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J. WILMER LUNDY, of Newtown, Bucks county, was born at Rancocas, Burlington county, New Jersey.  May 3, 1869, and is a son of Joseph and Mary (EVANS LUNDY).  Though a native of New Jersey, as have been his ancestors for four generations, his paternal ancestors were among the earliest settlers of the county in which he now resides. 

Richard LUNDY, the first American ancestor of the subject of this sketch, was a son of Sylvester LUNDY, of Axminster, in the county of Devon, England, and came to Boston, Massachusetts in 6 mo., 1776, “and from thence came to the Delaware River the 19th of the 3d mo., 1682.”  So says the ancient record in the quaint little tattered “Book of Arrivals” in the handwriting of Phineas PEMBERTON (the first clerk of the Bucks county courts), now in possession of the Bucks County Historical society.  The same volume records the arrival in the Delaware river in “8th mo., 1683, in the ship Concord of London, the Master William JEFFRY, of Elizabeth BENNETT, daughter of William BENNETT of Hammondsworth, in the county of Middlesex (now deceased) and now the wife of the aforesaid Richard LUNDY.”   William BENNETT was accompanied to America by his wife Rebecca and daughters Elizabeth, before mentioned, Ann and Sarah.  This book also gives the record of the marriage of Richard LUNDY and Elizabeth BENNETT, 6 mo. 24, 1684.  Elizabeth survived her marriage but three years, and was buried 6 mo.14, 1687.  Still another entry in the old “Book of Arrivals” is interesting to the descendants of Richard LUNDY, that which records the arrival of James HARRISON and the PEMBERTONs in the ship “Submission,” on 5 mo. 7, 1682, at Choptank, Maryland, and their subsequent trip overland to Bucks county, detailed in this volume in a brief sketch of “The PEMBERTON Family,” in which is given a list of the passengers on the ship “Submission.”   With the family of James HARRISON came Jane LYON, who was to serve in his family for four years to 9 mo. 2, 1686, and was then to receive fifty acres of land.    On 4 mo. 24, 1691, this Jane LYON became the second wife of Richard LUNDY, at Middletown Meeting of Friends.  Jane was born in the year 1666, and was therefore sixteen years of age when she arrived in Pennsylvania, and twenty-five years old when she became the wife of Richard LUNDY.    On 10 mo. 6th, 1682-3 there was laid out to Richard LUNDY Two Hundred Acres in what is now Bristol Township, just west of the Manor of Pennsbury, which was patented to him 5 mo. 6th, 1684. 8 mo. 7th, 1685, he exchanged this tract with Jacob TEINER for 1000 acres in what is now Buckingham, “back in the woods”, as it is described in the deed recorded at Doylestown under date of 2 mo. 12th, 1688.    It comprised all the land below the York road, eastward from the west line of Judge PAXSON’s “Nonesuch” farm to the village of Holicong, and extending to the top of Buckingham mountain.

Richard LUNDY did not at once take up his residence “back in the woods” of Buckingham, but purchased of Samuel BURGESS a tract of 103 acres on the upper side of Pennsbury Manor, part of the same tract on which Falls Meeting house was erected, and probably resided there until close to 1700.  He finally conveyed this land to Thomas DUER, and took up his residence on his Buckingham purchase, either where Charles J. SMITH now resides, or across the creek at the old Ely homestead now owned by the estate of Anna J. WILLIAMS.  On 7 mo. 12, 1692, he conveyed to Francis ROSSEL, 500   acres off the western end of his tract, lying in about equal quantities on both sides of the present Durham Road.  ROSSEL dying in 1695, devised it to William SMITH, Ralph Boon and the “sons of Samuel BURGESS.  By various conveyances prior to 1705 that west of the Durham road came to Mathew HUGHES, whose family owned and occupied it for over a century, or until the death of Amos Austin HUGHES in 1811.   The east side of the road was first occupied by LAWRENCE and Enoch PEARSON in 1702-3, and came to be the home of Thomas CANBY in 1729.  On 4 mo. 7, 1709, Richard LUNDY, then residing in Buckingham, conveyed 100 acres to Joseph LARGE (now the Broadhurst farm) and some time prior to 1719 sold to his son Richard LUNDY, Jr., 300 acres of the remaining 400 acres of his tract “Back in the woods.”   The date was probably that of the marriage of Richard, Jr., in 1714.  He, however, failed to convey the land to his son, and he having agreed to sell it to Isaac NORRIS, Richard LUNDY, Sr., and Jane his wife and Richard, Jr., and Elizabeth his wife in 1710 conveyed it to NORRIS, and a year later it became the property of Hugh ELY, and remained in the family several generations.     In 1724 Richard LUNDY, Sr., conveyed the remaining 100 acres to Hugh ELY.  This was probably the approximate date of the death of his wife Jane, and he took up his residence with his son Richard, Jr., who at this date had removed to Plumstead township and located on land belonging to his brother-in-law, Ebenezer LARGE, which he subsequently purchased.

