March and April 1997 Queries
Cumberland County PAGenWeb

Date: 29 Apr 1997 From: Cathie Hargreaves Searching: WELSH
John and Susannah WELSH of Peters Twp., an area of Cumberland Co. now in Franklin Co., were m. ca 1748. Their children were Margaret, Edward, James, Andrew, John, Joseph, Thomas, Susannah, and William. They were born between ca 1749 and ca 1767. An Andrew and a John WELSH, who appeared to be brothers, appeared in Grayson Co., VA in the 1790s. Would like to determine if they were sons of the above John and Susannah. Would appreciate any information on the PA family, even if negative.
Date: 29 Apr 1997 From: Gary S. Rea Searching: REA, BARBER
REA, James A. Born: 1827, Cumberland County. Died: March 31, 1894 in Marshall, MN Spouse: Lucinda Barber Children: Orvin James, Merch, Jesse, Pearl, Lulilia, Alfred A., Lela
Question: Who were James A. Rea's parents?
I am researching the following family: Robert Earley, blacksmith, born circa 1805 in Pa., lived at Southhampton, Cumberland Co.; wife Jane, born circa 1813 in Pa. or Ohio. At least 5 children: James, born c. 1838; George Edward, born Sept. 1840; Virginia, born c. 1844; Robert or Melvin, born c. 1846; Elizabeth, born circa 1849. George Edward Earley, 1840-1931, married Mary Jane Ritchie at Middle Springs Pres. Ch., 23 Oct 186-- (2?). Mary Jane Ritchie, born possibly Goshen, Indiana, or in Ohio in 1843; died 1926 in Shippensburg. She may be the Mary Jane Ritchie age 16 living with family of John Maxwell in 1860 Census; possibly Maxwell was her grandfather? George Edward and Mary Jane (Ritchie) Earley had 9 children: 1. Robert M., born July 1863, married Anna (at least 7 children: Wayne M. born Jun 1886; Mary M. , born Sep. 1888; James R. born Jun. 1890; George E. born Jan. 1892; Raymond B. born Oct. 1893; Helen R. born Aug. 1895; Rachel K. born Nov. 1897). 2. Luretta K., born Jul. 1865, md. John H. Gray; 3. Carrie J., born 1867, died 1914, never married; 4. Annie V., born Jan. 1870, md. Geo. B. Jobson; 5. Mary R., born 1872, md. David C. McCullough; 6. Edna, born 1875, md. J. Beattie Barbour; 7. John G. Earley, born Feb. 1880, md. Julia -----; 8. Charles Stewart, born Jun 1883, md. Carrie Elizabeth Hawk, born 1892; 9. Harrison M., b. Nov. 1888; md. May; died circa 1936. Family of George Edward & Mary Jane Ritchie Earley lived at Shippensburg; later family members lived in Chambersburg and other parts of Franklin County (family of Robert M. born 1863 lived at Chambersburg, for instance).
Date: 29 Apr 1997 From: Jane Nelson Searching: MCINTIRE
James MCINTIRE was living in Cumberland Co., Pa. during the late 1700s. An article, in a Westmoreland Co. history, states that James MCINTIRE of Scotland settled in Cumberland Co., Pa.. This article written about John MCINTIRE, son of Solomon, states that the children of James MCINTIRE were: Solomon, Thomas, John, Alexander and Mary. The estate records of Alexander MCINTIRE, probated in 1843 in Westmoreland Co., state that he died leaving the following brothers and sisters. Thomas MCINTIRE residing in Armstrong County, John MCINTIRE residing in Armstrong County, Solomon MCINTIRE (to whom his land was sold) living in Derry Township and Mary MCINTIRE married to Henry BILCHER (BELTCHER). I would like very much to hear from anyone researching this family. Our ancestor was James' son John who was born in 1795, married Mary ? and died in Armstrong Co. in Dec. of 1865.
Date: 29 Apr 1997 From: Lane J. Creamer Searching: CREAMER/KREMER/CRAMER/KRAMER
Kramer. Please Help if you can on dates and further information. If I can help anyone with the lineage from Johannes Kremer down, I will. As the Creamer name traces down there is alot of Mineharts and Zullingers.
