History of Bucks County, Pa Volume 3 by William H. Davis
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THE BURGES FAMILY, with whom the MOON and PRICE families are much intermarried, are descended from Samuel and Eleanor BURGES, who came from England in 1685 and settled in Falls township, on 200 acres of land purchased of William PENN, for one silver shilling per acre, the original deed for which is still in possession of their descendants.  This land joined that on which James and Joan (BURGES) MOON settled, and Samuel was probably a brother of Joan MOON.  On this tract lying on both sides of the road now leading through the village of Fallsington, all the Friends' meeting houses of Falls Meeting have been built.  In 1689, when the Friends decided to build a meeting house, Samuel BURGES gave them six acres on which the first meeting house and graveyard were located.  The first building was of logs and the second of brick.  In the latter a school was kept for many years in which the great-grandchildren of Samuel BURGES, living in 1855, remember attending, being used as a school after the erection of the third meeting house, a little distant from the first site and now (1905) used as a dwelling house.  The fourth meeting house was erected in 1789 on the first location, north of the graveyard and Newportville road, and is still used by one branch of the society.  The fifth meeting house was built in 1840, when a stone school house erected in 1799 was removed to make room for it, the present school house being erected in 1817.  The will of Samuel BURGES, made in 1713, mentions wife Eleanor, sons Joseph, Samuel, John and Daniel, and daughters Priscilla and Sarah.  Priscilla became the wife of Samuel BUNTING and an account of her descendants is given in this volume.  Sarah married John HUTCHINSON and an account of her descendants is also given in the RICKEY family.  Samuel, the son, a member of assembly in 1712, married Ann SNOWDEN, and had three children--Margaret, married Joseph JACKSON; Rebecca, married Joseph CHURCH; Ann, died single.Joseph BURGES married Hannah WILSON, and had five children:  Daniel, of whom a more particular account follows; Joseph, married Deborah FISHER and removed to Buckingham, later to Baltimore, Maryland, and subsequently to Virginia; had children; Thomas, Sarah, John, Tacy, Martha and Daniel of whom Thomas married Elizabeth HENDRICKS, and removed to Highland county, Ohio, about 1813; John, Sarah, and Hannah.  John, son of Samuel and Eleanor, married Mary DUER, and had six children, Samuel [sic] Ellen, Jonathan, Mary, Susanna, and Martha.  Daniel BURGES, son of Samuel and Eleanor, was twice married, but left no issue, devising his farm, part of 600 acres purchased by Samuel, the pioneer in 1695, to his brother Joseph's son Daniel.Daniel BURGES, son of Joseph and Hannah (WILSON) BURGES, married 6 mo. 17, 1750, Lydia SISOM, and had eight children:  Joseph, born 3 mo. 31, 1752, married 11 mo. 8, 1780, Sarah MATSON; Rachel, born 11mo. 14, 1753, married Moses MOON; Hannah, born 12 mo. 23, 1755, married Joseph CHILD; Sarah, born 9 mo. 17, 1758, died at the age of ninety-six years; Rebecca, born 10 mo. 26, 1763, married John BURTON; Edith, born 3 mo. 15, 1766, married Joseph HEADLEY; Phebe, born 6 mo. 20, 1769, died single in 1839; Amos, born 10 mo. 11, 1772, married Sarah BOULTON, Daniel BURGES married (second) Sarah MOON and had two children; Daniel, born 10 mo. 15, 1780, married Deborah WOOD, and lived on the homestead for some years and then removed to New York state; and Elizabeth, born 11 mo. 28, 1784, died at the age of eighteen years.Joseph BURGES, eldest son of Daniel and Lydia, married Sarah MATSON, and had eight children:  Moses, born 8 mo. 17, 1781, married Ann HANCOCK; Lydia, born 8 mo. 28, 1783, and Amy, born 11 mo. 28, 1785, both died single; Daniel, born 4 mo. 30, 1787, also died single; Rachel, born 7 mo. 26, 1789, married John PRICE; John, Joseph and Aaron, died young.  Joseph BURGES married, second, Deborah BAILEY and had one child, Mary born 12 mo. 24, 1803, died young.  Moses and Ann (HANCOCK) BURGES had eight children, Joseph, Sarah, Phebe, Moses, Rebecca, Robert, Ann, and George, of whom Robert and Phebe still reside on the ancestral homestead, and are nearing the sunset of life.   Anna PRICE MOON, Elizabeth PRICE TATUM, and Mary C. PRICE, daughters of Daniel B. and Sarah (BURGES) PRICE, with their children are the only living descendants of Joseph and Sarah (MATSON) BURGESText taken from page  214 of:David, William W. H.,  A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago:  The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905]  Volume IIITranscribed April 2001 by Donna J. Kling of Pennsylvania as part of the Bucks Co., Pa., Early Family Project, www.rootsweb.com/~pabucks/bucksindex.html

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