

Isaac STROUDE applied for 25 acres in Plumstead 10 Sept 1765.

Jacob SHALLUS applied for 100 acres in Rockhill 28 Oct 1765.

Ulrich STOHLER applied for 50 acres in Rockhill 30 Nov 1765.

Henry TUNKEN applied for 100 acres in Haycock 12 Aug 1765.

Samuel WEST applied for 50 acres in Falls township 4 Sept 1765.

Robert WIER applied for 30 acres in Warrington 13 Sept 1765

Henry WEAVER applied for 80 acres in Nockamixon 9 Dec 1765. 

A few from film 0984921 including some from Northampton too!!!!!!!!!

I just did all the N's of M-Q Aug -Dec but there are others mixed in...Northampton

NEFF, Ulrich 60 acres adjoining lands of Jacob MATSINGER, George WELKER and

Felix MATSINGER in Heidelberg township.28 Nov 1766

NEFF, Henry 50 acres adjoining land of Christian SMITH and Peter HERRICHER in Heidelberg twp. 28 Nov 1766.

HANDWORK, John 100 acres adjoining land of William THOMAS on Carmell Creek over the Blue Mountains. signed Urlich NEFF. 28 Nov 1766

NAVE, Conrad 9 Dec 1766 30 acres in Wisenberge twp adjoiining lands of John


from FILM 0984922 R-S but I just did the S's (ONLY HALF THE FILM FOR THIS

TIME) but others are mixed in here too.


STOUT, Adam 50 acres in Hidleberg twp by lands of Wm SEILFUS and Peter REAS.

and another tract of land 50 acres in Whitehall twp adjoining Henry


STOUT, David, his son, for 300 acres in Whitehall twp by land of Jacob


SNIDER, Bernard 100 acres in Lynn twp by lands of George FUSAILMAN. Jan of 1766

STEUDELL with dots over the U, Joseph Jan 16- 40 acres in Lynn twp adjoining his other land and George NEIFS and John GLAGLER. January

BIOLEMAN, Valentine 50 acres of vacant land in Lower Sawken twp (I think this is Saucon twp),  adjoining William NICE, Nicholas SCHULL and John


STROUD, Jacob 20 February 50 acres adjoining his other land which he claims by warrant 3 June 1746 granted to Jno McMICHAEL  and adjoining lands of Bashem KEYSER in Hamilton twp.

SHUT, Dewalt or SHUTT  (both spelling used in this) 50 acres adjoining

Joseph WALBREIGHT, Christian CURR and Caspar WISTAR in Maccungy twp.

SHIRAS, Peter. The land granted to him by warrant of 20th July last on the Little Bushhiln, is not to be found.

Certified this Jan 15 1766 James SCULL Deputy Surveyor - 6 March 1766 Peter

SHIRAS applies for a location order for 200 acres of that quantity which was granted to him by Warrant of 20th July last on Little Bushhill Creek abt 13 miles above Gunjabs in County of Northampton. Improvements from James SCULL deputy surveyor for County and therefore the s'd Peter SHIRAS now requests an order on to locate the s'd 200 acres.

STILLE, John 18 March 200 acres of land on a small Branch of Fishing Creek abt 4 miles Westerly from the Main forks of Fishing Creek to begin at a Black Oak Tree Blazed and Notched. in Twitet twp.


DOWNEY, Philip

ANDRIES, Rudolph all three in Milford- thats all it gave!

SHUT, Dewalt 25 May  25 acres including improvements abt a year ago

adjoining lands of Joseph ALBRIGHT and Jonathan ____________in Macungy twp.

SEAGER, Johannes May 21- 50 acres adjoining lands of Fratz RIFFLE and Casper WISTARS land in Whitehall twp.

SHORT, John May 21 - 50 acres joining PAFHORTS land and John GOODS at Whitehall twp.

WIGDON, Samuel in Lower Smithfield twp..signed by him

SCHNERR, Jacob 50 acres June 11 adjoining his other land and George YONT in Whitehall twp.

SCHNEIDER, Henry of Marlborrow twp, Philadelphia County, 45 acres, 15 acres and 30 acres on June 11 in Whitehall twp.Bucks County

SIMPSON, William 15 Jan 100 acres in Bucking twp adjoining William PEARSON,

Thomas BOY and Rich WORTH and a tract called Reynolds, 9 miles from __________ ___________ where settled 20 years ago- If his Application proves regular he is to have a warrant________ _______ Approbation _________ ________ from 1 March 1745 says there is a house and barn and a small Orchard and 50 acres cleared land on it, was in possession of T.Wm. SIMPSON.

SEITZ, George 80 acres in Springield twp adjoining lands of Frederick

WITEFELL, Fetter EARHARTS, Daniel LAWALD and his own land. January

SHRYER, Ludwig Jan 23 50 acres adjoining Ludwig LENNESMITH, Frederick

YORDAN, Conrad GUTH and the Haycock in Haycock twp.

STENGER, Conrad Mar 15, 70 acres adjoining his other land and lands of Jacob GRUNSON on Rocky Run in Rockhill twp.

SCHNEIDER, Michael Apr 9, 80 acres adjoining Valentine FANSEY/TANSEY? in Moretowns late Bucks County - his signature.

STORM, John 23 May  130 acres adjoining Richard LONDON, Martin BREEL,

Lawrence GROWDEN including his improvements about 6 years ago in Nockamixin twp. His mark X 

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