Johannes Kremer married to Susan (late 1700's?)
ch: John, Samuel, *Solomon, Daniel, Susanna
..Solomon Creamer married Catherine Grove John, Joseph, Susan, Maria, Catharine, Solomon,
..*George, Levi, Samuel
...George Creamer married Elizabeth Greenawalt Sarah, *Samuel, George, Naomi, John, Anna, Harry, Ida
....Samuel Wilson Creamer married Emma Shank Wilson G., Denton B., *Victor Samuel (26JUL1883, Chambersburg, PA)
....Annie M., Irvin, Harry, Lloyd G., Ruth, Grace, Blaine
.....Victor Samuel Creamer married Mary Hammel then Louise Pflaume
.....children: Victor Samuel Creamer, jr. (mother was Louise Pflaume)
.....Florence Louise Creamer (mother was Louise Pflaume)
Date: 25 Apr 1997 From: S.E.Watts Searching: BLAIR, SHOAF
BLAIR, James married Sarah Shoaf 30 Dec. 1824 Shippensburg, Cumberland County. Known sons, James Turner Blair and William Hooper Blair. I am looking for information on parents of James and Sarah, siblings, children, birth dates, death dates etc.
Date: 25 Apr 1997 From: Bruce Mackey Searching: MACKEY
I am looking for the parents of Stephen MACKEY. He was born in 1742. He lived in Cumberland/Franklin counties from at least 1760 to 1783. He died in 1818 in Fayette county.
Date: 24 Apr 1997 From: Jim Crum Searching: NAZOR
Seeking information on Samuel and Catherine NAZOR of Southampton Twp., Cumberland Co. Their daughter,Susanna NAZOR,was born 2 Nov 1830. This family migrated to Richland Co., Ohio in 1831
Date: 24 Apr 1997 From: Kathy Zagorac Searching: ARMSTRONG, LYON
John ARMSTRONG born between 1717-25 in Brookborough Parish, County Fermanagh, Ireland. He died March 8, 1795 in Carlisle. He married Rebecca LYON who was the daughter of William LYON. I am very interested in hearing from someone who has knowledge of Rebecca LYON'S family. Thank you.
Date: 22 Apr 1997 From: Marcie Van Deren Searching: VAN DEREN/VANDEREN/VANDERAN
I am searching for additional information on John VAN DEREN III, wife Margaret ??, had 2 sons christened at Carlisle 1st Evan. Lutheran Church in 1840 and 1842. I know nothing more about them. Also, Susan VAN DEREN and children and possible brother in law, Adam, appear in the 1850 Antrim Twp. Census. I do not know if these two families are from the same branch. There are 3 main branches of VAN DERENs. I would like to know if there are any descendents of these persons and whatever vital statistics exist. Thank you.
Date: 22 Apr 1997 From: James Turner Searching: KAUFFMAN, RUPP
KAUFFMAN, Susan Elizabeth, b.8/14/1844, m. John S. RUPP in 1864 in Cumberland Co., d.9/24/1902 and buried in St. John's (Peace Church) Cemetery. Looking for parents and place of birth. Have lots of info. on RUPP family.
Date: 22 Apr 1997 From: John Meredith Searching: STAHL/STALL
Searching for information on Henry Stahl (or Stall) who lived in Antrim township, Cumberland Co (Franklin County, today) from at least 1765 until his death in 1790. I have been reasonable successful at tracing his children, but know nothing about his date of arrival in this country or his parents. Second hand information suggests he was born in about 1719. He was definitely of German extraction, but I don't know whether he immigrated or was the child of earlier arrivals. Any help appreciated.
Date: 22 Apr 1997 From: Wilma Diesen Searching: BRADFORD, McINTIRE, ROBB
My ancestor James McINTIRE, b ca 1760, probably in Cumberland Co, was m. 1st to a woman named Sarah. Her surname is unknown to me at this time although one published source lists it as BRADFORD. James and Sarah went to Fleming Co KY by Dec 1798. James was the son of James McINTIRE Sr, and both served as privates in the militia, Eighth Batallion, 6th class, in service January 1778. James Sr apparently had a number of sons who served in the PA militia during the war. James Sr was the son of Andrew McIntire, listed in the will written 24 Feb 1761, pro 4 Mar 1761 in Cumberland Co. Andrew's wife was named Martha, possibly ROBB. Andrew lived in Carlisle and owned an inn there as well as a lot in Yorktown. Their other children were Jennet, Thomas and John. I would be interested in sharing information on the McINTIRE family. I particularly would like marriage information for James Jr, James Sr and Andrew.
