Chapter XLI

Biographical Sketches – Plumstead



…farmer, P.O. Dyerstown, was born in Doylestown September 21, 1810.  He is a son of Robert and Ann (Fitzinger) Barclay, natives of Bucks county and of German descent.  His maternal grandfather came from Germany.  Robert Barclay served in the war of 1812, and belonged to the Bucks county rifle rangers, under Captain Magill.  He came home from service and died soon after.  He had three sons, only one of whom is living, James.  Those deceased were John and Robert.  James Barclay, Sr., left home at the age of 10 years to seek a living for himself.  He came to Dyerstown, and worked for Joseph Dyer until the death of the latter, and also lived on his farm for a few years after his marriage.  In 1860 he came into possession of the farm he now owns, and has since lived here.  He has always followed farming, and has made a great many improvements since living here.  He owns two residence properties, and has been a successful farmer.  December 19, 1833, he married Elizabeth, daughter of John and Ann (Van Forsen) Dyer, by whom he had three children:  John D., married to Ida Cooper; Annie E. D. and James, Jr., married to Clara McLean.  Mrs. Barclay died August 10, 1872.  Mr. Barclay is an old and respected citizen of Bucks county.



…treasurer of the Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit company, of Philadelphia, was born in Plumstead township, Bucks county, Pa., in December, 1815.  His parents were Samuel and Mary (Shaw) Brown, and his grandparents Josiah and Deborah (Wilson) Brown.  John S. was born and reared on a farm, receiving a common-school education, and when between 16 and 17 years of age commenced an apprenticeship in the office of the “Bucks County Intelligencer.”  In July, 1838, he began business as editor of the “Hunterdon Gazette,” at Flemington, N. J., and continued there until March, 1843.  He then bought the establishment of the “Intelligencer,” which paper he successfully conducted until March, 1855.  From 1868 to 1873 he was cashier of the Second National bank of Philadelphia, at Frankford.  On the organization of the Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit company, February 1, 1873, he took his present position.  In June, 1844, he was married to Rebecca J., daughter of Mahlon K. Taylor, of Taylorsville, Bucks county, this state.  His children are:  Edward T., Henry C. and Mary.   Mr. Brown is a member of the Episcopal church, and in politics a republican.


A.      M. COOPER, M. D.

…P.O. Point Pleasant, was born in Tinicum township, September 15, 1830, being a son of William B. and Elizabeth (Myers) Cooper, also natives of Tinicum township, and of English and German descent.  The great-great-grandfather came from Stratford-upon-Avon, in England.  The Cooper family were among the very earliest settlers of this county, and settled in Tinicum township, where they owned a large tract of land.  The male members of the family were all farmers.  The grandfather, James Cooper, father of William B., was born and reared and died in Tinicum township.  He was the father of eleven children:  Lavinia, Alfred M., Clara, Eva, Caroline and Justice, living; and Rebecca, Rachel, Jane, James B. and Newton R., deceased.  Dr. Alfred M. Cooper was reared on a farm until 19 years of age, when he began teaching school, continuing for five years, and occasionally doing farm work.  During this time, he turned his attention to medicine, and at the age of 23 years began to study under a preceptor, continuing for two years.  He graduated from Jefferson Medical college March 10, 1856, and the same year began practice at Point Pleasant.  There being a good physician within two and one half miles he commenced under difficulties, but in a few years established a good practice, which is constantly increasing.  March 21, 1861, he married Elizabeth Ridge, by whom he has three children:  William R., who is also a physician and a graduate of Jefferson Medical college; Joseph H. and Katie E. F.   Dr. Cooper is a member of the Bucks County Medical society, the State Medical society and Lehigh Valley Medical association. He has built himself a fine new residence, and is at present a very prominent physician, as he is also a prominent and influential citizen of Bucks county.



…farmer, P.O. Dublin, is a grandson of John Detweiler, who was a resident of Bedminster township, and lived on a farm which is now divided into four parts, all of which are owned by his descendants.  He died in 1826.  His wife was Barbara Myers.  Their son, Peter, was the father of Samuel.  He was born June 20, 1782, and died September 19, 1857.  He was a tailor by trade, but on his marriage received that part of the farm where Jacob now lives.  In 1816 he built the house now standing there.  He was married April 25, 1809, to Hester Leatherman, who was born July 28, 1787, and died August 14, 1851.  Both were members of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church.  Of their five children Samuel is the only survivor.  Two died young.  Elizabeth was the wife of Christian Myers, and John L. was the father of Samuel, our subject, who was born August 20, 1814.  He was married September 17, 1839, to Mary, daughter of Henry Baum.  She was born in Springfield township September 17, 1817.  Three years after his marriage his father bought his present home for him.  His children are:  Hester, wife of Henry H. Landes, of Hilltown township; Elizabeth, wife of John Miller, in Bedminster township; and Henry B., who is married to Hettie Burgey, of this township.  Like his ancestors Mr. Detweiler is a member of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church, as are all of the family.  He has been a trustee, and is one of the oldest members.  He is one of the substantial citizens of the township.



