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EDWARD P. HICKS. Isaac HICKS, the eldest son of Gilbert and Mary (RODMAN) HICKS, an account of whose ancestry from the Pilgrim ancestor Robert HICKS down to his father Gilbert HICKS, is given in the proceeding sketch, was born in Bensalem township, April 21, 1748, and died in Newtown, Bucks county, October 5, 1836. He received a good education, and was a man of fine intellectual ability and excellent business capacity. On June 6, 1772, he was commissioned prothonotary and clerk of the several courts of Bucks county, and filled those positions with eminent ability until 1777, when he was directed to turn in all papers and books relating to these offices to be deposited in the fireproof at Newtown, the political views of his father (Gilbert HICKS) having cast a suspicion upon him. He was also commissioned a justice of the peace on April 9, 1774, and held that office for three years. The continued good and loyal deportment of the son had its proper effect to convince the public that the suspicion was groundless. After the close of the Revolution he was again commissioned a justice of the peace, and held the office many years while residing at Newtown. His office for many years was in the western end of what is now the White Hall Hotel. Here by close attention to his duties and an honorable course of life he built up a large business. It is said that in dress he adhered to the old style of breeches and knee-buckles.

He was married at Newtown, on November 17, 1771, to his cousin, Catharine HICKS, daughter of Col. Edward and Violetta (RICKETTS) HICKS, who was born in New York, November 4, 1745, and died at Burlington, New Jersey, October 19, 1781. Her brother William was Prothonotary of Bucks county, 1770-1772. The children of Isaac and Catharine HICKS, were:

    1. Gilbert Edward, born March 11, 1773, who became a prominent physician at Catawissa, Pennsylvania, where he married Catharine HIBBS, daughter of James HIBBS. His grandchildren now living are: Dr. J. J. JOHN, historian and prominent business man of Shamokin, who spent some little time in Bucks county in early life; Emma WALTERS, of Catawissa; and Anna M. ORMSBY, widow of Henry George ORMSBY, of Philadelphia.
    2. William Richard, Born November 17, 1774, died February 5, 1777.
    3. Edward Henry, born June 29, 1776, died August 20, 1776.
    4. Eliza Violetta, born March 17, 1778, married October 4, 1807, Thomas G. KENNEDY, sheriff of Bucks county for the term 1815-1817. She was drowned in Newtown creek, near her home in Newtown, July 28, 1817, in an effort to save her child, who had fallen in the creek.
    5. Edward, born April 2, 1780, died August 23, 1849.

Isaac Hicks married (second) October 20, 1792, Mary (GILBERT) YOUNG, widow of Edward YOUNG, of Philadelphia, who was born August 3, 1757, and died at Newtown February 22, 1812.

Edward HICKS, youngest son of Isaac and Catharine, was born at Attleboro (now Langhorne, then know as Four-Lanes-End) April 2, 1780. His mother dying when he was but eighteen months old, he was left to the care of her faithful servant Jane, a colored woman. His fatherís home was entirely broken up by the confiscation of all the property belonging to his father, Gilbert HICKS, and this, with sickness and deaths in his family, reduced him for a season to a great strait. He later secured a home for his infant son in the family of David TWINING, where he remained until thirteen years of age. Edward HICKS in his "Memoirs" gives abundant testimony of his appreciation of the kindness received at the hands of his adopted mother, Elizabeth TWINING. In April, 1793, he was apprenticed to the coach-making trade with William and Henry TOMLINSON, at Four-Lanes-End, where he remained until 1800, when he set up business for himself. In the autumn of 1801 he entered the employ of Joshua C. CANBY, then a coach-maker at Milford (now Hulmeville) and remained a resident of that village until April, 1811, when he removed to Newtown, Pennsylvania. He became a member of Middletown Monthy Meeting of Friends in the spring of 1803, and later became a prominent minister in the Society, traveling extensively in the ministry. like his distinguished cousin, Thomas HICKS, he possessed considerable artistic talent, and a number of his paintings of high merit are still preserved. He was an ardent temperance advocate, and claimed to have built the first house in Bucks county erected without the use of intoxicating liquors, in 1804. He married 11 mo. 17, 1803, Sarah WORSTALL, daughter of Joseph and Susanna (HIBBS) WORSTALL. He died in Newtown 8 mo. 23, 1849, and his widow died 12 mo. 30, 1855. Their children were: Mary, born 10 mo. 12, 1804, died 2 mo. 7, 1880, unmarried, Susan, born 11 mo. 9, 1806, married 5 mo. 17, 1832, John CARLE, Jr., of New York, and died in New York, 1 mo. 24, 1872; Elizabeth T., born 8 mo. 24, 1811, married Richard PLUMMER, of Baltimore, Maryland, 11 mo. 11, 1852, and died in Newtown, 3 mo. 22, 1892; Sarah B., born 12 mo. 24, 1816, married Isaac C. PARRY, of Warminister, 5 mo. 23, 1844, and died in Warminister 2 mo. 23, 1895; Isaac W., born 1 mo. 20, 1809, and died 3 mo. 28, 1898.

Isaac W. HICKS, only son of Edward and Sarah (WORSTALL) HICKS, was born at Hulmeville, and reared in Newtown, Bucks county, where he lived from the age of two years until his death. He assisted his father in the coach painting business and farming, but after his fathers death he devoted himself mostly to farming. He was greatly, interested in the incorporation of Newtown as a borough in 1838, and the laying of the brick walk on Penn street which led from a ladies seminary at the corner of Penn and Congress street to the heart of the town, and was the first improved walk in the new borough. Throughout his life he was interested in everything that would add to the best good of the town. His entire life after he was twelve years of age was spent in the house on Penn street, Newtown borough, built by his father about 1821 and remodeled by himself in 1870, and still occupied by his daughter Sarah. He married 6 mo. 4, 1857, Hannah L. PENROSE, daughter of William and Hannah (JARRETT) PENROSE, of Horsham. She was born at the historic Graeme Park, the former residence of Sir William KEITH, colonial governor of Pennsylvania, 2 mo. 20, 1820, and died at Newtown 9 mo. 23, 1894. The children of Isaac W. and Hannah PENROSE HICKS are:

Sarah W., born 4 mo. 9, 1858, still residing at the old homestead in Newtown.

Edward P., born 8 mo. 27, 1859, married 2 mo. 24, 1903, Lydia Harper BARNESLEY, daughter of William and Mary Ellen (PAFF) BARNESLEY, of Newtown, and resides in Newtown borough, in the house on Penn street, opposite the old homestead built by his father about 1833, and remodeled by himself in 1904. Their daughter, Mary Barnesley HICKS, was born 7 mo. 24, 1904. Mr. HICKS took a prominent part in 1898 in establishing the standard telephone system at Newtown, which was a matter of much importance to Newtown. He was for seven years a member of the Newtown town council and during this time many very important improvements were inaugurated which have proved beneficial to the town. He is somewhat retiring in disposition but one of the useful and highly respected citizens of the town and county.

William Penrose HICKS, born 9 mo. 6, 1864, married 5 mo. 23, 1890, Nellie BROWN, daughter of William B. and Hannah (HOUGH) BROWN, of Brownsburg, and resides on "Fountain Farm," adjoining Newtown borough. Their children are: Hannah Brown HICKS, born 12 mo. 1, 1891; and Cornelia Carle HICKS, born 3 mo. 1, 1898.

Text taken from page 112-114  of: Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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