Date: 18 Apr 1997 From: A. Douglas Mathews Searching: LEE, MATHEWS
Searching for addition information on.. George MATHEWS and family of Hamilton Twp. (formerly Cumberland Co) George died In Hamilton ca 1799. The estate in Orphans' Court in 1799. He was a Captain in the Rev. War under Col. Joseph Armstrong Fifth Batt. 1776-77. His wife was Isabella LEE her will was Dated and probated in 1801.
Date: 18 Apr 1997 From: Bill Scroggins Searching: HAYES, SMITH
SMITH, Adam, b. bef. 1745 married Mary Catherine (Catreen), dau. George HAYES (HAYSE, HAWSE, HAUSE, HOSS, HORSE); owned land Bedford (formerly Cumberland) Co (1768-60- 70 tax lists); migrated to Jefferson Co. KY c. 1786; need parents, siblings.
Date: 18 Apr 1997 From: Richard Kelanic Searching: JOHNSTON, McDOWELL, SMITH
Looking for info on Major John JOHNSTON (1748-1826) of Antrim Twp.,Franklin (formerly Cumberland) Co. First wife: Rebecca SMITH ,died Apr. 12,1780. Second wife: Annabella McDOWELL. Johnston moved to Indianna Co., where he died. The slab at the grave site near Saltsburg is presently covered over with 6-8 ft. of mining landfill. Surnames linked to the line are: BOGGS, BUCHANAN,DUNLAP,EARP, EMEL,KELLY,KIRKPATRICK,LAIRD,MILLER,RAMSEY,and WORK.
Date: 18 Apr 1997 From: Ken Storm Searching: GINGER, RIDDLE?
Searching For: GINGER,Ludowick b:abt 1740 Middleton d:25 Nov 1811 VA Wife: (?) Anne Riddle Children:Henry,Catherine,Peggy,Samuel,John and Daniel Ludowick found in Tax Lists for years:1763,1764,1765,1769,1770 Ludowick found in Inhabitants List 1778 Ludowick found in 1800 Census Would like to find parents and sibling information.
Date: 18 Apr 1997 From: Richard S. Heckman Searching: HECKMAN, SHOVER
Looking for any information on any member of Heckman families in the Cumberland and Franklin (former Cumberland) counties. Am building a large database of ALL early German Heckman families in Pennsylvania. Descendants have spread across the US. Of particular interest is Philip Heckman who married Susanna Barrick Shover and lived in Cumberland County, as well as any information on descendants of Albrecht Heckman who lived in Guildford Twp., Franklin County (formerly Cumberland).
Date: 18 Apr 1997 From: Carol Searching: CALVERT, ROUSH
I am looking for information on Henry ROUSH and his wife Catherine CALVERT. Catherine was born March 1803, do not know Henry's birthdate. They lived in Cumberland Co. and two of their 5 children were born there: Elizabeth ROUSH born about 1833 and Benjamin Franklin ROUSH born 1-18-1836 in Cumberland Co., PA. Their other children were: Thomas J. (b. 8-29-1842 Richland Co., OH), Catherine J. (b. abt 1844 OH) and George W. (b. 7-4-1839 Hichland Co., OH). They moved from Cumberland Co. to Richland Co. Ohio sometime between Jan. 1836 and July 1839. Does anyone know who the parents of Henry ROUSH or Catherine CALVERT were?? Any information would be appreciated.
Date: 11 Apr 1997 From: John Reichert, Jr Searching: SMITH
Looking for information about Simon SMITH, b. Sept. 1777, d. Jan 6,1851. Lived in Carlisle and was a blacksmith. He wifes name was Nancy ( ? ). Simon is buried in the " old graveyard " next to Molly Pitcher in Carlisle. Simon had a son named Simon, b. Dec.16,1821 ; d.Mar. 11,1901, who married Elizabeth Weirich, b. Mar.18, 1821, d. Apr. 1906. Simon,Jr. was also a blacksmith in Carlisle. Any info as to Simon's parents, his wifes last name and where she is buried would be appreciated. Is Simon related to John Smith, also a blacksmith in Carlisle ? What is the connection between Simon and Mary McDonald ?
