Jefferson Township

Jefferson township has existed in its present limits since April, 1850. The first settlers came about 1798. Robert McDonald and  John Mitchell are said to have settled near the east line of the township about the same time. Robert Fruit established the family of that name in this township early in the following century.                                                

Jefferson township was the seat of many minor industries. The old Clay furnace, which helped make history in the iron industry of Pennsylvania, was located on the western edge of the township. Along the course of Lackawannock creek to its junction with the Shenango at Big Bend were several mills, among them a woolen mill. The abundant forest growth and the ample water power of the river and small streams made lumbering and kindred manufactures profitable occupations.

Big Bend once aspired to be one of the largest towns of the county. It was surveyed in June, 1808, by Joseph Morrison, and during the canal days its prosperity was considerable.

Charleston was platted in 1838 by Henry Campbell. A postoffice was established, called Hill, in March, 1858, the first postmaster being Ephraim Gundy, who was likewise one of the first merchants of the place.

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 171

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