East Lackawannock Township

East Lackawannock was formed from Lackawannock township in August, 1849. The township is chiefly noted as an agricultural region, though at one time a blast furnace was operated within its boundaries. No towns have grown up here [1909].

Of the first settlers who came to enjoy this region, Alexander McCullough came towards the close of the eighteenth century. Thomas Gordin and Jacob Osborn and Christian Miller were also among the pioneers. George Wright arrived about 1804. The descendants of several of these still live in the township. 

Source: Twentieth Century History of Mercer County, 1909, page 166

East Lackawannock
East Lackawannock Census Records East Lackawannock
Towns & Villages
Lebanon Cemetery
Mennonite Cemetery
Miller Cemetery
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Sewell Cemetery
Unity Cemetery
1840 (was a part of Lackawannock Twp.)

Transformation of East Lackawannock
Formed in 1849
from Lackawannock  Township

Geological Survey
Township Map
1873 Atlas Township Landowners Map

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