Date: 11 Apr 1997 From: Valerie Freeman Searching: LOCHBAUM/LAUGHBAUM
I am trying to locate any information on my 4 x Great Grandfather, JOSPEH LOCHBAUM (ca 1738 - ca 1815). In the family history written by my Great Grandfather in 1940 the following information is given: Arrived in North America from Germany prior to Revolution. Located near Chambersburg, Franklin Co., PA (was Cumberland at that time) He was a farmer and a schoolteacher. He became a soldier in the Revolution. Made his last will and signed it in German on 16 April 1815 at Schellsburg, Napier Township, Bedford Co, PA. One of his sons from his first marriage (wife's name unknown) was born 30 Dec 1776 in Franklin (then Cumberland) County. His 2nd wife was Catharine _________. 1) Any ideas on how I might be able to locate his war record (I have already tried the pension file at the National Archives & DAR records.) 2.) How might I obtain a copy of his will??
Date: 11 Apr 1997 From: Richard S. Boswell Searching: BOYD
Thomas Boyd first appears in the 1800 Census of Cumberland County- Juniata Twp. Living there up to 1820 when that part became Greenwood Twp., Perry Co., PA. Thomas was born 1751-1754 and is likely the father of Thomas Boyd (Jr.), who was abt 1784, some records say PA, others say PA; at least two daughters, and perhaps Benjamin Boyd who appears in Greenwood Twp., Perry Co., PA in 1820 as well. I am looking for info regarding this family, are they related to the other Boyd family in Cumberland County? Is Thomas (Sr.) a connection to Thomas Boyd who lived in Manchester Twp., York Co., PA 1755? I am also looking for descendants. They lived in Oliver, Buffalo, Greenwood Twps in Perry County, all of which were initially in Cumberland.
Date: 11 Apr 1997 From: W A Brehm Searching: BRAHM/BREHM, SENSABAUGH, MYERS
Searching: BRAHM, BREHM Henry F. BRAHM b. 1781 in PA, d.8/1/1859 in Newville, PA (buried in cemetery west of town) M. Elizabeth SENSABAUGH b. 1786 Mifflin Twp., Cumberland Co., PA d. 8/25/1851 in Newville, PA Children included: John D. BREHM b. 2/19/1815 d. 10/24/1880 in Newton Twp, Cumberland Co., PA. M. Martha MYERS b. 5/2/1820 in Frankford Twp. d.6/30/1891 Hutchinson, KS. Any information welcome. Thanks!
Date: 11 Apr 1997 From: Debbie Drescher Searching: HOOVER, KELLY
Seeking anyone that might be working on the KELLY family. I'm taking to find the parents of Christopher KELLY born 16 Sept 1833 in Carlisle, Cumberland Co. PA. His wife was Anna Mariah HOOVER, they were married 27 Nov 1855. Christopher, sometimes listed as (Christian?) was one of 13 children and his father Henry operated a Flouring Mill. Christopher died 30 July 1902 in Monroe Co. IN. This info came from his obituary. He and his wife were in Monroe Co. IN by 1860, I can not find him before that. Are there any descendants of Christopher's brothers or sisters still in Cumberland Co, PA today? I'd love to make contact with you.
Date: 9 Apr 1997 From: Jack Reichert Searching: BRYAN, ENCK
Looking for any information about Mary Jane BRYAN who married Levi ENCK 2 Nov. 1869 in Mechanicsburg, Pa. by Rev. John Ault. Mary Jane died 17 Sept.,1890. They lived in Churchtown and had 4 children; Norman, Ora, Quinn and Chalmer. I believe mary jane's father was a James BRYAN ( Brian ?) and this BRYAN family is somehow related to William Jennings BRYAN. Any info on the BRYAN family would be appreciated. Have info on the ENCK family and would be glad to share.