…farmer, P.O. Gardenville, was born in Plumstead township, Bucks county, November 1, 1751, and is a son of Elias and Esther (Leatherman) Fretz, natives of Plumstead township and of German descent.  John Fretz, his grandfather, resided in Plumstead township, in the old homestead where John L. now lives.  He was a farmer and drover, following the latter a greater portion of his time.  Elias Fretz was his son, and was also a farmer.  He lived and died on the farm where John L. now lives.  This farm has been in the Fretz name over one hundred years.  Elias Fretz and his wife had three children, only one of whom is living, John L.  He has always lived on the farm, and has been very successful.  October 9, 1875, he married Sophia H. Myers, daughter of John and Anna Myers.  They are the parents of three children:  Wilson, Eleanora, and Harrietta.  Mr. and Mrs. Fretz are members of the Mennonite church.



…director of Doylestown National bank, P.O. Gardenville, was born in Plumstead township, September 19, 1821, and is a son of Adam and Esther (Atherholt) Gotwals, natives of Montgomery county.  The ancestors of the Gotwals family came from Switzerland several generations back.  His mother’s family was of German descent.  Mr. Gotwals’ father was a shoemaker and also carried on farming.  He lived in Montgomery county until his marriage, when he moved to Plumstead township, where he carried on his trade.  He was supervisor of the township for about twenty years.  He and his wife are both deceased.  They were the parents of five children:  Mary, Daniel, and Esther, living; and Catherine and Sarah (deceased).  Daniel Gotwals was reared on the farm until 19 years of age, when he began teaching school, continuing this about four years, when he was married.  In 1845 he engaged in the mercantile business with his brother-in-law, Jonas Fretz, the partnership lasting five years.  From 1850 to 1853 he was in the same business at Dublin, this county, and in the spring of 1853 returned to Gardenville and went in with his former partner.  In 1865 Mr. Gotwals bought a property in Lumberville, which he traded for his present property in 1866.  He continued in the mercantile business until 1884, when he gave it up to his son, Jonas, who still conducts it.  In 1880 he bought the patent right of the perfection bed spring, of which he made a great success. He has been director of the Doylestown National bank for the past twenty-seven years, and has held a number of private offices.  February 29, 1844, he married Sarah Fretz, by whom he had nine children, three living:  Franklin, Jonas and William.  Mr. and Mrs. Gotwals are members of the Christian church.



…retired merchant, P.O. Dublin, was born in this township in 1801.  About the year 1732 two brothers, Matthew and John Greer, came from Dublin, Ireland, and located in Bucks county.  They were unmarried, and one of them was quite young. They purchased three hundred acres of land, and Matthew married Jane Savidge, by whom he had six children.  Matthew was the second child, and lived on the farm until his death.  He married, Sarah, daughter of James Snodgrass, of Bucks county.  They had six children, two of whom died when young.  James Jefferson was the second son.  His father died in 1811, when the farm was divided between four of the children, John, James Jefferson, Jane and Ann.  Our subject remained on the homestead farm until he was 27 years old.  He then married Eliza, daughter of Griffith and Mary (Matthias) Jones.  Mr. and Mrs. Greer have three sons and three daughters:  Joseph, engaged in the mercantile business at Newtown; John, on the home farm; Mary, at home; Sarah, married and living in Philadelphia; James, a lawyer in Philadelphia; and Jane Ann (Mrs. Andrews, of Washington, D. C.).  For fifty-eight years Mr. Greer has been engaged in the mercantile business, and his long continuance in that trade has made his name a familiar one throughout the county, and he is universally respected.  Mrs. Greer died in 1870.  Mr. Greer is now 86 years old, and has but recently given up business.  He was president of the Doylestown and Dublin turnpike, but soon resigned that position.  He has always been a member of the Presbyterian church, and politically he is a stanch democrat.



