Nockamixon Township Property and Tax Records 1779


Transcribed by Patricia Woodruff January 2001

Name -Acres-Horses-Cattle-Servants

George Addams-50-2-1-0
John Addams-100-2-2-0
John Bally-150-0-0-0
Abram Bennet's est.-30-0-3-0
Benjamin Bennet-50-2-1-0
Jacob Bidleman-200-3-5-0
Stophel Brill-50-2-1-0
Andrew Calf-50-2-2-0
Jane Campbell-200-1-2-0
Connard Cline-100-2-0-0
Connard Cline-100-2-0-0 [this was in the listing twice Sr. & Jr.?]
John Clinker-200-2-4-0
Connard Cole-150-3-3-0
George Cole-100-2-5-0
Jacob Cole-0-0-2-0
Joseph Cole-100-2-2-0
Phillip Cresler-150-3-3-0
Michael Crouse-100-3-4-0
Simon Deal-50-0-0-0
Frederick Everhart-140-3-6-0
Michael Fockadal-100-0-0-0
George Foor-50-2-3-0
Henry Frankenfield-100-3-3-0
Widow Frayly-300-1-3-0
Henry Frets-50-0-0-0
Gasper Freyling-40-1-3-0
Frederick Funk-50-2-3-0
John Gordon-50-1-1-0
Anthony Greesor-200-4-4-0
Jonathan Gregory-100-2-3-0
William Gregory-25-0-0-0
Nicholas Grover-200-4-6-0
Phillip Hager-100-1-2-0
Andrew Hamerstein-100-2-6-0
Robert Harvey-0-1-1-0
Nicholas Haupt-50-2-3-0
George Hoffman-35-0-1-0
Martin Hoffman-200-3-6-0
Michael Hoffman-200-3-6-0
Benjah. (Benjamin?) Holdron's est.-50-0-0-0
 Phillip Idem-50-2-2-0
Richard Iliff-200-27-0
John Illiff-120-2-7-0
Auther Irwin-50-0-0-0 (this is how it's spelled)
Daniel Jamison-130-2-5-0
Jacob Kentnor-50-1-2-0
John Kintnor's est.-50-0-1-0
Stophel Lamback-70-1-3-0
Jacob Leepeep-0-2-2-0
Solomon Leepeep, Sr.-200-1-2-0
Solomon Leepeep, Jr.-100-1-2-0
James Loughrey-84-1-2-0
Peter Lovingstien-50-2-3-0
Thomas Lyttle-130-2-5-0
John Mainy's est.-50-0-1-0
John McCammon-250-3-3-0
Edward McCarty-250-4-8-0
Alexander McElroy-0-0-2-0
George McElroy-125-1-2-0
Alexander McFarland-0-1-1-0
James McNeal-0-1-1-0
William McNeal-100-2-2-0
Lawrence Messor-200-2-4-0
Peter Michael-200-2-4-0
Godfry Miller-50-1-1-0
Peter Mills-50-2-3-0
James Morgan-200-0-0-0
Morrise Morrise-100-3-2-0
Samuel Morrison-150-2-6-0
Jacob Mosyer-60-2-3-0
Gasper Neigly-100-0-0-0
Daniel O'Daniel's est.-33-1-0-0
George Overpock-350-3-5-0
Nicholas Patterson-50-0-0-0
Lawrence Person-275-2-4-0
John Poyle-100-2-3-0
John Pursly-100-4-5-0
Henry Rapp-100-0-2-0
John Rasner-67-1-3-0
Widow Rasner-33-1-2-0
Henry Regle-0-1-1-0
George Regle-300-3-5-0
Paul Reiman-30-2-2-0
Henry Ritche-250-3-6-0
Jacob Roof-180-4-6-0
Jacob Sassaman-160-1-3-0
George Segafoose-0-1-1-0
Stophel Segafoose-140-1-4-0
Henry Shaveker-100-3-4-0
Patrick Shaw's est.-90-5-6-0
John Sheck-50-2-40-0
Michael Sheck-150-2-3-0
William Shomeker-500-3-3-0
Jacob Shoup-250-4-4-0
James Smith-33-3-0-0
Robert Smith, Sr.-0-1-3-0
Robert Smith's est.-50-0-0-0
Barnard Snyder's est.-150-3-3-0
Adam Stem-0-1-0-0
Peter Stem, Sr.-30-0-1-0
Peter Stem-0-2-3-0
Peter Stone-50-2-5-0
Christian Stover-100-0-0-0
Daniel Stover-100-2-2-0
David Stover-150-3-4-0
Thomas Stuart-0-2-4-0
Jacob Sunstein-50-2-2-0
John Tenbrook-0-2-3-0
Christian Traugher-150-4-4-0
John Triteback-50-2-2-0
Ralph Trough-100-2-2-0
Melchor Wedimire-150-3-4-0
Benjamin Williams-500-5-10-0
Widow Williams' est.-50-0-0-0
David Wilson-100-2-3-0
Samuel Wilson-100-2-4-0
Widow Wilson-0-1-2-0
Widow Wilson-150-1-1-0
John Woolfanger-130-3-3-0
Jacob Young-200-2-5-0
John Younkin-200-3-9-0




Henry Addams
Anthony Cresler
Kylion Cresler
Barnabas Duffield
Felty Hager
Connard Hoffman
Hugh Jamison
John Jamison
George Leonard
Amos Loughery
Mahlone Lott
George Michael
Lawrence Pearson
Phillip Pearson
Henry Roof
Jacob Segafoose
Peter Segafoose
Rudolph Sheveler
George Snyder
Matthias Syfert
Michael Tritaback
George Woolfanger


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