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The Family of DuBois is of French origin, the name being derived from two French words signifying "of the forest."  The family is an exceedingly old one, several representatives having achieved distinction there over five centuries ago.

   The ancestor of the American branch of the family was Louis DuBois, who fled from France to the Palatinate to escape religious persecution, in 1658, residing for two years in Manheim on the Rhine, then the capital of the Palatinate.  He emigrated to America, with his wife and two children in 1660.  He located at Kingston, Ulster county, New York, with a number of other French Huguenots, and became a very prominent character there.  His wife and three children were carried into captivity by the Indians on July 6, 1663, and he led a company of the enraged settlers, who rescued them and dealt summary vengeance on their savage captors.  With his two sons, Abraham and Isaac, and nine other French refuges, known as the "Twelve Patentees," he organized the settlement of New Palz, on the Hudson, opposite Poughkeepsie, in 1677, on 36,000 acres purchased of the Indians and patented to them by Edmund Andros, governor-general under the Duke of York.  The other nine patentees were Christian and Pierre Deyou, Abraham and Jean HASBROUCK, Andre and Simon LEFEVRE, Louis BEVIER, Antoine CRESPEL and Hugh FRERE.

   Louis DUBOIS was the first elder of the New Palz Church, organized in 1683, and the first records of the church are in his handwriting.  He returned to Kingston in 1686, and died there ten years later.  His wife was Cathrine BLANCON,  whom he married in France, where he was born, near Lyons, in 1630.  They had ten children, viz: 1. Abraham, born in France in 1656, died in New Palz, October 7, 1731, married Margaret DEYOU, and had seven children, the youngest of whom Mary married Philip VEREE, and they settled on the Conestoga, in Lancaster county, on land purchased by Abraham in 1717.  2. Isaac, born at Manheim in 1658, married Maria HASBROUCK, and died in New Palz in 1690.  3. Jacob, born in Kingston, New York, October, 1661, married Gerritje VAN NEWKIRK, died 1745.  4. Sarah, married Joost JANSEN.  5. David, whose descendants settled and lived in Ulster county, New York.  6. Solomon, born 1669, died 1759, married Trintje VAN NEWKIRK.   7. Rachel, died young.  8. Rebecca, also died young.  9. Louis, born 1677, married Rachel HASBROUCK.  10. Mathew, born 1679, married Sarah MATHEWSEN.  Of these children - Jacob and Solomon - have descendants in Bucks county.

   Jacob DUBOIS, third son of Louis and Catharine (BLANCON) DUBOIS, was the first of the family born in America, being baptized at Kingston, Ulster county, New York, October 9, 1661, when but a few days old.  He married at New Palz about 1690, Gerrite VAN NIUWKIRK, daughter of Gerrit and grand-daughter of Cornelius VAN NIEUWKIRK, one of the earliest emigrants from Holland, and with those other descendants later generations of the DUBOIS family married in New Jersey.  Solomon, fifth son of Louis, married Trintje, another daughter of Gerrit, and his eldest daughter Jacomyntje became the wife of Barent, the eldest son of Jacob, her double first cousin, and they were the parents of the Rev. Jonathan DUBOIS, who became pastor of the Dutch Reformed church of North and Southampton in 1748, married Eleanor WYNKOOP, and has left numerous descendants in Bucks county.  Jacob DUBOIS settled on a farm of his father's at Hurley, Ulster county, New York, and spent his whole life there, dying in June, 1745.  By his Dutch wife Gerritje, otherwise Margaret VAN NEWKIRK, he had eleven children: Magdalena, Barent, Louis, Isaac, Sarah, who married Conrad ERMENDORF; Gerritje, Gerrit, Catharine, who married Petreus SMEDES; Rebecca, Neeltje, and John.  Jacob DUBOIS purchased in 1714 1,200 acres in Salem county, New Jersey, upon which three of his sons settled on arriving at manhood, viz.: Barent, Louis, and Gerrit, though the latter returned to Ulster county on the death of his father.  Barent was the elder of Pittsgrove Presbyterian church, and a prominent man in Salem county; he died there January 22, 1750, leaving eight children.  The other children of Jacob DUBOIS remained in Ulster county, New York.

   Louis DUBOIS, second son and third child of Jacob and Gerritje, was born in Hurley, Ulster county, New York, January 6, 1695.  He married, May 20, 1720, Margaret JANSEN, and settled in Pittsgrove township, Salem county, New Jersey, where he became the owner of 1,091 acres of land.   He and his wife were among the first members of Pittsgrove Presbyterian church, of which he was an elder and trustee.  He died in 1784.  He had eleven children, viz.; Jacob, born 1720, died 1768; Mathew, born 1722; Anna, born 1724, married Rev. MARENUS, of New York, later pastor of Freehold church; Gerritje, born 1726; John, born 1728, died at New London, Chester county, Pennsylvania, while a student for the ministry with his cousin, Jonathan, in July, 1746; Elizabeth, born 1739, died 1785, married Garret NEWKIRK; Cornelius, born 1732; Peter, born 1734; Joseph, died young; Benjamin, born 1739, an eminent minister of the Gospel, pastor of Freehold Presbyterian church for sixty-three years, 1764 in 1827; Samuel, born 1741, died 1811.  All except two of these have left descendants who are now scattered over the United States.

   Peter DUBOIS, eighth child of Louis and Margaret, was born in Pittsgrove, Salem county, New Jersey, April 10, 1734.  He was an intelligent and thrifty farmer and a pious and consistent Christian gentleman.  He was a lieutenant in the company of his cousin, Jacob DUBOIS, and later a captain during the revolution.  He died August 21, 1795.  He married in 1758 Amey, daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah (BLACKMAN) GREENMAN, and sister to Rev. Nehemiah GREENMAN, pastor of the Pittsgrove church.  She was born October 24, 1727, and died June 2, 1807.  They had five sons and two daughters, viz.: 1. Joel, born October 22, 1759, died June 29, 1805.  Jeremiah, born November 22, 1760, died December 29, 1844, an eminent justice and legislator for many years; Sarah; Thomas; Samuel; Uriah; and Amey.

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Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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