…farmer, P.O. Plumsteadville, is a grandson of Jacob Gross, who came from Germany in 1763.  He first located at Skipback, Montgomery county, afterward went to Germantown, and from there came to Bedminster township, where he died December 12, 1810, aged 67.  While in Bedminster he was ordained minister of the old Deep Run Mennonite church, and was afterward elected a bishop of that denomination.  He often preached in other churches, never took pay for his services, and was highly esteemed.  His wife, Mary, died February 10, 1816, aged 63. Their son, Christian, father of Isaac, was born in Germantown, December 24, 1776, and died July 22, 1865.  After his marriage he removed to Plumstead, and a year or two later bought the farm where Isaac now lives, and died there.  He also was a minister of the Mennonite church, and was highly respected.  He was married, April 26, 1803, to Barbara Wismer, who was born April 9, 1798, and died February 10, 1816.  Their children were:  Abraham and Christian, who are deceased; Jacob, who formerly lived in New Britain, and is now living retired on the home farm; Mary, widow of Abraham Leatherman, living in Ohio; John, in this township; and Isaac, who was born July 18, 1821, on the place which has been his lifelong home.  When 25 years old he began working the home farm on shares, and on his father’s death inherited it.  He has been twice married; first, January 15, 1852, to Deborah, daughter of Samuel Wismer, of this township, who was born September 2, 1821, and died December 15, 1874.  She had eight children:  David, Barbara, Tobias and John, deceased; Samuel, who lives with his father; Sarah, wife of Harvey Gehman, of this township; Mary, wife of John H. Meyers, of Bedminster township; and Ephraim, living with his father.  October 25, 1880, Mr. Gross was married to Annie, daughter of Peter Smith.  She was born in Russia, April 17,1851.  They have two sons:  Alfred and Isaac.  Mr. Gross has been school director for nine years, and has also been assistant assessor.  He is treasurer of the Plumsteadville Dairymen’s association.  He and his wife are members of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church, of which he has been trustee.



…farmer, P.O. Plumsteadville, was born in Warren county, N. J., September 22, 1838, and is a son of John and Catherine Hagerty, natives of New Jersey. His grandfather, James Hagerty, came from Ireland, and settled in Nockamixon township.  Jacob Walters, his maternal grandfather, came from Germany and settled at the Forge, in Warren county, N. J.  John Hagerty was a shoemaker, and also farmed in New Jersey until 1852, after which he settled in Nockamison township.  He was the father of ten children:  Mary M., James, Jacob, Sarah E., Solomon W., Annie C., Sophia J., John W., Hannah M., and Preston W.   Those deceased are James, Sarah, and Solomon.  Solomon died of brain fever while serving in the late war.  Jacob Hagerty remained with his parents until he was 21 years old.  He taught school for eight months, then hired with Jacob B. Snyder, at Plumsteadville, to run his commission wagon and farm.  After remaining there for three years he rented the commission business of Mr. Snyder for one year, then went west one year, and on his return bought out the entire business of Mr. Snyder, which he carried on about ten years.  In the meantime he purchased the farm on which he now lives.  He sold the commission business to his brother, Preston W.   In 1883 he was elected county treasurer, and served three years satisfactorily.  In 1865 he married Mary, youngest daughter of Henry Landis, of New Britain, by whom he had three children:  Maggie, Clara and an infant son.  Maggie and the son are deceased.  Mr. and Mrs. Hagerty are members of the Presbyterian church.  Mr. Hagerty is and always has been a very popular and influential man.



…farmer, P.O. Plumsteadville, is a grandson of Isaac Hunsberger, a descendant of one of three brothers who came from Germany in the early part of the last century.  Isaac removed to Juniata county, where he died, his wife returning to this county with her children.  She died in Hilltown about forty-five years ago.  Their son, Abraham, was father of Enos.  He was born in this county in October, 1786, and died in Hilltown in February, 1860.  He was an industrious man, and of good repute.  His wife, Nancy Fretz, was born in Hilltown in 1795, and died in September, 1863.  They had nine children:  Susanna, Martin, Isaac, Elizabeth and John, who are deceased; and Esther, Annie and Abraham F., all living in Dublin; and Enos F., who was the youngest, and was born January 4, 1835.  On his marriage he removed to his present home, then owned by his wife’s father, but which he subsequently bought.  In this house Mrs. Hunsberger was born and has lived all her life.  She was born March 3, 1837, and is a daughter of Peter and Anna Loux.  Mr. and Mrs. Hunsberger have had five children, of whom two, Anna L. and Sarah, died young.  The others are:  Emma L., Peter L., and Harvey D., all at home.  The family are members of the Old Deep Run Mennonite church.   Mr. Hunsberger is an honest, straightforward man.  He has been school director for several years.



