Hempfield Township

Hempfield  was formed from part of Salem and West Salem townships in May, 1856. Those who deserve mention as the pioneers of this township were men of more than ordinary enterprise, and the activities of themselves and their descendants have been a permanent influence in this and the adjoining townships of northwest Mercer county. Andrew Christy, Jacob Loutzenhiser, Joseph Keck, Daniel and Peter Klinginsmith  were the leaders of the colony which came here from Westmoreland county in 1796 and selected lands about the junction of the two branches of the Shenango. The history of Greenville honors the names of all these men. Andrew Christy was a colonel in the war of 1812. His home was located about two miles from Greenville. His brother Samuel has descendants in Greene township. By marriage to Susan Williamson, Colonel Christy connected his family with that of another noted pioneer of this region, whose career furnishes points of history for Greenville and vicinity.  

Of the families who were settled in this township at the beginning of the last century were the familiar names of Bean (a numerous family), Donaldson, Stinson, Bole, Dumars. Alexander Dumars was an Irishman, and for many years a justice of the peace of Hempfield and active in affairs.

Hempfield has no towns except Greenville. For many years the Salem Presbyterian church in the south part of the township held together in spiritual and social communion many of the leading families of this part of the county. With the dissolution of the church its adherents were scattered and affiliated with other congregations.

North of Greenville near the present [St. Paulís] Orphans Home a part of the house is still standing which was built by John Long early in the last century and which, so his descendants claim, was the first white house (painted) between Erie and Pittsburg.

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 173 - 174

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Homer Cemetery (Greenville)
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1840 & 1850 (Still a part of Salem & West Salem townships)
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Transformation of Hempfield Twp.
Formed in 1856
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