Pine Township

Pine township was created in February, 1851, from Wolf Creek. The pine groves of this vicinity account for the name. The history of Grove City has given record to many of the pioneer events of this township. One of the first settlers of this region was John Perry, a soldier of the Revolution, who came about 1796 and bought a part of the land in the north of the township which had been previously acquired by John Sutherland, who is the first known pioneer of the township. The Perry  family are known by numerous descendants to the present time.

The old settlement of Shaw’s Mills or Slabtown, so closely associated with the history of Grove City, originated in a grist mill enterprise of James Graham, who settled there in 1798 and about 1806 built the mill.

The McDowell and Glenn families have been identified with the western part of the township since 1798. The first representatives of the Rose family were Ephraim and Jacob, who came in the fall of 1798. Alexander White, a Revolutionary soldier, established his family near the site of Grove City before the close of the eighteenth century. One of his descendants is J. G. White. Another patriot of the war for independence was William Daugherty, who settled here early in the century.

East of Grove City, at the railroad station called Reed, Thomas McCoy settled early in the century and located a large tract of land. The McCoys were identified with the milling interests of the township, and the grist and saw mill on their land became the nucleus of a little settlement long known as McCoy  town. Grandsons and other descendants of Thomas McCoy still live in the township.

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, pages 160 - 161

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