History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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DERRICK KROESEN HOGELAND, son of Daniel and Alice Kroesen Hogeland, was born on the old homestead April 26, 1762, and was baptized at Southampton church on May 23, 1762. He was a justice of the peace in Southampton for nearly fifty years. He died December 10, 1837. His wife was Johannah Stevens whom he married May 15, 1783; she was born July 1, 1764; they were the parents of twelve children, viz.:

1. Daniel, born November 1, 1783, died November 28, 1817. He married Cornelia _______ and had children: Charlotte; Ann Eliza, married Samuel Winder; William, Charles, John, Daniel and Henry Hogeland.

2. John, born March 5, 1785, died February 3, 1847, was twice married.

3. Sarah, born June 10, 1787, died September 26, 1863, married John Kroesen.

4. Henry, born January 22, 1789, died June 16, 1855.

5. Benjamin, born February 25, 1791, died September 9, 1816, children, Jacob L. and Mary Hogeland.

6. Abraham, born September 16, 1792, died December 25, 1863.

7. Isaac, twin brother of Abraham, born September 16, 1792, died September 7, 1874.

8. William, born 1795, died 1796.

9. William, born May 3, 1797, died March 21, 1870.

10. Elcie, born April 1, 1800, died December 28, 1866, married _______ Lefferts.

11. Maria, born July 22, 1802, died September 12, 1836, married ________ Wynkoop.

12. Elias, born August 7, 1805, died August 22, 1828.

ABRAHAM HOGELAND, sixth child of Derrick K. and Johanna Stevens Hogeland, born September 16, 1792, married March 10, 1824, Mary Ann Fenton, and had twelve children:

1. Joseph Hogeland, married Evelina Banes, who died July, 1885. They had children: Mary Louisa; Sarah; Gustavus; Adella; Jane; and Anna Elizabeth, wife of John Vandegrift.

2. William, married Louisa Hogeland and had children: William, Mary, Josephine and Jane.

3. Elias, see forward.

4. Susannah, married Henry Lefferts.

5. Joanna, widow of Isaac Cornell Hobensack.

6. John, died August, 1886, married Keziah D. Willard, and had: Albert; Mary, died young; Horace B., Newlin F. and John.

7. Morris, died May, 1866, married Mary Jane Willard, and had: Ella, Margaret and Abraham. Latter died young.

8. Theodore, died January, 1869, married Rachel White, daughter of George, and had, Elizabeth and Emily and George, deceased.

9. Frank Hogeland, Esq., of Southampton.

10. Charles, died June 12, 1879, married Katharine Cornell, died June 1, 1883, and had: Elias, H. Voorhees, and Maria.

11. Abner, died young.

12. Anna, died young.

Abraham, the father of the above children, was a soldier in the war of 1812-14. He was a harness maker by trade, a prominent man in the community, and served ten years as justice.

ELIAS HOGELAND, third son of Abraham and Mary (Fenton) Hogeland, was born in Southampton township, February 22, 1829, and still resides there. He received his education at the public and private schools of the vicinity. Arriving at manhood he married Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Mary Vanartsdalen, and lived for a time on his father’s farm. In the early ‘60s he purchased his present farm of fifty acres on which he has since resided, being one of the enterprising and successful farmers of that vicinity. He was sheriff of Bucks county for the term of 1869-72. His children are: Howard, married Rachel Woodington; Abraham, married Mary Walton; Anna; Mary; Carrie, married William Yerkes, and has had ten children; Theodore, now living in Montana; Isaac, married Luella Wright; Morris, deceased; Elizabeth; Elias, deceased; Frank, married Isabel Risler and they have two children, Anna F. and Newliln.

FRANK HOGELAND, of Southampton, seventh son of Abraham and Mary Ann (Fenton) Hogeland, was born in Southampton township, on the old homestead, May 15, 1841, and received his education at the public schools of that vicinity. He has been a farmer nearly all his life, purchasing his first farm in 1865 and conducting it for over thirty years. In the spring of 1904 he purchased a property in the village of Southamptonville and removed there, leaving the farm to the management of his son George. He was first elected justice of the peace in 1872, and has served continuously since, and is now serving his seventh consecutive term. He was twice married, his first wife being Alice, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Rhoads, by whom he had one child, Charles R., born May 27, 1866. He married second March 4, 1875, Emma, daughter of George and Anna Saurman, who was born April 15, 1850. By her he has had the following children: Carrie S., born December 14, 1875, married R. Monroe Stout, of Southampton; George, born October 30, 1878, married Emily Barber; Mildred born December 22, 1891.

ISAAC HOGELAND, seventh child and sixth son of Derrick K. and Johanna (Stevens) Hogeland, born in Southampton, September 16, 1792, married, December 23, 1819, Phebe, daughter of Joseph and Mary States, who was born January 18, 1795, and died January 11, 1873. Their children were six in number, viz: 1. Willilam States, see forward; 2. Julia Ann, born June 13, 1823, married Charles Tillyer; 3. Louisa, born February 2, 1826, married William Hogeland; 4. Alfred, born March 12, 1828; 5. Abraham, born November 16, 1831; 6. Harriet, born July 5, 1834, married Alfred Johnson.

