Greene Township

This township, formed from the territory of West Salem in 1844, was named for Gen. Nathaniel Greene of the Revolution. The township, outside of the borough of Jamestown, is entirely agricultural [1909].
On other pages is given an account of the Moreland centennial celebration of 1896, when the old Moreland homestead south of Jamestown was the scene of many festivities and reminiscences in commemoration of the settlement of the Moreland family here in 1796. For more than a century and a decade John Moreland and his descendants have lived honorably and usefully in this part of the county.

The Sherbondys, whose name frequently appears in the annals of Jamestown, came to this township before the close of the century, the principal members of the family bearing the names, Philip, John and Jacob.

In 1799 Samuel Rodgers came from Ireland and located on the land in the south part of the township and east of the Shenango river which has ever since been noted as the Rodgers homestead. At this writing, Robert Henry Rodgers, a son of the pioneer, is still living, at the age of ninety-two, and said to be the oldest living native of the county. 

The Moats  family was founded in the township by Christian Moats in 1798, and its members have been prominent farmers in the western part of the township and also connected with business in Jamestown for over a century.

Another family which has numerous connections in the county are the Artmans. Jacob Artman settled in this township during the first decade of the last century.

On the state line in the west part of the township is the old Betts homestead, where in the early years of the century members of the family had a distillery and later a grist mill. The oldest member of the family was a Revolutionary soldier, and the successive generations have furnished capable citizens to the township.

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 175 - 176

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Transformation of Greene Twp.
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