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6 Jan. 1808

Notice - Payments to the estate of Isaiah STRYKER, deceased, requested by Feb. 1st next. John STRYKER, admin.

Notice - The accounts of the administrations of David KINNEY and Elihu MARVIN, deceased, being filed in my office, all heirs,

creditors or other persons interested, are notified to appear before the Orphans Court, on the 1st Feb. next to make their objections, if

any they have thereto. John KIDD, Reg'r Williamsport

13 Jan. 1808

For Sale - Land in Muncy Twp., of late Maj. William ARMSTRONG, containing 315 ½ acres, new two story log house (26 x 20) 2

rooms on a floor, about 25 acres cleared, 5 acres thereof meadow and seven in clover; number of apple and peach trees; strong never

failing spring of water near the door, convenient for carrying on the distilling business - it is a limestone soil of the first quality. Also

lot of land in Williamsport on west side of Market Street, lot #59 and in town of Northumberland, lot #293. Josh. ARMSTRONG,


Maj. Fleming MC'CORMICK, of Bald Eagle Twp., and Miss Nancy, daughter of Col. Hugh WHITE, of Pine Creek Twp., on the 29th ult.,

by Rev. Isaac GREAR

20 Jan. 1808

Yesterday, the awful sentence of death was pronounced on Edward DONNELLY, who was convicted at the last court of Oyer and

Terminer, for the murder of his wife. ("Carlisle Herald" - Jan. 8)

27 Jan. 1808

Strayed away from the premises of the subscriber, some time since last harvest, two Steer Calves, the one brown with white face,

the other red with some white on it, both marked with a slit and half crop in the right ear, whoever gives information of them so that I

may get them again shall be handsomely rewarded and reasonable charges paid by Benjamin CORSON, Muncy Twp.

Notice - Payments to the estate of Peter WIKOFF, deceased, requested by Mar. 1st next. Peter VANDERBELT.

Andrew CUMMINGS to Miss Polly MEHAFFEY, both of Lycoming Twp., on Thursday last, by William GRIER, Esq.

3 Feb. 1808

Conrad TINBROOK, of Washington Twp., to Miss Elizabeth TATE, on Tuesday the 26th ult, by John PIATT, Jun., Esq.

Henry KISTOR, of Buffalo, Northumberland Co., was tried at the Court of Oyer and Terminer at Sunbury, which commenced the 3rd

Monday in January, on an indictment charging him with having poisoned his wife. The examination of witnesses occupied from

Thursday morning until Saturday night when the court adjourned until 11 o'clock on Sunday. We learn that the jury have returned a

verdict of not guilty.

10 Feb. 1808

Stray Ram came to the plantation of subscriber, in Loyalsock Twp., some time last fall; the owner is desired to prove property, pay

charges and take him away. Michael BOWER.

17 Feb. 1808

Andrew KNIGHT, of Buffalo, Northumberland Co. to Miss Fanny GUNDY, of Lycoming Twp., on Sunday evening last, by Thomas


24 Feb. 1808

Centre Co. Statement Feb. 1807- Feb. 1808

Robert ROBINSON to Miss Kitty DAVIDSON, both of Pine Creek Twp., on Tuesday the 16th inst., by Robert HAMILTON, Esq.

2 Mar. 1808

Sewing School, Williamsport - School for Young Ladies - will open on Monday the 14th inst., and will teach reading, writing,

embroidering, tamboring, sampler work, weaving fringe and plain sewing, and will also provide every material necessary for the

accommodation of those who may thing proper to attend. Sally M'EWEN

Lycoming Co. Statement 1807

Nail Manufactory, New Market, Muncy Twp., near the Friends Meeting house. A good assortment of nails for sale, at the most

reasonable terms, for cash. Storekeepers or others, may be supplied with any quantity by applying to, Samuel CARPENTER and

Benjamin KESTER, Muncy.

16 Mar. 1808

Notice - Payments to the estate of Leonard HEYLMUN, deceased, requested by April 1st next. M. HEYLMUN, admin.

23 Mar. 1808 - No Paper

30 Mar. 1808 - No Paper

6 Apr. 1808

Notice - Payments to the estate of William DUNN, late of Pine Creek Twp., deceased, requested by April 31st. Washington DUNN,


Register Notices

13 Apr. 1808

Titles of Acts (#1-62)

20 Apr. 1808

Titles of Acts (#62-127)

Mrs. Elizabeth, consort of Thomas MC'CLINTOCK, Esq., died on Wednesday the 13th inst., at Jersey Shore, about the 26th year of

her life. Her remains were interred on the day following.

27 Apr. 1808 - No Paper

4 May 1808 - No Paper

11 May 1808

Land Sold By COMMONWEALTH - Lycoming Co. (#1-24)

18 May 1808 - No Paper

25 May 1808 - No Paper

1 June 1808 - No Paper

8 June 1808 - No Paper

15 June 1808 - No Paper

22 June 1808

Six Cent Reward - Ranaway on the 14th inst., two apprentice boys, Jacob WAGONER, about 18 years of age and Jonathan LAURINSON, between 15-16 years of

age. Whoever takes up the said apprentices, shall have the above reward or three cents for either, if brought home, but no charges paid. Geo. SHOEMAKER,


29 June 1808

Caution - Eloped from my bed and board, my wife, Susanna, without any just cause or provocation; this is therefore to forewarn all persons from trusting her on my

account, as I am determined to pay no debts of her contracting after this date. Hugh CLARK

6 July 1808 - No Paper

13 July 1808 - No Paper

20 July 1808

Matthew GRIER to Miss Nancy GRIER, both of Lycoming Twp., on Thursday last by Joseph FOLKE, Esq.