Richard LUNDY was a prominent member of Falls Meeting, and is frequently mentioned on their records.  On his removal Buckingham he became affiliated with the Meeting there, then a branch of Falls Meeting, and on it becoming a separate monthly meeting with Wrightstown in 1720, became one of the overseers and elders.  On 8 mo. 5, 1737, he requested a certificate to remove himself to Maiden Creek, Berks county, where his son and family had removed two years previously, and though the Friends remonstrated against his removing himself so far back on the frontiers at his advanced age, he persisted, and was granted a certificate to Exeter Meeting, which he deposited there the month following.  He probably died at Maiden creek soon after his removal there, as we find no further record of him, and at the marriage of his grandson there in 1789 his name does not appear among the witnesses.

Richard LUNDY (2), son of Richard and Jane (LYON) LUNDY, was born 3 mo. (May) 20, 1692, in Bucks county, probably in Falls township, and died 2 mo. (February)) 28, 1772, at Allamuchy, Warren county, New Jersey.  At least part of his boyhood days were probably spent on the Buckingham plantation, 300 acres of which was conveyed to him on his marriage in 1714.  His wife was Elizabeth LARGE, daughter of Joseph LARGE, then deceased, and they were married at Buckingham under the auspices of Falls Meeting, 4 mo. 3, 1714.  He was for ten years caretaker of Buckingham Meeting House and “grave digger.”  The records of the Meeting on 10 mo. 2, 1724, recites the fact that he had “moved too for (sic) off” to further officiate in this capacity, and fixes the date of his removal to Plumstead, where he was later made one of the trustees of the land on which Plumstead Meeting House was erected though the deed for the land (200 acres) on which he lived was not made to him until November 2, 1734, less than six months before the date on which he conveyed it preparatory to his removal to Berks county, viz.: 3 mo. 24, 1735-On 3 mo. 5, 1735, he was granted a certificate by Buckingham Meeting to remove with his family to Maiden Creek, Berks county, the certificate being directed to Gwynedd Meeting, from which Exeter was organized two years later, and of which latter meeting he was appointed an elder in 1737.  Richard LUNDY and his family reained in Berks county twelve years, removing in 5th mo., 1747 to the valley of Pequest river, in what is now Allmuchy township, Warren county, he and his family bringing certificates to Bethlehem (later Kingwood, and now Quakertown Meeting) in Hunterdon county, New Jersey. but becoming later attendants at Hardwick Meeting., a branch of Kingwood.  Several of his children had married prior to the removal to New Jersey, but all removed there with their families, though a few years later several of his children and grandchildren removed elsewhere.  On March 28, 1749, Richard LUNDY was commissioned a justice of the peace for the county of Morris, in which his residence was then included.  In the same year he was made an elder of the Friends Meeting at Great Meadows, and frequent mention is made of meetings being held at his house.  He died in Allemuchy, 2 mo. 28, 1772, and was buried at Hardwick Friends’ burying ground.  On the records of Kingwood Monthly meeting is recorded a testimony of his worth, which says among other things,  “he was a man much esteemed among Friends and others, being of a meek and quiet spirit, exemplary in life and conversation, and a pattern of plainness and simplicity * * * He was an affectionate husband, a tender father, a kind friend, punctual and just in his dealings among men, evidencing to the world that he was concerned to do to others as he would have them do to him.”  His eighty years of life had not been lived in vain.