Date: 9 Apr 1997 From: Don Barree Searching: STROUGHT
I have nothing to go on except this reference in the family bible "STROUGHT, Henry Harrison born June 30, 1841 in Cumberland Co., Pa." I would appreciate any information ie. names of parents, town of residence, etc. Also, family's oral history says he served in the Civil War.
Date: 4 Apr 1997 From: Bonnie DesEnfants Searching: HOLMES, JACQUES
I am searching for descendants of John and Elizabeth Jacques HOLMES. John and Elizabeth were both born about 1710 in Ireland and married in 1732. John served as Justice of the Peace in Cumberland Co PA in 1777. My husband descends from their son John who was born 1738 and married Margaret ? in 1770. He served in Cumberland Co. Militia. Who was Margaret and who were their children. They had one son Peter who married Mary Croft. Any information on this HOLMES family would be aprreciated.
Date: 4 Apr 1997 From: Gary B. Swanson Searching: FUNK, NEWSWANGER
I'm looking for whatever information is available regarding my third great-grandparents, Martin FUNK (b. 1818 in Pa.; m. 1843 Anna NEWSWANGER). According to U.S. census, they lived in Lower Allen in 1850; Shiremanstown in 1860. Later migrated to York County, Neb.
Date: 4 Apr 1997 From: Donna Glant Terrian Searching: GREENSPRING, NEWTON TWP.
Greenspring, Cumberland Co., Newton Twp.,PA. Is there any info. available on this very small town west of Carlisle? My g.grandparents are buried at the Greenspring Church of God Cemetery Wish I could find someone who could go to this cemetery for me. Are church cemetery records available?
Date: 4 Apr 1997 From: Andrew Sailor Searching: SAILOR / SAILER/ SAYLOR
Seeking parents or ancestors of Levi SAILOR , born May 6th, 1827 in Cumberland county. Married to Rachel Zeigler in Feb. 1849. Eldest child, John Hirum Sailor, born 1850 - Boiling Springs. Levi Sailor listed in 1850 fed. census as residing in South Middleton Twsp. Levi Sailor family moved to the state of Indiana in 1855. In addition, I would welcome any Cumberland county information on the surname of SAILOR / SAILER/ SAYLOR.
Date: 31 Mar 1997 From: Carl Barnt Searching: BARNT/BRAND/BARND
I am researching the Barnt family, my main focus at this time is Henry (John) Barnt he was born 1795, it would have been in Cumberland County as Perry County was not formed yet. I would appreciate any info you have. I don't know his parents or siblings. Some say the name may have been spelled - Brand, Barnd.
Date: 31 Mar 1997 From: Rosalind Ashmun Searching: LAMB
LAMB, James, born 1748 Cumberland Co. resided in what is now Perry County. Lived there until 1793 when he sold his farm to Max Haines. This property was located in Tyrone Twp. Does anyone know what his wife's maiden name was? She is only listed as Ann in the Cumberland Co. Deed. James and Ann had at least 8 children, mostly girls. I only have the names of two children, Margaret and James. James moved to Kentucky after selling his property. Can anyone help me with this genealogy? I have been working on this line for fifteen years.
Date: 31 Mar 1997 From: Jane Ohlund Searching: REED , NAYLOR, ZIEGLER
I'm searching for connections to DAVID REED, born 11 Mar 1811, Plainfield, West Pennsborough TWP,married 6 Dec 1831 to ANNA NAYLOR, b 25 Feb 1811 to GEORGE AND NANCY NAYLOR. Their children: Mary, Sarah Elizabeth, Wilson Naylor, Rebecca, David Underwood Reed, George Martin and Samuel A. born from 1833 to 1847. They moved to Rock Island, IL in 1849. David's sister, LYDIA REED, married ADAM ZIEGLER 26 Apr 1836.
Date: 23 Mar 1997 From: Jim Crum Searching: CREUTZER , WEISER
Seeking information on the parents and ancestors of William WEISER, (6 Aug 1784-14 Apr 1849) married 6 Jul 1807, Barbara CREUTZER (30 Jul 1774-Jul 1844) They lived near Harrisburg, in Cumberland Co. for some years then relocated to Shelby, Ohio.