…retired, P.O. Danborough, was born in Bedminster township July 20, 1822, and is a son of George and Elizabeth (Kachline) Keller, natives of Bucks county, and of German descent.  Samuel Keller’s great-grandfather donated the ground where Kachline’s church is located, and where many of the Kachlines are buried; also the ground where Keller’s church now stands and where many of the Kellers are resting.  Both he and Andrew Kachline, the maternal ancestor, served in the revolution, and drew pensions.  The father of Samuel was a soldier in the war of 1812 under Captain Magill, and also drew a pension.  He was a blacksmith by trade, and lived to be nearly 95 years old.  He held several township offices.  He was the father of eight children, four living:  Catherine, Elizabeth, Samuel and Mahlon.  Those deceased were:  William, Francis, Josiah and Hannah.  Samuel was reared on a farm until 18 years of age, when he learned the carpenter’s trade, and followed that about sixteen years.  He then went to farming in Bedminster township, and served as constable for four years.  In 1861 he engaged in the mercantile business in Tinicum township, and carried it on five years, when he sold out.  In 1866 he came to Plumstead township and bought the farm which he now owns.  He was engaged quite extensively in the commission business about seven years.  He owns several good properties in Danborough. In 1874 he was elected county commissioner for one year, was re-elected, and served three years.  He was one of the commissioners at the time of the erection of the new court house, which is creditable to the commissioners then serving.  He was married January 25, 1846, to Catherine, daughter of George and Catherine (Messer) Fox.  They are the parents of seven children:  Emeline, wife of A. F. Wildonger; George, Amanda, wife of Noah Rosenberger; Oliver, Tobias, Samuel (deceased), and William.  Mr. and Mrs. Keller are members of the Lutheran church.  He is a very popular and influential citizen of the county.



…carriage, manufacturer, P.O. Plumsteadville, was born in Plumstead township July 9, 1832, and is a son of John and Dorothy (Myers) Kratz.  His great-grandfather, Philip Kratz, came from Germany and settled in Plumstead township.  The grandfather, Philip, was a farmer.  The father of Aaron had nine children, eight of whom are living.  Aaron was reared on a farm until he was 17 year old, when he learned the blacksmith’s trade.  At the age of 19 he began business for himself on a small scale, and has gradually increased his business to its present proportions.  He now does an extensive business in the manufacture of wagons, buggies, carriages, sleighs, etc., and has just completed a handsome new residence.  He was first married to Catherine Stover in 1859, and by her had one son, Lincoln.  He was married the second time to Lizzie Engles, by whom he has had two children, Anna M., deceased, and Reuben, living.  Mr. and Mrs. Kratz are members of the Presbyterian church.  Mr. Kratz is a mason, an Odd Fellow, a member ot eh American Mechanics, the Red Men, and the Knights of the Golden Eagle.



…physician and surgeon, P.O. Plumsteadville, was born in Montgomery county, near Norristown, March 23, 1836, and is a son of Aaron and Lydia (Heebner) Krause, of German descent.  The first ancestors of the family in America came from Germany at an early date and settled in Montgomery county.  Aaron Krause, father of Joel H., was a farmer.  He had eight children:  Dr. Joel H., Sarah (deceased), David H., Susanna, Isaac (deceased), Amanda, William, and Anna.  The father died in September, 1886.  Dr. Krause was reared on a farm until he was 16 years of age.  He entered the Freeland seminary, now Ursinus college, when 16 years old, where he attended two years.  He then went to Cumberland Valley institute, where he remained about two years.  He then began teaching school and taught two years in Pennsylvania and two years in Ohio.  He then began to read medicine under Dr. E. K. Beaver, of Pickaway county, Ohio, and later under Dr. A. H. Shaeffer, of Circleville, Ohio, and graduated at Sterling Medical college, Columbus, Ohio, in 1863.  He began practice in Fairfield county, Ohio, remaining there one year.  He practiced four years at Worcester, Montgomery county, the first year of this time in partnership with Dr. A. D. Markley, who was then elected to the state legislature, and sold his home and interest in the practice to Dr. Krause.  In 1868 he came to Plumsteadville, where he has since been in practice.  In 1864 he married Mary E., daughter of J. H. Sunderman, Esq., of Fairfield county, Ohio, by whom he had four children, three living:  Granville M., Thaddeus S., and Mattie C.   Mr. and Mrs. Krause are members of the Presbyterian church, of which he is an elder.  He is also a member of the Masonic order and of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  Dr. Krause has been very successful and has built up and extensive practice.



