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Snyder County Courthouse

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Courthouse Annex

General Information


11 West Market Street, PO Box 217, Middleburg PA 17842-0217


(570) 837-4207


Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4 pm

Visiting Information

As parking on Market Street is limited, the researcher should park in the large free parking lot to the rear of the courthouse. The lot is accessed from Willow Alley between the rear of the corner bank and the stone sherriff's office (formerly the county prison). You enter the courthouse via the accessibility ramp on the left rear side of the building. Follow the ramp to the front of the courthouse annex building. Vending machines are found just to the inside right of the far right rear entrance. County commissioners, prothonotary, and register and recorder's offices are all on this floor.




(570) 837-4215

Record Custodian

Tax Lists for each year. Many of the tax records of Snyder County townships and communities in existence during the Northumberland (1772-1813) and Union County (1813-1855) years have been transferred to this office. However, there are some gaps in the earlier years.

Prothonotary & Clerk of Courts


(570) 837-4200

Record Custodian

Older Portion of the Snyder County Courthouse (6K)
Original Courthouse

Register and Recorder



Record Custodian

Created: 10-Dec-1998