Date: 23 Mar 1997 From: Jerry L. Sanner Searching: BLACK, FULWILER, MAHON
John FULWILER was b. in Cumberland co., Pennsylvania in 1810, the son of Abraham FULWILER who was also a native of Pennsylvania, of German ancestry and Mary BLACK who was the dau. of James BLACK whose family originated in Scotland. Both of the parents died in Pennsylvania. Abraham having a say in the dividing of Perry Co with Cumberland. John m. Mary (Nancy) MAHON the dau. of David MAHON, also of Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania. Interested in connection to any of these names in Cumberland Co., PA
Date: 23 Mar 1997 From: Jim Gardner Searching: GAR(D)NER
Need parents, birthplace, and maiden name of wife of John GARDNER (GARNER), born 1787, died 1864 in Franklin County, Pa. Parents possibly born in Cumberland County. Wife Elizabeth ??; children David, William, John, Rebecca HISSONG, Elizabeth SCULLY. David married Francenia POOLE; William married Mary SCOTT. relationship.
Date: 23 Mar 1997 From: Michael Fisher Searching: FISHER, LEGER
I am searching for the ancestors of Conrad Fisher and Catherine Leger. They lived in Cumberland/Franklin Co. in 1700's - 1800's.Conrad b.C.1745 in Germany or PA. d. 1792. Will Probated 1/5/1793. After his marriage to Catherine Leger he purchased the Plantation "Pleasant" from Francis Urie on 3 june 1773. They resided on the Plantation in Antrim Township, Cumberland/Franklin Co. They had seven children. Elizabeth, Catherine, John, Martha, Mary, Samuel, and Jacob. My ancestor, Samuel, migrated to Louisiana where he married Mary Ann Rule from Berks Co. PA. I am most interested in information on the origins of Conrad Fisher and Catherine Leger as well as information on the sibs of Samuel. Ther was a Frederick Fisher living in Quincy Twnshp, Franklin Co. PA in this same time period. I believe he was a brother to Conrad, but I have no proof of this relationship.
Date: 23 Mar 1997 From: Jim Blain Searching: McCREA, ALLISON
Researching the family of Robert McCREA, who lived in Antrim Township, then Cumberland Co., now Franklin Co. Robert married Agnes "Nancy" ALLISON, b. 1743, dau. of William and Catharine CRAIG ALLISON. William died in Antrim in the late 1770s. Robert and his family moved to Fairfax Co., VA in 1773, and to Wilkes Co., GA in the 1790s. In Georgia, Robert used the spelling McRAE. I believe he was a brother of Samuel McCrea/McCrea of Antrim; some think he was a son.
Date: 20 Mar 1997 From: Sara Searching: NOSE/KNOSE/NOES
I'm looking for parents of George NOSE/KNOSE/NOES born ca.1776 died 1843 Hamilton co. Ohio. He was in Fayette Co., Pa in 1800-1820 His family came to Ohio 1820-1830. In 1800 census shows Adam NOSE in Fayette Co., Pa In 1790 census Adam was in Cumberland Co., PA. Could Adam be George's father?
Date: 20 Mar 1997 From: J G Cook Searching: GREASER/GREIZER/KREITZER
In the 1850 census Andrew GREASER, his new wife Sarah, and five children (assumed to be with a previous wife) were in East Pennsboro Twp, Cumberland County. Andrew reported he was born in Germany, all the children born in PA. Andrew at the time was reported to be 36, and oldest child 18. Which means Andrew would have emmigrated between 1814 and 1832. We assume the name when he left Germany was not GREASER but perhaps GREIZER, KREITZER, ???. Can anyone tell us anything about this family...or the handful of GREASERs that were in PA at that time? Or perhaps find Andrew on a passenger list? Thanks.
Date: 20 Mar 1997 From: Jack Martin Searching: MARTIN, KEATLEY, WAGGONER
Looking for info concerning John and Daniel Martin, and Susannah Waggoner. John was b. abt 1780 in Cumberland County PA. Father was Daniel, mother was Mary Keatley. He md. Susannah Waggoner, daughter of Adam Waggoner, b. abt 1780 on 3 Nov 1802. Daniel was b. abt 1758, md. Mary Keatley. They migrated from Cumberland County PA to VA around 1798.
