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Delaware Grove


Delaware Grove, located in the southeast part of [Delaware] township, and north east of Big Bend, was at one time quite a prosperous village. The first store was opened in the place by James T. Black in 1834. In 1840 a post-office was established at this point, with Mr. Black as postmaster, who filled the position until 1847. This office existed up to February 5, 1886, when it was discontinued by the department. Several shops of different kinds were built and operated, and a large hotel erected. The abandonment of the canal in 1871, and the growth of newer villages along the railroad, sapped the business of Delaware Grove, and it is now only a reminiscence of its former prosperity.  

The History of Mercer County, 1888, page 521.



Landowners in and near Delaware Grove, according to the 1873 Combination Atlas for Mercer County:  W. H. Sheriff, J. Fry, W. Kimmel, Mrs. [James T.] Black, M. Wasser, L. Bower, J. Bowers, A. Blumer, G. Schaiblin, H. C. Cauffman, R. M. Carns, D. Siegfried, McGuire's heirs, and J. Baullman (or Bauflman).  The atlas also lists a blacksmith ship, U. P. Church, hotel, School House No. 1.


Landowners Map showing Delaware Grove from the 1873 Atlas


Delaware Grove

located in Delaware Township

Delaware Grove - From the Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909

Whatever happened to James T. Black - or the History of Delaware Grove from the History of Mercer County, 1877.


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