WILLIAM S. HOGELAND, eldest son of Isaac and Phebe (States) Hogeland, was born in Southampton township,near Feasterville, October 7, 1820. Until ten years of age he resided with his grandmother, from which time he has resided on the farm where he was born, inheriting it at his father’s decease; he conducted it until 1874, when he retired from active work. He has served as township assessor at different periods for about eighteen years, and has also filled the position of auditor for the county. He has been the owner for many years of the historic “Buck Tavern” near Feasterville. He has never married.

JOHN HOGELAND, son of Abraham and Mary Ann (Fenton) Hogeland, was born on the old Hogeland homestead in Southampton, January 19, 1834, and died there August 10, 1886. He was reared on the old homestead and acquired his education at the local schools. On his marriage to Keziah D. Willard, January 24, 1856, he took charge of one of his father’s farms and conducted it until the death of his father in 1865, when he acquired seventy-two acres of the old homestead and took up his residence thereon, and continued to reside there until his death, and it is still the residence of his widow and his son John. In addition to conducting the home farm he carried on an extensive butchering business. He was a conscientious and upright man, and was much respected in the community in which he lived. In 1866 he united himself with the Old School Baptist church of Southampton and was a deacon and trustee of the church for many years prior to his death. He married, January 24, 1856, Keziah D. Willard, born in Northampton township, July 23, 1837, daughter of James V. and Mary (Delaney) Willard, of Northampton township, and a granddaughter of Jesse and Margaret (Van Artsdalen) Willard of Abington. The children of John and Keziah D. Hogeland were: 1. James Willard, born January 24, 1857, died March 5, 1857; 2. Albert H., born January 10, 1858, graduated at Lafayette College in 1877 as a civil engineer, and secured a position in 1879 in Minnesota on a local railroad, and later accepted a position with the Great Northern Railroad Company, and has risen to the position of chief engineer of the road. He was married in January, 1889, to Elizabeth Trego, and has one daughter, Anna T., born September 15, 1892; 3. Horace B., born March 2, 1862, see forward; 4. Charles M., born November 2, 1864, died young; 5. Mary W., born 1867, died 1870; 6. John, born December 7, 1868, and was educated at the local schools and at Millersville State Normal School, and has charge now of the homestead farm, which he has conducted for the last fourteen years; he married December 31, 1890, Flora Krewsen, their children are: Blanche, born July 26, 1891; Horace W., born August 4, 1893; John B., born May 30, 1897; and Paul P., born February 15, 1902. 7. Justus M., born January 30, 1872, was educated at the University of Minnesota, and died in Minnesota, July 27, 1894; 8. I. Blance, born March 5, 1876, died Dec. 3, 1878; 9. Newlin F., born September 5, 1878, died November 24, 1898, was educated at the Newtown high school, supplemented by a course at Pierce’s Business College, Philadelphia, accepted a position in a Philadelphia bank, and was paying teller in the Fourth Street National Bank at the time of his death.

HORACE B. HOGELAND, cashier of the First National Bank of Newtown, is a son of John and Keziah D. (Willard) Hogeland, and was born on the homestead farm in Southampton that had been the home of his ancestors for three generations, on March 23, 1862. He acquired his education at the public schools, supplemented by a term at a Philadelphia school. He entered the Newtown bank as clerk on June 23, 1878, and after filling the positions of bookkeeper and teller respectively was advanced to the position of cashier on January 19, 1904. He was married February 6, 1884, to Mary Lena Trego, daughter of W. Wallace and Sarah (Bennett) Trego, of Newtown, and they are the parents of two children: Alice Fitch, born June 13, 1886, and Albert Wallace, born April 20, 1888.

The ancestors of Mrs. Hogeland were French Huguenots, she being a descendant in the eight generation from Peter and Judith Trego, the former of whom was born in France in 1655, and about 1685 emigrated to Pennsylvania and settled in Middletown township, Chester, (now Delaware) county, where the oldest son Jacob Trego was born in 1687.

Jacob Trego married Mary Cartledge, daughter of Edmund and Mary Cartledge, of Darby, Chester county, in 1710 and settled in Merion, Chester county, from whence he removed to Darby in 1717 and died there in 1720. His widow married John Laycock, of Wrightstown, Bucks county, who had come from Lancashire, England, in 1717, and purchased land in the neighborhood of Wrightstown.

John Trego, only son of Jacob and Mary (Cartledge) Trego, was born in Merion, Chester county, Pennsylvania, July 6, 1715, and came with his mother and stepfather to Wrightstown in 1722. In 1736 they conveyed to him a farm in Upper Makefield, near the lines of Buckingham and Wrightstown, where he lived until his death in 1791, leaving sons Jacob and William, and four daughters.

William Trego, born in Upper Makefield, March 16, 1744, was the second son of John and Hannah (Lester) Trego, and lived all his life there, dying in 1827. He married Rebecca Hibbs, September 19, 1768, and had eleven children.