Date: 18 Mar 1997 From: Carol Brockfield Searching: DUNKLE
Does anyone connect to the DUNKLE family in Franklin Co PA? This family probably emigrated from the Rheinland-Pfalz (Palatinate) of Germany to Philadelphia in the early 1700's, settling in Cumberland Co. by 1750. In 1800 Jacob DUNKLE and sons Jacob, Michael, Henry, John, Peter, George and Daniel were living in Metal and Letterkenny Twps. They were wagonmakers and gunsmiths. One of the sons had a daughter Rebecca b. abt. 1820 who married George FOREMAN in Upper Strasburg. I need proof of Rebecca's parentage. Will be happy to share info about this family!
Date: 15 Mar 1997 From: Bill LaBach Searching: THOMPSON
Seeking information concerning the wife and children of Brig. Gen. William Thompson of the Continental Army. He died in Carlisle, PA Sept. 3, 1781.
Date: 15 Mar 1997 From: GEOMAR Searching: AIKENS/EAKINS
Need info on Gabriel AIKENS/EAKINS born Cumberland Co. PA 1759 served in Rev. War from Washington Co. PA July 1778. Following Rev. War settled in present day Brown Co. Ohio, Died in 1836. Only known relative was a John PREBLE, a nephew named in his will. Seek spouse and children.
Date: 15 Mar 1997 From: Gene Scrimpsher Searching: KINSLOE, ELLIOTT
KINSLOE, Jacob 1790-1810 Census Newton Twp. Patrick 1790 Census I'm searching for the parents of Nancy Ross Kinsloe who married George Elliott 22 Nov. 1817. any information about the Kinsloe family.
Date: 15 Mar 1997 From: Andrew McCullough Searching: McCULLOUGH
I am looking for info on Canada McCullough b1770 in what is now Greene Co, but wasn't in 1770. I am looking for his parents names, places of birth, and dates of birth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Date: 15 Mar 1997 From: Leonard McCown Searching: BLACK
Robert BLACK, b. abt 1700, d. bef 11 Sep 1750 Peters Township, then Lancaster Co., Pa.; mar. Ann - -?--, bef 1719, Chester Co., Pa. Family in part cut off in Cumberland Co. Eight children: Jane, Martha, James, Thomas, Elizabeth, Robert Jr., Rev. John, and Ann Jr. Invite correspondence with descendants.
Date: 10 Mar 1997 From: Lenella Rhodes Searching: BAKER, FOGELSONGER
My husband's grandmother was Anna Salome Baker b. Aug. 14, 1870( Perry Co.) she married John Lee Fogelsonger b. July 1869 Shippensburg. They had 9 childern all born in Shippensburg. They were: Leroy; Hubert; Mary Jane b. Jan. 5, 1901; Robert b. Jul.8, 1908; Alda b. Jul. 15,1900 m. ? Neff; John b. Nov. 22, 1905; Dorothy Marie b. Mar. 29, 1903; Donald b. Apr. 10, 1904; and Sarah (Sally). John's parents were John Rotz Fogelsanger and Jennie Snoke. they are descendants of David Fogelsanger who's property the Ridge Chruch (German Brethren) was built on. If any one has any information about any members of this family, I'd be really interested. I'd especially like to find out who Anna's parents are and about any of the kids. I have the Vogeldanger/Fogelsanger/songer/singer line back to Beggingen, Switzerland. I am trying to fill out thier history and family lines to date.
Date: 10 Mar 1997 From: Bill Kennedy Searching: KENNEDY
I am trying to find the father of John Kennedy and wife Elizabeth. I think that John is decended from Archibald and Thomas Kennedy of S. Middleton Twp but the missing link is his father and grandfather. I think I have all the correct names but I can't put them in order with the info that I have. John had five sons: Levi, David, Henry, William, and Samuel A. (my ggrandfather). Thank You
Date: 8 Mar 1997 From: John W. Irwin Searching: MOLTZ, SIPE, SHOOP
I am searching for information regarding my ancestors Tobias MOLTZ and his wife Sarah SIPE MOLTZ who lived near Carlisle, Cumberland county. Tobias died Jan. 7, 1894 and Sarah died in 1852. I barely remember their daughter, my GGM, Angeline MOLTZ (1848-1936). Angeline married my GGF, George Washington SHOOP. George and Angeline later moved to Middle Paxton twp., Dauphin County.
