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George BAILEY, of Lower Makefield township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, know for his zealous and useful efforts in behalf of education, was a descendant in the fifth generation from Thomas BAILEY, a native of Bristol, which was in his day one of the most important mercantile cities of England.  Thomas BAILEY came to America in 1682 and purchased land in Bucks county, Pennsylvania.  He was a bodice maker by occupation.  From him the line of descent to George BAILEY is through Thomas (2) and Mercy (LUCAS) BAILEY; Edward (3) and Ann (SATTERTHWAITE) BAILEY; and Edward (4) and Margaret (LIVEZEY) BAILEY.

            George BAILEY (5), son of Edward and Margaret (LIVEZEY) BAILEY, was born in Falls township, Bucks county, Pennsylvania, January 15, 1816.  He began his education in the common schools in the home neighborhood, and pursued what was equivalent to an academical course in the Friends’ school of Falls township.  He was of studious disposition and devoted himself to his studies so assiduously that on leaving school he was entirely capable of teaching, and he followed that occupation for several years.  During his later life he followed farming, industriously and successfully.  He never lost his interest in educational affairs, and was among the foremost in laying the foundations for the normal school system and in effecting its establishment.  In politics he was a Republican.  He married October 26, 1837, Ann, daughter of Israel and Rachel (PARSONS) BAILEY, and they died respectively April 30, 1853, and February 19, 1852.  They were the parents of seven children: 1. Peter, born April 30, 1839, died October 10, 1899; 2. Emily, born February 19, 1841.  3. Harding, December 8, 1842;  4. George W., July 12, 1845;  5.  Edward, February 17, 1848;  6. Anna Mary, August 29, 1849.  7. Isaiah, born December 5, 1851, died in infancy.

            Emily, oldest surviving child and eldest daughter of George and Ann (BAILEY) BAILEY, resides in a handsome home in Langhorne borough, near the ancestral homestead, to which she is devotedly attached on account of the tender memories and honored traditions belonging to it.  Her life has been unselfishly devoted to the welfare of others, and she is held in regard by the many in the neighborhood who have constantly been objects of her care and the recipients of her bounties-bounties bestowed so modestly and unassumingly that they go unheralded save by those grateful souls to whose comfort she has so generously contributed.  She is also sincerely beloved by the widely dispersed members of the family, who view in her an affectionate and considerate relative who by reason of her residence near the old home and her loyalty to her ancestry and kinspeople is in peculiar degree their principal and most honored representative.

            Harding, third child and oldest surviving child of George and Ann (BAILEY) BAILEY, married September 29, 1868, Lucretia M. GARRETSON, and they are the parents of five children: 1. William, born in 1870, died in infancy; 2. Luella M., born 1872; 3. Lorin H., 1876; 4. Hazel, 1886; 5. Arvine, 1891.  This family reside (sic) in Ohio.

            George W., fourth child of George and Ann (BAILEY) BAILEY, married December 31, 1868, Ruthetta BUTLER, and they are the parents of eight children: 1. John Butler, born 1870, died 1893; 2. Anna E.  born 1871; married December 24, 1901, Horace C. BALDWIN, of Whittier, California, and to them were born two children; one died in infancy, and Clifford, born March 28, 1904; 3. Laura M., born 1874; died 1891; 4. Edward H., born 1876, married Esther HARRIS, June 1, 1904; 5. Erwin G., born 1880, married Carrie HUNTINGTON, August 23, 1904; 6. William J., born 1884; 7-8. Charles F. and Chester M., twins, born 1889; Chester M. died in infancy, and Charles F. is still living.

            Edward M., fifth child of George and Ann (BAILEY) BAILEY, married Sarah Lee TAYLOR, September 12, 1888.

            Anna Mary, sixth child of George and Ann (BAILEY) BAILEY, became the wife of Charles H. CARVER, in January, 1872, and to them were born three children; 1. Anna B., 1873; married Charles T. WINDLE, and they had one child, Edward HOWELL, born 1897.  2. Rachel B., born 1876, is quite an artist, and in 1904 exhibited at the Trenton State Fair, winning seven prizes.  3. Edward L. born 1879, died 1881.




Test taken from page 503-504 of:

Davis, William W. H., A.M., History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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