The children of Richard and Elizabeth (LARGE) LUNDY were nine in number, all of whom were born in Buckingham and Plumstead townships.  Bucks county, Pennsylvania, and all of whom removed with their parents to Berks county, and all of whom either preceded or accompanied them back to New Jersey: they were as follows:

  1. Richard, born 4 mo. 23, 1715, in Buckingham, died at Allemuchy, New Jersey, 11 mo. 7, 1757: married at Maiden Creek, Berks county, in 1739, Ann Wilson, and removed to the Pequest Valley, New Jersey, in 1746.   He had eleven children, ten of whom grew to maturity:  Samuel, William, Amos, Sarah, Richard, Ann, Ebenezer, John Eleazer and Azariah.  Samuel and William removed to Canada; Samuel to Newmarket and William to Lundy’s Lane, it being upon his property that the famous battle of Lundy’s Lane was fought in 1814.  Ebenezer and Azariah returned to Bucks county.  Amos, Sarah (Kester) Richard, John, and the family of Azariah removed to Virginia.
  2. Mary LUNDY, born in Buckingham, Bucks county, 11 mo. 6, 1716, married in Plumstead in 1734, Robert Wilson, removed with him to Berks county, Pennsylvania in 1735, and to Sussex county, New Jersey, in 1748, where she died 3 mo. 4, 1807, at the age of Ninety years.  She left numerous descendants, some of whom still retain the Sussex homestead
  3. Joseph LUNDY, born in Buckingham, 4 mo. 24, 1719, removed with the family to Berks county in 1735, married there in 1743 Susanna HUTTON, and removed to Warren county, New Jersey, in 1745; died there about 1759; left children: Sarah, who married Joseph CARPENTER, and returned to Berks county, as did his son Enos, who in 1805 removed to York county, Ontario.   His daughter Hannah married Samuel SHOTWELL, and settled in Sussex county, New Jersey.
  4. Jacob LUNDY, born in Buckingham 6 mo. 15, 1721, married at Maiden Creek, 1748, Mary WILSON, removed to New Jersey same year, and died there in 1800, leaving children: Jacob, Mary (SCHMUCK), Jonathan, and Deborah (DENNIS)
  5. Martha LUNDY, born in Buckingham 6 mo. 1, 1723, married in New Jersey in 1755, Benjamin SCHOOLEY; died there 9 mo. 11, 1803: left four children.
  6. Thomas LUNDY, born in Plumstead, Bucks county, and died in Warren county, New Jersey, about 1775: he married there in 1750, Joanna DOAN, and had six children.
  7. Samuel LUNDY, born in Plumstead, Bucks county, 12 mo. 13, 1727, died in Sussex County, New Jersey, 2 mo. 14, 1801.  He was a judge of Sussex county court, and was twice married, first in 1731 to Ann SCHOOLEY, and second in 1765, to Sarah WILLETS, and had twelve children, His son Levi removed to Ohio, Samuel to Seneca county, New York, and Jesse to Ontario, Canada.  The others of his children remained in New Jersey.
  8. Elizabeth LUNDY, born at Plumstead, Bucks county, married at Hardwick, New  Jersey, in 1748, Gabriel WILSON, and settled at Great Meadows, in Warren county, New Jersey, where she died 5 Mo. 25, 1811:  their eight children removed to North Carolina, Indiana, Canada and Kentucky.
  9. Margaret LUNDY, born at Plumstead, Bucks county, 12 mo. 14, 1732, died at Hardwick, New Jersey, in 4 mo., 1776.   She had married in 1750 JohnWILSON, who removed with her family from Maiden creek, Berks county, Pennsylvania, in 1745.  No record of children.