…farmer, P.O. Gardenville, was born in Plumstead township, September 18, 1832, and is a son of Joseph and Sarah (Myers) Leatherman.  The first ancestors came from Germany and settled in Bucks county at an early date.  The grandfather, Jacob Leatherman, was a farmer in Plumstead township.  His son, Joseph, was also a farmer, and passed most of his life in this township.  He was twice married, and had eleven children by his first wife:  Jacob, Christian, Mary, Sarah, Joseph, Esther, Isaac, Catherine, Elizabeth, Annie and Abraham.  By his second wife he had one child, Aaron.  Both parents are deceased.  Abraham M. was reared on a farm and remained with his parents until he was 24 years of age, when he left home, and with his brother, Joseph, bought the property where he now lives. There was a saw-mill in connection, and they run it in partnership for about three years, when Abraham bought out Joseph’s interest.  He has put up all the new buildings, which are of the latest pattern.  He was married November 1, 1862, to Emma, daughter of Jacob and Susan (Beidler) Fretz, of Bedminster township.  They are the parents of four children:  Horace, born February 1, 1864, died April 18, 1871; J. Kirk, born January 26, 1866; Harry W., born August 30, 1867; and Ersin E., born April 21, 1871.



…county commissioner, P.O. Danborough, was born in Plumstead township March 20, 1821, and is a son of Abraham and Jane (Worthington) Michener, natives of Bucks county and of English descent.  The first of the Michener family to come to this country were two cousins, who came from England at an early date and settled in Bucks county. The grandfather, George Michener, was a resident of Plumstead township and was a farmer.  The father of Comly Michener was also a farmer.  He was a prominent man during his life, holding several positions of trust.  He was the father of six children:  Cephas W. (deceased), John T., Hugh B. (deceased), Comly, Gaynor T. and Watson (deceased).  Comly was reared on a farm and has always followed farming.  He was elected county commissioner in 1884, which office expires in the fall of 1887, and has filled this position to the satisfaction of all concerned.  Comly Michener is a very prominent and influential citizen of his township, having held the position of school director for a number of years, and was also jury commissioner for three years.  In 1846 he married Mary B. Smith, by whom he has two children:  Caroline C., wife of Evan Stover, and Edmund E., married to Phoebe Ely.  Mr. and Mrs. Michener are members of the Society of Friends.



…farmer, P.O. Wismer, was born in Plumstead township August 12, 1817, and is a son of Henry and Elizabeth (Fretz) Myers, natives of Bucks county and of German descent.  The Myers family emigrated from Germany at an early date and settled near what is now called Sumneytown, in Montgomery county.  John Myers and Henry Fretz, the grandfathers of Henry F., were residents of Bedminster township and both died there.  The father of our subject was born in Bedminster and moved to Plumstead after his marriage, where he bought a farm and resided until his death, which occurred in 1848.  He was the father of eight children:  Barbara, married Abraham Nash; Annie, married William Fretz; Catharine, unmarried; William, married Elizabeth Myers; Reuben F., married Hannah High; Joseph F., married Barbara Fretz; John F., married Rachel Myers, and Henry F.  The latter was reared on the farm and in his youth learned the mason’s trade, which he followed for seven years. Since that time he has followed farming and has been quite successful.  By hard work and economy he has accumulated a large amount of real estate, being at one time the owner of three very large farms.  He was married September 19, 1845, to Anna, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Wisler) Krout.  Mr. and Mrs. Myers are the parents of seven children, five of whom are living:  Oliver, married Kate Leatherman; Susanna, wife of John K. Landis; Amanda, died at the age of eight; John, married Sarah Myers; Nathan, died at the age of 19; Lizzie, wife of Abram L. Myers, and Leidy, married to Sallie Shelly.  Mr. Myers has been school director for six years and is at present supervisor.  Mr. and Mrs. Myers as well as their children are members of the Mennonite church.  All reside in Plumstead township and are engaged in farming.



