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JOSEPH DE BENNEVILLE ABBOTT, burgess of Bristol, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, is a native of the state, born in Philadelphia, (Tioga), June 28, 1866, eldest son of Francis and Julia (Churchman SHEWELL) ABBOTT.  He is descended on his father's side from John ABBAT (subsequently spelled by this ancestor, "ABBOTT") who came to America from Farnsfield, Nottingham, England, in 1684, and "settled a plantation on Crosswicks Creek," between Bordentown and Trenton, New Jersey, consisting at the time of his death in 1739 of eight hundred and ten acres.  An active Friend, he took a prominent part in all that concerned the Chesterfield Meeting at Crosswicks, Burlington county, New Jersey.  He was constable of Nottingham and surveyor of highways.  In 1695 he married Anne MAULEVERER, daughter of Edmund and Anne (PEARSON) MAULEVERER.   She, like her husband, was an active Friend, an elder of the meeting, and prominent in all meeting interests, as the records indicate.  She died in 1754.   John and Anne (MAULEVERER) ABBOTT had, with other issue,

   Timothy ABBOTT, born in 1717, died 1776.  He married Anne SATTERTHWAITE.  He succeeded to his father's estate in part, and was prominent like his parents in the Society of Friends.   He was a merchant as well as farmer, and had vessels plying up and down the Delaware river to Philadelphia from the plantation on Crosswicks Creek, then a navigable stream for boats of, for those days, considerable draught.   Timothy and Anne (SATTERTHWAITE) ABBOTT had, with other issue.

   John ABBOTT, born 1748, died 1809.  He married Susannah BULLOCH.  He succeeded to his father's estate and was actively engaged in the business instituted by his father, continuing the mercantile phase of it until 1800, when his large land-holdings demanded all his attention.  He took an active part in local public affairs and in those of the religious body to which he belonged.   John and Susannah (BULLOCH) ABBOTT had, with other issue.

   Joseph ABBOTT, born 1779, died 1861.  He married Anne RICKEY.  In his father's lifetime he moved to a portion of the original "WATSON plantation," east of the ABBOTT homestead, and was a farmer.  Joseph and Anne (RICKEY) ABBOTT had, with other issue,

   Timothy ABBOTT, born 1809, died 1882.  He married Susan CONRAD.  In early life he was a merchant, then was long associated with Peter COOPER, and later with COOPER, HEWITT & Co., in the Iron business.  He was president of the Mechanics' National Bank, Trenton, New Jersey.  Timothy and Susan (CONRAD) ABBOTT had, with other issue.

   Francis ABBOTT, born 1840.  He Married (first) Julia Churchman SHEWELL.  Mr. ABBOTT entered the banking house of the late F. M. DREXEL in February, 1857, and at this date (November, 1904) still holds an important position in the same house.  Francis and Julia C. (SHEWELL) ABBOTT had, with other issue, Joseph DE BENNEVILLE ABBOTT, mentioned at length hereinafter.

   Through the pioneer ancestor, John ABBAT, Dr. ABBOTT is descended from the INGRAMS, COLVILLES and MAULEVERERS, who successively, as named, were owners of Ingleby Arnecliffe, Yorkshire, England, an estate in existence as such since the middle ages.  Through the MAULEVERS the descent may be traced back to nearly all of the Barons of Magna Charta, 1215.  The ancestry of Anne MAULEVERER ABBOTT is of unusual interest because of this fact.  Edmund MAULEVERER, the father of Anne, became a Quaker, and was apparently the only member of the family who changed his faith.  The MAULEVERERS have been Church of England folk since the time of Henry VIII, and were previously Roman Catholics.  Edmund's father was James, who married Beatrice, daughter of Sir Timothy HUTTON.   James' father was William, who married Eleanor, daughter of Richard OLDBOROUGH.  William's father was Sir Edmund, who married Mary, daughter of Sir Christopher DANBY.  Sir Edmund's father was Robert, who married Alice, daughter of Sir Niman MARKENFIELD.  Roberts father was Sir William, (knighted at Flodden in 1513) who married Anne, daughter of Sir William CONYERS, and through this line the descent from Edward III is readily traced.   Sir William's father was Robert, who married Joan, daughter of Sir Henry VAVASOUR.  Robert's father was Edmund, who married Alionara, daughter of Sir James STRANGWAYES.  Edmund's father was Robert, who married Joan ______, and his father was Sir William MAULEVERER, who married Joan DE COLVILLE, and succeeded to the Ingleby Arnecliffe estate.  The marriage of Robert MAULEVERER and Alice MARKENFIELD linked the family to descent from eighteen of the Magna Charter barons, the descent having intermarried between 1215 and 1500.   This descent in all its details is traced in the beautiful Marshall-Clement chart published in 1904, to which the reader is referred.  (Vide "Ingleby Arnecliffe and its Owners," by William Brown, Esq., Secretary of the Yorkshire Archaeological and Surtees Societies, Leeds, John Whitehead & Son, 1901.)

   On his mother's side Dr. ABBOTT is descended from Walter SHEWELL, born near the village of Painswick, Gloucestershire, England, in 1702.  He came to Philadelphia, June 7, 1722, and purchased from the Penn estate a tract of land in New Britain township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, near Doylestown.  He founded Painswick Hall, of which an account will be found elsewhere in this volume.  Dr. ABBOTT is the sixth in decent from Walter and Mary (KIMBER) SHEWELL, who had with other issue, Robert Shewell, born 1740, died 1825.  He was a merchant in the West India trade.  He married Sarah SALLOWS, and they had, with other issue, Thomas Shewell, born 1774, died 1848.  He was a merchant.  He married Sarah B. Linnington, and they had, with other issue, Linnington Daniel SHEWELL, born 1808, died 1873.   He married Martha R. ROBERTS, and they had, with other issue, Julia Churchman SHEWELL, born 1843, died 1882.  She was the wife of Francis ABBOTT, and mother of Joseph DE BENNEVILLE ABBOTT.

   Dr. Joseph DE BENNEVILLE ABBOTT was educated at the famous Germantown Academy, and subsequently studied medicine in the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, from which he was graduated in April, 1887.  In October, 1890, he entered upon the practice of his profession in Bristol, Pennsylvania, in which he has been usefully engaged to the present time.  February 20, 1903, he was chosen burgess for a two year term, ending in 1905.  In 1897 Dr. ABBOTT married his second cousin, Helen Shewell KEIM, who is a descendant on her mother's side of the RODMAN family, prominent in Bucks county since early in the eighteenth century.  (Vide "Autumn Leaves from Family Trees," by Theo. Francis Rodenbough, New York, 1892.  Privately printed.)  Two children have been the issue of this marriage: Charles Shewell, born February 17, 1899; Helen Rodman, born August 20, 1900.

Text taken from pages 195 and 196 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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