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ALLEN G. MOYER belongs to one of the old and honored families of Bucks county. The name was variously spelled by the ancestors, some using the form of MEYER, while others continued the spelling used by the subject of this review and his immediate branch of the family.

His father, Christian MOYER, was born near Sumneytown, Montgomery county, about 1814. In early life he followed milling, but later engaged in merchandising at New Galena, Pennsylvania, for many years one of the enterprising representatives of commercial interests in that place. He conducted his store with good success until his death, and was also the promoter of other business enterprises which proved of direct value to the community. In 1860, he discovered the lead mines at New Galena, which were on the property owned by himself and his brother-in-law, Daniel BARNES. His political views were in accord with the principles of the Republican party, which he always supported by his ballot. He held the office of school director, and at one time was postmaster of New Galena for your (sic) years. He belonged to the Old Mennonite church, and died in that faith in 1867. His wife was Miss Barbara GODSHALK in her maidenhood, a daughter of John GODSHALK. They had eight children, one of whom was drowned in a mill race when only two years of age, while another died at the age of six years. The surviving six members of the family are: Enos, who is now connected with mining interests in British Columbia; Isaac G., a butcher, residing in Dover, New Jersey; Allen G.; Mahlon G., of North Wales, and who for the past thirty years had been in the employ of the Western Union Telegraph Company; Lydia, the wife of Samuel LEATHERMAN, of Doylestown; and Amanda, the wife of H. Erwin FRITZ, of Bedminister.

Allen G. MOYER, son of Christian MOYER, was born in New Britain township, Bucks county, August 5, 1848, and at the usual age entered the public schools, where he completed his literary education. In the school of experience, however, he has learned many valuable lessons. He clerked in his father's store until seventeen years of age, and following his father's death was employed for a year as a salesman in the store of R. J. HILLIER at Line Lexington. He afterward followed house painting and paper hanging for a number of years, and since 1884, has been engaged in butchering hogs in Hilltown and Plumstead townships. In 1888 he purchased the place which is now his home at Danboro, and has made extensive and modern improvements there. This property is an evidence of his life of business activity and energy, for he started out with little capital, and all that he has acquired has been won through his own efforts. Mr. MOYER is a leading member of the Doylestown Presbyterian church, and has been particularly active in Sunday-school work.

He wedded Miss Mary BRAND, a daughter of John and Margaret BRAND, and in 1902 was called upon to mourn the loss of his wife, who died on the 11th of December of that year. They were the parents of fifteen children, seven of whom died ere reaching the age of ten years. The others are Wannita, born January 6, 1871, and is the wife of J. P. LEATHERMAN; J. Arthur, born March 9, 1872; Purdy B., born December 27, 1873, and was ordained as a minister of the Baptist church in 1900, now occupying the pulpit of the Hepzibah Baptist church near Coatesville, in Chester county, Pennsylvania; Carey, born July 10, 1877, and is engaged in the butchering business in Danboro; Harvey K., born April 28, 1878, and is engaged in merchandising at Doylestown; Margaretta B., born February 28, 1880, now the wife of Wilson FRETZ; born June 1, 1882; and Nellie, born December 1, 1887.

Text taken from page 219, 220 of

Davis, William W. H., A. M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III

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