Date: 8 Mar 1997 From: Robert Harris Searching: NATCHER
Have William and Emiline in the 1850 census and a real load of material on the family since that date. Little or no hard evidence before 1850. I will share information on this and GENSLER family of Tyrone Twp Cumberland later Perry County.
Date: 8 Mar 1997 From: Teri Gregg Searching: POWERS
I am seeking information on the parents and family of HENRY FULTON POWERS, b. 1814 in Middletown, CT. The family moved to Hoaguestown, PA (unable to locate on map) in 1816. He enlisted in the 1st Dragoons at Carlisle, PA in 1845, and served the Mexican War.
Date: 6 Mar 1997 From: Scotty Roberge Searching: BEATTY, HUSTON
James Huston married Sarah MCCULLOCH in Newville in 1814. Two of their daughters, Martha and Mary Huston, married THAYER cousins in IL. I am looking for James Huston's father, William HUSTON , who married Mary BEATTY. Does anyone have HUSTON or BEATTY information from the 1700's? Give me a ring.
Date: 6 Mar 1997 From: Frank Vanderbilt Searching: STEEL / STEELE, VANDERBELT
Searching for information on Mary STEEL / STEELE, born 18 Jun 1776. Died 28 Dec 1829. She is believed to have been born in Philidelphia. She married Cornelius VANDERBELT / VANDERBILT ( son of Cornelius and Christina Lane VANDERBELT) before 1796 and resided in Newton Twp, Cumberland Co. They are buried in the Big Spring Presbyterian Graveyard, Newville, Cumberland, PA
Date: 6 Mar 1997 From: Frank Vanderbilt Searching: KOCHENOUR, VANDERBELT
Searching for information on Catharine KOCHENOUR, born 14 Feb 1822, died 27 Jul 1880 in Kansas. Married Joshua W. VANDERBELT / VANDERBILT (son of Cornelius and Mary Steel VANDERBELT) in Cumberland County 18 Feb 1840 by Rev. Charles O. Cummins. Family lived in Newton Twp until 1850 when they moved to McLean County, IL. Moved to Kansas in 1870.
Date: 6 Mar 1997 From: Kelly Boyle Searching: THOMPSON, BING
I am looking for information on a direct ancestor named Bernard THOMPSON Sr. His wife was Sarah BING (b. MD) and a son of his was Bernard THOMPSON Jr. (b. 12/9/1788 - d. 7/7/1865). Our family records indicate that he owned a flour mill on the Brandy Wine River in Cumberland Co. They also indicate that he was a Col. who served in the Rev. and War of 1812. I am interested in any dates, parents, other children and siblings that he might have had. Thank you in advance.
Date: 4 Mar 1997 From: Joseph Amburgey, Jr Searching: HOCKLEY
Looking for Parents of Owen Hockley b Feb 1836 in Cumberland County. Moved to Greenup Co Kentucky between 1850 and 1860. Any info appreciated.
Date: 4 Mar 1997 From: Barry Hile Searching: HILE, STAHL
I am seeking info on David Barnett Hile born 3-28-1880 and died sometime in 1957. He may have been born in Shippensburg PA and is supposed to have been an orphan, who was taken in by a family on W King St in Chambersburg who lived across from the Franklin Fire Co. He married Ellen Esta Stahl and they lived in Chambersburg. Data needed in an attempt to find out who his father and mother were.
Date: 4 Mar 1997 From: Donald Searching: SHATTO, SHADE
John SHATTO was in the Rev War in PA volenteers in a Capt. Fishers Company. Early researchers say that there were papers that identified Mary SHADE as his wife. Can anyone find me a copy of these papers?
Date: 4 Mar 1997 From: Marie Hempy Searching: WILLETT/LONGSHORE
I need help on finding the background or parents of Lewis F. WILLETT. He bought a home in New Cumberland with his wife, Margaret (Longshore) in 1844. He may have been the son of John Stephenson Willett (b.7 Aug.1787 in Philadelphia, son of Esther Lewis and Capt. John S.Willett.) Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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