…farmer, P.O. Dyerstown, was born in Plumstead township October 17, 1859, and is a son of Daniel and Hannah (Yarnall) Rich, the latter a native of Delaware county and the former of Bucks county and of English descent.  The great-grandfather was Alexander Rich.  The grandfather, John Rich, was a farmer and resided in Plumstead township.  The father of our subject has three living children:  Deborah, Howard Y. and Rachel.  Howard Y. was reared on a farm and has always been a farmer.  In 1885 he bought the farm where he now lives, which is known as the “Green Valley farm” and is very valuable.  He is an industrious and intelligent farmer.  In 1875 he married Mary A. Stradling, by whom he has one child, Edward.  Mr. and Mrs. Rich are members of the Society of Friends.



…clothing manufacturer, P.O. Wismer, was born in the village of Seelent, near Kiel, Prussia, August 24, 1835.  He is the son of Otto and Christiana (Loranzan) Schleenz, both natives of Prussia.  Otta Schleenz was a laborer in his native country and died in 1848.  He had a family of twelve children.  At the age of 15 Christian began to learn the tailor’s trade in his native country and served an apprenticeship of five years.  He then worked at journey-work until 1860, when the country called for troops.  He was drafted October 4, 1859, and served three years and five months in company 3rd, 22nd Regulars of the Danish recruits.  He participated in all the principal battles of the service and at the close of the war got a legal discharge.  April 13, 1865, he sailed for New York, arriving there May 16, 1865.  he then went to Pottsville and remained a short time, thence to Philadelphia, where he worked at his trade until March, 1870.  He then went to Danville, Pa., and remained one year, thence to Scranton one year and then returned to Philadelphia, remaining one year.  In 1875 he came to Bucks county, bought the place where he now lives and added expensive improvements.  He carried on his trade and farming also for about four years.  He then engaged in the manufacture of clothing on a large scale and has since carried it on.  He manufactures for the city wholesale houses and employs an average of sixty hands.  He was married in Europe to Anna Hanson, by whom he had one child, Charles J.   His wife died in 1870 and is buried at Danville, Pa.  He was married again in 1874 to Mary A. Row, by whom he has one child, Harry C.   Mr. Schleenz is a member of the Masonic order.




…farmer, P.O. Wismer, was born in Bedminster township, Bucks county, July 10, 1848, and is a son of Moses and Barbara (Hockman) wismer, natives of this county and of German descent.  Moses Wismer was a farmer by occupation.  Israel H. learned the carpenter’s trade at the age of 19 years, and worked at it for seven years, after which he drove a stage for eight years.  In 1884 he bought the place where he now lives and has since lived there and followed farming.  He was elected constable in 1886, and re-elected in 1887, and still holds that office.  He was also tax collector for two terms.  In 1872 he married Mary E. Smith, by whom he had five children, four living:  Willis S., Stuart, Horace and Amos.  Mr. Wismer is a member of the American Mechanics.  He is intelligent and progressive.



…farmer and drover, P.O. Fountainville, is a grandson of Jonathan Worthington, who was a resident of Doylestown township, where he died about sixty years ago.  His son, Caphas, the father of Aaron M., was born in 1785, and died May 12, 1867.  He removed to this township over sixty years ago, settling on a farm adjoining Aaron’s.  A few years before his death he sold this farm and lived with Aaron until he died.  He was a  man of good character and reputation.  His wife was Elizabeth Hendricks.  She died Apri 23, 1844, aged 53.  Their children were:  William, living in Solebury township; Jane, widow of Thomas Dyer, living in Hartsville; Charles, who died at the age of 15 years; and Aaron M., who was born October 17, 1819, in New Britain township.  He lived with his father until his marriage, when he rented a farm for three years, and in 1848 bought the place where he now lives, which was known as the Ferguson farm, containing one hundred and forty-eight acres.  Mr. Worthington has been for nearly forty years engaged in buying and selling cattle, horses, sheep, etc.  December 5, 1840, he was married to Elizabeth, daughter of George Michener.  She was born in Plumstead township, June 15, 1821.  To this union ten children have been born:  Charles and Z. Taylor, who are farming their father’s place; William Henry, a commission agent in Dublin; Thomas D., on a farm near his birthplace; Mary Jane, wife of Anson Michener, in Buckingham township; R. Thornton, on a farm near by; Anna, married to Levi Gross, in Illinois; Isabella, wife of John G. King, of New Britain township; Cephas M., in charge of the Friends’ meeting-house and property, in this township; and Daniel Smith, who died young.  Mr. Worthington is an industrious man and has accumulated a good property, and by his upright conduct has won the esteem of all who know him.


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