Telnetting to Online Library Cataloges

To save you some time, telnet URLS and facts about the listed libraries are included.
  • You must have a telnet application enabled in your system
  • Click on the name of the Library you wish to search
  • Logins and passwords (if required) are listed under the library name
  • They ARE case sensitive.
    • Enter the login when requested
    • Same for password
    • Follow instructions of the online catalog system
  • Please note and follow exit instructions

Area Libraries

Swarthmore included for obvious reason!

Results of Subject Search: Genealogy
Data as of 2 Oct 1996
  • Dickinson College 322 Entries
  • Messiah College 72 Entries
  • Shippensburg University 299 Entries
  • Army War College 204 Entries
  • Gettysburg College 162 Entries
  • Swarthmore College 2747 Entries

Dickinson College
Boyd Lee Spahr Library

Login: "remote"

Password: Not required

Messiah College
Murray Learning Resources Center

Login: "opac"

Password: "opac"

Shippensburg University
Ezra Lehman Memorial Library

Login: Not required

Password: Not required

US Army War College and
Military History Institute

Login: "cats"

Password: "cats"

Gettysburg College
Gettysburg College Library

Login: "lib"

Password: Not Required

Swarthmore College
Swarthmore, Bryn Mawr,
Haverford College Libraries

Login: "library"

Password: Not Required

If you don't have direct access to these fine facilities, you may want to search in your own area. Take this URL to a listing by state of Online Library Cataloges



Le Pac Net is an on-line Library Catalogue (Access Pennsylvania) for many of the area libraries, to include the Cumberland County public library system. You do NOT need a telnet connection to use this system. Visit ACCESS PA



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