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*Thursday Publication

16 July 1807 (Vol. 1 #1)

24 July 1807 - No paper

30 July 1807

Andrew LATCHA, died on Monday morning last, at Levil Corner

James CARSON, inkeeper, died on the day following, at Loyalsock, aged 51 years

6 Aug. 1807- No Paper

13 Aug. 1807 - No Paper

20 Aug. 1807

8 Dollar Reward – Ranaway from the subscriber, living in Newberry, on the 11th inst., an apprentice to the tanning business, named William DUNLAP. He is about 17 years of age, and took with him a number of clothes not recollected. The above reward will be given to any person who ill take up said apprentice, and bring him back to the subscriber and all reasonable charges paid by. Robert HAYES.

27 Aug. 1807- No Paper

3 Sept. 1807

Notice – Payment to the estate of George MYERS, deceased, to be paid by Oct. 1st. Mary MYERS and Andrew KERR, executors

Notice – John MOULSON and Sarah, his wife, have been discharged by Orphan’s Court of Philadelphia Co., from the executorship of Daniel WILLIAMS, the elder, deceased. Clayton EARL and Thos. MITCHELL, administrators.

Notice - All those having any demands on the estate of John MC’KINNEY, deceased, are requested to forward their accounts properly proven, on 16th Sept, inst., at the house of Sebastian SHADE, innkeeper, near the Great Island. Isaac MC’KINNEY, administrator, of Nittany Valley

Notice – Payment to the estate of Robert MONTGOMERY, deceased of Wayne Twp., Lycoming Co., to be paid by 19th inst. Jos. MONTGOMERY and W. S. MONTGOMERY, executors

Notice – Payments to the estate of Isreal PFOUTS, deceased, before first October next. Jain PFOUTS and Jas. CHATHAM, administrators

Was committed to the jail of this county on Thursday last, John WILSON, for shooting Isaiah JENNINGS on the morning of the 23rd ult., at the house of Thomas WILSON, near the mouth of Cowanisque Creek, Tioga. Mrs. JENNINGS had since expired. We have not learned the particulars of this unfortunate affair, and if we had, it would be very improper to publish them, as the whole will be brought before a court of justice.

Robert MC’ELWRATH, jailer, died in this borough, on Thursday, the 27th ult., in the 38th year of his age

10 Sept. 1807- No paper

17 Sept. 1807 - No Paper

24 Sept. 1807

Extracts From the Election Law of Pennsylvania

Mrs. Rebecca WIKOFF, died on Thursday last, in this Borough, in the 83rd year of her age

Election of 4th Reg and 102nd Reg.

1 Oct. 1807

Schoolmaster Wanted - One who is capable of teaching a Country School will meet encouragement by applying to John HANNA, Esq., Thomas REED or Francis FARGUS, Esq. near the Great Island.

Notice – Intending to leave the county of Lycoming in a very short time, the subscriber requests all persons indebted to him to discharge their respective arrearages before the 17th Oct inst., otherwise their accounts, will, indiscriminately be put into the hands of a magistrate for recovery. Wm. F. BUYERS.

40 Dollar Reward – Will be given by the subscriber, to any person who will furnish him with evidence sufficient to convict the person or persons who have cut timber on any lands belonging to John KEATING, Esq., or who shall after this time cut any on said lands, on or near the west branch of the Susquehanna river, of Sinnemahoneny creek. Robert MC’CLURE

8 Oct. 1807

Caution – This is to forward all persons from crediting my wife, Ann STRAIT, as the eloped from my bed and board without any provocation, and I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. James STRAIT, Delmar.

Notice – Payments to the estate of John BROOKS, of Lycoming Twp., deceased, requested by

Samuel TORBERT and Wm. WILSON, executors

Advertisement - To James TORBERT, You are hereby notified, that pursuant to an alias subpoena directed to you, and now in the hands of the sheriff of Lycoming county, that you be and appear before the honorable judges of the county court of Common Pleas, at a court to be held at the Court house in the borough of Williamsport in said county, the fifth Monday of November next, to answer the libel of your wife, Alice TORBERT, praying for a divorce from the bonds of matrimony. J. CUMMINGS, sheriff

Fire – The barn of Alexander SMITH, of Lycoming Township, was burnt on Thursday the 1st inst., together with a quantity of hay and grain in the bushel. We understand it took fire in consequence of a boy’s firing a gun off, the wadding of which fell in some straw near the barn. It was with much difficulty Mr. SMITH saved his grain in stacks. Thus in a few moments, property to a considerable amount was destroyed by this devouring element.

15 Oct. 1807 - No Paper

22 Oct. 1807

Notice – Payments to the estate of Robert MC’ELRATH, late of Williamsport, deceased, requested by Dec. 1st next. John CUMMINGS, admin.

29 Oct. 1807 - No Paper

5 Nov. 1807

Notice – The accounts of the administrations of James HAMPTON and of Joseph KINNEY, deceased, being filed in my office, all heirs, creditors or other persons interested, are notified to appear before the Orphans Court, on Tuesday the 1st Dec. next to make their objections, if any they have thereto. John KIDD, Reg’r Williamsport

11 Nov. 1807 - *Changes to Wednesday Evening Publication

Samuel CARVER, Esq., Representative in the Legislature of PA, from Philadelphia, died on Friday the 23rd ult.

18 Nov. 1807 - No Paper

25 Nov. 1807 - No Paper

2 Dec. 1807

John MILLER to Miss Kitty CHARLETON, both of Big-Island, Lycoming Co., on Thursday last by John HANNA, Esq.

9 Dec. 1807

Trial of John WILSON

16 Dec. 1807 - No Paper

23 Dec. 1807 - No Paper

30 Dec. 1807 - No Paper

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