27 July 1808 - No Paper

3 Aug. 1808 - No Paper

10 Aug. 1808

Accounts of administration will be presented in Orphan's Court on 31st Aug:

William MC'MEENS, dec’d, John MC'MEENS, admin.

Abraham SWICHER, dec’d, John BORROWS, Esq., admin.

William DUNN, dec’d, Washington DUNN, exec.

William MORRISON, of Pine Creek Twp., the harvest past, cut 2933 dozen sheaves of wheat, off his own farm; of which 9

dozen of the lightest has been threshed, which produced six and a half bushels. He likewise raised on the same farm this year,

about 500 dozen sheaves of rye. This abundance was procured by the industry of Mr. MORRISON'S own family, not highly

strong-handed. Go and do thou likewise.

17 Aug. 1808

Miss Flora, daughter of Andrew KARR of near Big Island this county, died on the 15th inst., of consumption

24 Aug. 1808 - No Paper

31 Aug. 1808 - No Paper

7 Sept. 1808

A Distillery for sale in the town of Pennsborough, for terms apply to Wm. A. MARTIN, near Newberry or Thomas BROWN,


14 Sept. 1808 - No Paper

James BOAL, Esq. to Miss Nancy FREDERICK, of Muncy Creek Twp., on Thursday, evening last by Rev. BRISON

21 Sept. 1808

Notice – Payments to the estate of James MARTIN, deceased, requested by Christianna MARTIN, administratrix, by 1st

October. Martin UPDEGRAFF, Levil-Corner

28 Sept. 1808

The subscriber, will give the highest price in cash, for any quantity of deers hair, if delivered soon.

Wm. B. SMITH, Williamsport.

Samuel FAIRFIELD to Miss Delana COY, both of Tioga, on 18th inst., by Nathan NILES, Esq.

Isreal BAILY to Miss Susan HARVEY, both of Lycoming Twp., on Wednesday evening last, by William GREER, Esq.

5 Oct. 1808

William __ATE to Miss Dorothy KIESE, both of Loyalsock Twp., on Saturday last, by Joseph FOULKE, Esq. [his surname


John HOLLINGSWORTH, died on Friday, the 30th ult, in Muncy Twp.

12 Oct. 1808 - No Paper

19 Oct. 1808

Lycoming Co. Election Returns

Accident - On Sunday the 16th inst., Polly SLYGH, aged about 16, in attempting to cross the Susquehanna River in a canoe

opposite to this Borough, fell out, she was taken from the water after lying in it about half an hour, and every possible exertion

was made use of to recover her, but in vain.

Appointments by the Governor for Lycoming Co. - Justices of the Peace:

Joseph B. SHUGART, Esq. - District #2

Ira KILLBURN, Esq. - District #6

Caleb BOYER, Esq. - District #6

26 Oct. 1808

Accounts of administration will be presented in Orphan's Court on 5th Dec.:

George YOUNG, dec'd, Jacob YOUNG, admin.

Andrew POTTER, dec'd, Alexander MC'CORMICK Esq., admin.

2 Nov. 1808

Account of administration will be presented in Orphan's Court on 5th Dec.:

Joseph HUNT, dec'd, Jesse HUNT, admin.

Job MC'CARTY to Jane WALTON, both of Muncy, on Wednesday the 26th ult, at Friends Meeting

9 Nov. 1808

Cornelius WAGGONER to Miss Phebe WRATHMELL, both of Loyalsock Twp., on Monday evening, 31st ult., by Joseph

Foulke, Esq. [her surname ok]

Capt. John UHL to Miss Sarah ROBB, both of Muncy, on Thursday last, by Jacob Shoemaker, Esq.

John PARKER to Miss Fanny CLINE, both of Lycoming Twp., on Thursday last by James Stewart, Esq.

Fire - On Tuesday night, the 1st inst., was consumed the dwelling house and all the house hold property and family clothing of

Patrick CURRAN, of Loyalsock Twp. The under part of the house not being sufficiently closed, the wind had blown some

leaves under the floor to which the fire was communicated from the heart of the hearth. This is not a solitary instance of the

improvidence of suffering combustible materials to be within the power of heated hearths. Mr. CURRAN personally suffered by

the fire in rescuing one of his children from imminent destruction. The more than ordinary distress of this family has strong claims

upon the benevolence of the public. Mr. CURRAN, his wife, and four small children, in this season of the year, are exposed

without house, property, clothing or bed! The voice of pity pleads for aid.

16 Nov. 1808

Land Sale from of estate of Robert MC'ELRATH, dec'd, to be held on first Monday in Dec. next, situated in Borough of


James STEWART, Esq., to Mrs. Elizabeth KNOX, on Thursday last, by Thomas Fortler, Esq., all of Lycoming Co.

Election Results - November

23 Nov. 1808 - No Paper

30 Nov. 1808

Griffeth CARR to Miss Jane BROWN, both of Bald Eagle Twp., on Thursday last, by John HANNA, Esq.

7 Dec. 1808 - No Paper

14 Dec. 1808

Notice - Payments to the estate of Dr. Joseph G. ANDRE, late of Centre Co., dec'd, requested by 1st Jan. next. Samuel

BECK, Nittany-Valley

21 Dec. 1808 - No Paper

28 Dec. 1808 - No Paper

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