Thomas LUNDY, sixth, child of Richard and Elizabeth (LARGE) LUNDY, was a mason by trade, and was the first of the family to remove from Berks county to the Pequest Valley in New Jersey.  He helped to erect the first jail of Warren county in 1754.   His wife Joanna DOAN was probably a granddaughter of Daniel and Mehetabel DOAN, of Bucks county.   Thomas and Joanna had six children: Susanna, who married Thomas PARKER, son of Humphrey PARKER, of Wrightstown, Bucks county.  Reuben, born 3 mo. 13, 1752, married in 1776 Esther BUNTING, Daughter of Joseph and Sarah (BIDGOOD) BUNTING of Bristol, Bucks county, and later settled in Columbia county, Pennsylvania.  Ephraim, son of Thomas and Joanna married in 1776, Elizabeth PATTERSON, and after living for twenty years in New Jersey removed with their five children to Catawissa, Lycoming county, Pennsylvania.  Thomas, son of Thomas and Joanna, married in 1779 Elizabeth STOCKTON and in 1787 removed to North Carolina.  Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Thomas and Joanna (DOANE) LUNDY, born 8 mo. 30, 1763, married in 1782,Isreal BUNTING, son of Joseph and Sarah, of Bucks county, and settled in Warren county, New Jersey, where their seven children were born.

Joseph LUNDY, son of Thomas and Joanna (DOANE) LUNDY and the great-grandfather of the subject of this sketch, was born in Warren county, New Jersey, 3 mo. 19, 1762, and died at Rancocas, Burlington county, New Jersey, 8 mo. 13, 1846.  He married 4 mo. 26, 1787, Elizabeth SHOTWELL, born 1762, daughter of Benjamin and Amy (HALLET) SHOTWELL, of Rahway, New Jersey, who bore him one son, Benjamin LUNDY, the eminent abolitionist and editor of “The Genius of Universal Emancipation.”  He was born in Sussex county, New Jersey, 1 mo. 4, 1789, and on 10 mo. 5, 1809 was granted a certificate of removal to Westland Meeting Washington county, Pennsylvania, and settled in Wheeling, West Virginia, where he learned the trade of a harness maker, and in 1812 located in Mt. Pleasant, Ohio, where he carried on his business of harness making.   Becoming strongly impressed with the horrors of human slavery, he about this time began to speak against it and organize antislavery societies, also contributing articles to the “Philanthropist,” a paper published in Mt. Pleasant.   In 1821 he started the publication of ”The Genius of Universal Emancipation,” the first paper published, devoted exclusively to that cause.    He later traveled extensively in the interest of emancipation, and became one of the noted exponents of the emancipation of slaves.   He died in Lowell, La Salle county, Illinois, 8 mo. 22, 1839.

Joseph LUNDY, the father, having lost his first wife, married a second time, 1 mo. 15, 1705, Mary TITUS, of Westbury, Long Island.  He continued to reside in Hardwick, Sussex county, New Jersey, until 1810, when he removed with his family to Willingboro township, Burlington county, New Jersey, where he purchased a farm of 160 acres on Rancocas Creek.  The children of Joseph and Mary (TITUS) LUNDY were eight in number: Abigail, born 9 mo. 30, 1795, died 5 mo. 14, 1875, married Daniel WOOLSTON, of Eyrestown: Richard, born 1 mo. 30, 1797, died 7 mo. 30, 1875, at Rancocas, married Mary Ward: Elizabeth, born 6 mo. 2, 1709, died 9 mo. 22, 1840, unmarried: Phebe, born 2 mo. 6, 1802, died May 1849, married William HILTON: Lydia Shotwell, born 7 mo. 25, 1804, died 5 mo. 27, 1864, married Joel WIERMAN: Deborah, born 4 mo. 29, 1806, died 5 mo. 27, 1864, married Joel WIERMAN: Deborah, born 4 mo. 29, 1806, died 5 mo. 7, 1896, married Ezra WALTON: Asenath, born 1808, died 1809: Mary, born 3 mo., 26, 1811 died 10 mo. 2, 1887, married William BARNARD, a minister of the Society of Friends and prominent in the anti-slavery cause. 