Mahlon Trego, second son of William and Rebecca, was born November 25, 1770, and married Rachel Briggs, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth, who bore him thirteen children: Charles B., the famous scholar, state geologist, surveyor, professor in the University of Pennsylvania, etc., born 11 mo. 25, 1794, died 11 mo. 10, 1874, married Martha Smith, of Buckingham. 2. Albert, born 1796, died 1797. 3. Phineas, born 1 mo. 12, 1796, died 5 mo . 21, 1875. 4. Elizabeth, born 11 mo. 26, 1798, died 6 mo. 11, 1881, married John Merrick; 5. Louis, born 11 mo. 1, 1801. 6. Robert S., born 9 mo. 24, 1803, died 3 mo. 29, 1886. 7. Mary, born 9 mo. 14, 1805, died in Illinois, unmarried. 8. James, born 8 mo. 1, 1807, removed to Illinois in 1858. 9. Joseph B., born 5 mo. 19, 1809, removed to Illinois in 1839. 10. Cyrus, born 9 mo. 15, 1810, died 12 mo. 11, 1866. 11. Edward, born 11 mo. 3, 1812, died December 12, 1886. 12. Mahlon, born 9 mo. 8, 1815, died unmarried in 1839. 13. Morris, born 1 mo. 18, 1819, died 10 mo. 14, 1843. Mahon, the father, died in 1849, and his wife in 1840.

Edward Trego, eleventh child of Mahlon and Rachel (Briggs) Trego, born 11 mo. 3, 1812, married Sarah Fenton, born 1817, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth, on 4 mo. 21, 1836 and had seven children, the eldest of whom, William Wallace Trego, of Newtown, born March 20, 1837, is the father of Mrs. Hogeland. Her mother, Sarah Bennett, born August 9, 1841, is a daughter of John and Abi Bennett, of Upper Makefield.

MORRIS HOGELAND, seventh child of Abraham and Mary Ann (Fenton) Hogeland, was born on the old family homestead in Southampton in 1835, and died May 6, 1866. He was reared on the old homestead and received his education in the local schools. On arriving at manhood he took up the vocation of a farmer, and after his marriage took charge of one of his father’s farms in Southampton, which he conducted until his death. He was affiliated with the Baptist church of Southampton, and was a consistent Christian and highly respected in the community. His wife was Mary Jane Willard, born near Rocksville, April 6, 1839, a daughter of James V. and Mary (Delaney) Willard, and a granddaughter of Jesse and Margaret (Van Artsdalen) Willard. Mrs. Hogeland is still living in Southampton. The children of Morris and Mary Jane (Willard) Hogeland are as follows: 1. Ella, born February 25, 1861, married Holmes DeCoursey, of Warminster, and has two children,–Etta L., born September 3, 1884; and Morris H., born August 9, 1890. 2. Margaret W., married Albert C. Twining, and has two children,–Jessie W., born November 28, 1888, and A. Chester, born July 18, 1892. 3. Abraham, born May 8, 1865, died in infancy.

James V. Willard, the father of Mrs. Mary Jane Hogeland, and also of Keziah D. Hogeland, widow of John Hogeland, of Southampton, was a son of Jesse Willard, and was born in Abington, Montgomery county, April 23, 1806. His father, Jesse Willard, was twice married; by his first wife, who was Wynkoop, he had two sons, David and Wynkoop. He married (second) Margaret Van Artsdalen, and had by her seven children, as follows: Jesse; Esther; James; Charles, married (first) Rachel Stockdale and (second) Phebe Lee; Jackson, never married; William, married and had two children, Geary, and Esther; and Jane, married Harmon Marshall, and had four children, all of whom are deceased.

James V. Willard, a third child of Jesse and Margaret (Van Artsdalen) Willard, married Mary Delaney and settled near Rocksville, Northampton township, Bucks county. They were the parents of thirteen children:

1. Jesse, born December 19, 1830, married Emma C. Streeper and had two children, Ary W. and Harold E.

2. Eliza Ann, born May 2, 1832, married James T. Blair in 1852, and has five children, Frank P., Mary W., Orvilla, Ida Belle, and William James.

3. Matilda, born September 18, 1833, married Samuel Stillwell, of Doylestown; children: Willard, Irene, John W. and Sarah.

4. John, born December 9, 1835, died March 7, 1866.

5. Keziah D., widow of John Hogeland, born July 23, 1837 (see sketch).

6. Mary Jane, see above.

7. Emily, born June 22, 1840, married Martin V. Dager, and has children; Charles O., Jesse, and Martin V. B.

8. Julia, born August 30, 1842, married John Fenton, and has children; James M., Simon, Anna, Morris, Mary W., J. Purington, John, and Blanche.

9. Loisa, born June 30, 1844, married Samuel D. Cornell, and has children; David, Harold, Horace, and Mary W.

10. Esther, born August 14, 1846, died in infancy.

11. J. Monroe, born February 13, 1848, married Sarah Stout, and has one daughter, Florence G.

12. Josephine, born November 4, 1849, married Morris H. Trego, and has one daughter, Marian.

13. Margaret, born December 16, 1851, died at the age of ten years.

(For ancestry of Mary Jane Hogeland and Keziah D. Hogeland, see Willard family.)

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