Upper Tinicum Lutheran Church Burials

Upper Tinicum Lutheran Church Burials - Taken from Upper Tinicum Church Burials 1883-1928

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NAME  AGE Burial Remarks

  • Ella Herstine Jan 5,1917 46 yrs 2 mos 5 days Frenchtown NJ Dau. of Cornelius & Esther

  • John IL Hardon Jan 7, 1917 85yrs.3mos. 19days Frenchtown NJ

  • Anna B. Simmenroth Jan 12, 1917 83 yrs7mos. 2days Elizabeth NJ Widow of John H.

  • Samuel Strock Jan 26, 1917 80 yrs Upper Tinicum

  • Anna M. Bickel Jan 29, 1917 23 yrs 0mos. 25days Upper Tinicum Wife of Amos H.

  • William H. Smith Feb 26, 1917 57 yrs 3mos 14days Upper Tinicum

  • Hannah Tettemer Mar 8,1 197 58 yrs,1,mos 22 days Upper Tinicum Wife of William S.

  • Lily Louisa Miller Mar 12, 1917 38 yrs.8mos. 0days Point Pleasant Wife of Benjamin

  • William Grey Mar 27, 1917 53 yrs. Upper Tinicum

  • Emma Jane McCollick Mar 30, 1917 42yrs10mos 10days UpperTinicmn Wife of James

  • Lena Haney Dillon Apr 19, 1917 66 yrs I0mos11days Upper Tinicum Widow of Taylor M.

  • Solomon Uimer Apr 22,1917 83yrs 3 mos,2days Lower Tinicum

  • Joseph Sigafoos May 30,1917 84yrs 0mos,23days Upper Tinicum

  • John Calvin Arnwine Jun 27,1917 6yrs 0mos22days Point Pleasant

  • George Sigafoos Aug 11,1917 79yrs 5mos 19days Upper Tinicum

  • Sallie C.Tertemer Aug 14,1917 38yrs10mos 29days Riegelsviile Wife of Harvey E.

  • Sarah Gray Sep 13,1917 70yrs 2mos 20days Upper Tinicum Wife of Francis

  • Ida Lear Oct 9, 1917 4yrs 6mos 12days Upper Tiicum Wife of Edwaxd

  • Stace Scott Oct 27,1917 21yrs 3mos 19days Upper Tinicum Son of Amos & Mary Ellen

  • Thomas Pursell Nov 6,1917 55yrs11mos 2days Upper Tinicum

  • Martha P. Mominghoff Nov 28,1917 0yrs 6mos 23days Upper Tinicum Dau of Jerome & Sadie Pursell

  • Abraham Mills Dec 12,1917 67yrs 2mos 15days Upper Tinicum

  • Rachel Wells Apr 7,1918* 66yrs 9mos 21 days Upper Tinicum Wife of William

  • *only 1918 date on this page.

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