Richard LUNDY, second child of Joseph and Mary (TITUS) LUNDY, was the grandfather of the subject of this sketch.  He was born at Hardwick, Sussex county, New Jersey, and removed to Rancocas with his parents at the age of thirteen years, and spent the remainder of his life there.  His wife, Mary WARD, born 9 mo. 27, 1805, died 6 mo. 14, 1888, was a daughter of George and Edith (WOOD) WARD, from near Salem, New Jersey.  Richard and Mary were the parents of four children, viz.: George WARD, born 6 mo. 25, 1835, married Maria HAINES, and resides at Mt. Holly, New Jersey: Edith M., born 6 mo., 21, 1838, died August 28, 1871, married Isaac S. WRIGHT, of Falls, Bucks county, and left three children, all born in Bucks county—Walter S., Mary Ellen, wife of George H. BETTS, and Ruth Anna: Joseph, born 11 mo. 11, 1840: Charles, born 11 mo., 11, 1847, died 2 mo. 6, 1904, was twice married, and left one child, Mary. 

Joseph LUNDY, the father of the subject of this sketch, was born at Rancocas, 11 mo. 11, 1840.  He was educated at the Friends’ schools, and has been a farmer in Burlington county all his life.  He married June 15, 1864, Mary EVANS, daughter of Darling and Rachel (MATLACK) EVANS, and they are the parents of two children: Maurice E., born 8 mo. 19, 1865, married Laura S. THOMPSON and has one child, Florence T., born 11 mo. 8, 1891; and J. WILMER, the subject of this sketch.

The first maternal ancestor of Mr. LUNDY to land in America was William EVANS, of South Newenton, Oxfordshire, carpenter, who came to New Jersey prior to 1682 and purchased one half of a one-fifteenth share of the lands of West Jersey in that year, and several hundred acres were laid out to him on the Rancocas creek in Burlington county.  He died in 1688, leaving a wife Jane; a daughter Sarah, wife of Thomas EVES, or EVANS: and a son William.  William (2) died in 1728, leaving children Thomas, Jane and John.  Of these Thomas, born, 12 mo. 12, 1693 died February. 1793, married 10 mo. 1, 1715, Esther HAINES, and had children: William, Elizabeth Isaac, Esther, Jacob, Nathan; of whom William, born 1716, died 1761, married Sarah ROBERTS, and had children, John, Hannah, Enoch, Esther, Mary, Rebecca, and William, of whom William, born 10 mo. 5, 1760, died 5 mo. 22, 1845, married 11 mo. 17, 1785, Rebecca BALLINGER, and had children, Enoch, Joshua, Sarah, Mary, Darling and Hannah: of whom Darling, born 3 mo. 14, 1799, died 12 mo. 19, 1891, married 1 mo. 19, 1826, Rachel MATLACK and had children, William, Sarah, Enoch. Rebecca, wife of Thomas LAWRENCE, Mary, wife of Joseph LUNDY, and Ezra, of Trenton, New Jersey.

J. Wilmer LUNDY was born and reared on the farm near Rancocas, and was educated at the Friends’ school there and at Moorestown Friends’ high school. After teaching school one year he entered Trenton Business College, from which he graduated in 1889.  From that date until 1893 he filled the position of bookkeeper for his uncle, Ezra EVANS, a Trenton Grocer.  In the latter year he went to Mt. Holly as bookkeeper in the plumbing establishment of George D. WORREL, where he remained until 1900, when he formed a partnership with Elmer J. SHINN, and bought out the plumbing, heating, tin and stove business of Franklin SMITH, at Newtown, Bucks county, which business he has since conducted, his partner having charge of a branch establishment at Princeton, New Jersey.  Mr. LUNDY is a member of the Society of Friends, and politically is a Democrat.  He is a member of Mt. Holly Lodge No. 14, F. and A.M., the Junior Order U.A.M., and the Knights of Pythias.   He married April 30, 1895, Lizzie Morris ROBERTS, daughter of Stacy and Harriet ROBERTS, and they have one child, Elizabeth, born January 5, 1900.

Test taken from page 114-118 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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