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This website would like to thank Mr. Leroy V. Baldwin who kindly donated his father's (Mr. N. Leroy Baldwin) book entitled: "Two Hundred Years in Shade Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania (1762-1962)", to be used as primary source material for the Shade Township pages. This book was self-published by Mr. N. Leroy Baldwin in 1964. It is not available in print - though copies may be viewed locally at the Genealogical Society library or the larger county libraries in Somerset.

About The Author

N. Leroy Baldwin was born July 7, 1895, near Mock post office in Shade Township. He is the son of the late Rollin B. and Olive (Blough) Baldwin and is married to the former Gertrude Hamer. They are the parents of Leroy V. Baldwin and the late Harold Joyce Baldwin.

He is a descendant of Casper and Rebecca (Walters) Stotler, who were probably the first permanent settlers in Shade Township. His maternal grandmother, Henrietta (Lambert) Blough, was the great-great-grandaughter of Casper and Rebecca, whose daughter Elizabeth was married to George Lambert, her great-grandfather.

He grew up on the Shade Furnace Farm of his grandparents, Noah and Henrietta Blough, and inherited the love of the great out-of-doors, where he has spent many days of his life fishing and hunting along the streams and among the hills of Shade Township. He is a veteran of World War I, a member of Company "H" 29th Engineers, serving fifteen months with the American Expeditionary Forces in Europe under the command of General John J. Pershing.

He is a graduate of California State Normal School, California, Pennsylvania. He taught in the schools of Shade Township for forty of his forty-two years' teaching career, and served fifteen years as tax collector and six years as township supervisor.

(Permission granted to reprint this biography from "200 Years in Shade Township" by N. Leroy Baldwin given by Leroy V. Baldwin c. 1996-2000.)

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