West Salem Township

The division of Salem into Salem and  West Salem townships [occurred] in 1805. West Salem contained Greene and part of Hempfield until 1844 and 1856.The same group of pioneers who located in Hempfield and about Greenville were also identified with the early settlement of West Salem township. Several members of the Klinginsmith, Keck and Loutzenhiser families selected their homes in this township. The Kecks were especially identified with the country west of the Shenango.  
William Fell was a settler of 1796. John Mossman came to this township in 1797 and about two years later a large family of that name were established here. The Mossmans have been active and prominent in each generation to the present time. On the Kinsman road, near the west line of the township, Mossmantown or West Salem postoffice was a small community that developed largely through the presence of this family. James W. Mossman was the postmaster when the postoffice was established in 1851, and the office remained in the keeping of the family during most of its existence. It was discontinued in 1875.                                            

Richard and James Melvin, natives of Ireland, were settlers in 1798,

and the family are still represented in the township. About the same time came William McClimans, a Revolutionary soldier, who after a useful life continued his name and character among many descendants. 
Joseph Morford was living in this township before the close of the century, and well known citizens still honor the name here.

A physician of the township is one of the representatives of the Brown family, established here by Richard and Andrew in 1800. Other pioneers about this time were Henry Lininger, John Speir, Adam Miller. 
In 1807 the West Salem Baptist church was organized, with a membership among some of the prominent pioneer families. About 1840 the first church was erected, near the center of the township. A grist mill had been built near the same point about 1829, and other enterprises resulted in a community center growing into a village, called Maysville. A postoffice was established there in February, 1852. It was discontinued in 1872. In recent years the name Meadows has been applied to this little settlement.   

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 174 - 175

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Transformation of West Salem Twp.
Formed in 1805
From Salem Twp.
Then divided into Greene & Hempfield Townships

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