The Ohio Volunteers

79th Ohio Vol. Inf. and 149th Ohio Vol Inf.

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This group of letters to Sarah R. Eastburn were written by her Ohio Cousins and their families.

It appears that some of Sallyís motherís family relocated to the area of Ohio between Columbus and Cinncinnati. They were Estherís sister Lavina States who married James Croft and then moved to Ohio. There was Estherís brother Joseph T. States and sister Rebecca States who met their respective spouses, Carolyn Hester and William Grice, in Ohio. Also the younger generation went west. Abraham H. States, son of Estherís brother Daniel States, was followed by his brother Richard and later Robert. It is unclear whether their brother Krewson also went there.

79th Regiment, Ohio Infantry

Organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, August, 1862. Ordered to Kentucky September 3, 1862. SERVICE.-March to Frankfort, Ky., October 3-9, 1862. Occupation of Frankfort October 9, and duty there till October 26. Expedition to Lawrenceburg in pursuit of Morgan October 10-13. March to Bowling Green, Ky., October 26-November 4, thence to Scottsville and to Gallatin November 25, and duty there till December 11. Moved to South Tunnel December 11, and duty there till February 1, 1863. Duty at Gallatin till June 1. Moved to Lavergne June 1, thence to Murfreesboro, Tenn., July 2, and to Lavergne July 29. To Nashville, Tenn., August 19, and duty there till February 24, 1864. March to Wauhatchie Valley, Tenn., February 24-March 10, and duty there till May 2. Atlanta (Ga.) Campaign May 2-September 3. Demonstration on Rocky Faced Ridge May 8-11. Battle of Resaca May 14-15. Cassville May 19. Advance on Dallas May 22-25. New Hope Church May 25. Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and battles about Dallas , New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills May 25-June 5. Operations about Marietta and against Kenesaw Mountain June 10-July 2. Pine Hall June 11-14. Lost Mountain June 15-17. Golgotha or Gilgal Church June 15. Muddy Creek June 17. Noyes Creek June 19. Kolb's Farm June 22. Assault on Kenesaw June 27. Ruff's Station July 4. Chattahoochoe River July 5-17. Peach Tree Creek July 19-20. Siege of Atlanta July 22-August 25. Operations at Chattahoochie River Bridge August 26-September 2. Occupation of Atlanta September 2-November 15. March to the sea November 15-December 10. Siege of Savannah December 10-21. Campaign of the Carolinas January to April, 1865. Occupation of Robertsville, S. C., January 30. Lawtonville February 2., Averysboro, N. C., March 16. Battle of Bentonville March 19-21. Occupation of Goldsboro March 24. Advance on Raleigh April 10-14. Occupation of Raleigh April 14. Bennett's House April 26. Surrender of Johnston and his army. March to Washington, D. C., via Richmond, Va., April 29-May 20. Grand Review May 24. Mustered out June 9, 1865.

149th Regiment, Ohio Infantry National Guard

Organized at Camp Dennison, Ohio, May 8, 1864. Left State for Baltimore, Md., May 11. SERVICE.-Duty in the Defences of Baltimore, Md., and at different points on the eastern shore of Maryland till July 4. Moved to Monocacy Junction July 4. Battle of Monocacy Junction July 9. Moved to Washington D. C., July 13. Advance to Snicker's Gap, Va., July 13-20. Operations in the Shenandoah Valley July 20-August 23. Action with Moseby at Berryville August 13. Mustered out August 30, 1864.

Letter Writers:

Abraham H. States, Sr.- Sallyís 1st cousin, s/o motherís brother, Daniel States- 149thOhio

Lafayette Grice - Sallyís 1st cousin, s/o motherís sister, Rebecca States Grice- 79th Ohio

Louisa J. States - wife of Abraham H. States, Sr.

ojenne[?] - beau and army buddy of Lafe

Annamassa, M. D.1 June 18th /64

Dear Cous Sally I am tired fore I just came in from fishing it is now about 11 oíclock and we started out this morning about 3 a m Caught about a bushel of fish with the hook and lines I am well now again but have bin sick ever since I got here until within a day or tow But feel firstrate again will I have had severl letters from hom since I got back to the Co. our Ret is stationed on the eastern shore fo M O1 But there is only one Co in a place and finely not that fore our Co. is scattered all over the country it has to gard all over Susex County and are in 5 different squads

well those photographs that we ware talking about has not bin taken yet and there is no hopes of it I reckon fore the people down here hasnt got sence enough to know what a photograph is when they see one mutch less take one and the land is so poor that the people cant rase eny thing but mosquitoes and they rase themselves ore they would have a poor chance of getting rased

Well the folks is all well at home and getting along fine they told me that they got done planting

corn on the 25 of may well I had a bit a hard time to get to the Reg after I left you but succeded in getting here after a long hard march thru the sand about ankel deap in the hot sun of a rebl state all alone and through a Sesesh Contry and that of the hardest line this is the way I marched for about 50 miles and with out eny food except what I dould get from the niggers althow I could of got something from the white peopel but I was affrade to eat it for fear of being poisend as there has bin a grate meny tricks of that kind played off here but they are not quite sharp enough to catch as olde a coon as I am in sutch a trap as that we are having a good time here not mutch to do and plenty to eat and that is good there is plenty of cherryes hear and plenty of fish and oysters and crabs Well I guess that I shall have to bring this poor short letter to a close by asking you to excuse this poor riting and speling but I will try to do better in the future give my love to all inquiring friends and meep a share fore your self rite soon and direct to Co. B, 149 O. V. I. Jacksonville Sumerset Co. M D1 to Sally from Abraham States



1. The first two "M O"s look like O, which could therefore be Military Occupation. An abbreviation for Maryland would be more in keeping with Abe. The final pair is more clearly "M D". Thus it appears that the intent is a.) Annamassa, MD; b.) the eastern shore of MD; and c) Jacksonville, MD.

On the Bank of the Chattahoocha River Georgia

July the 11th /64

My Dear Cousin if is with great pleasure that I seat myself this pleasant afternoon for the purpose of trying to comply with your thrice wellcome letter witch came to hand yesterday I was very glad to hear from you once more for it had bin a long time I had got a lettter from you I had allmost come to the conclusion that you had for gotten me if you only knew how mutch pleasure it gives your Couz to receive a letter from this young relatives at home I know you would write often only think of us boys we have left out homes and friends and are now many hundred miles from home exposed to the dangers of war I have scarcely bin out of hearing of musketry and artilery for over two months you had better belive it makes us feel happy to get letters and papers from the north to send the news from their. We left Lookout vally on the 2nd day of may and have bin marching and fighting every since we have bin engaged in several hard fought battles under Hooker and have lost a great many men killed and wounded but I have bin lucky enough so far I have never bin hit yet but dont know how soon I may be we have driven the enemy over 150 miles since the campaign commenced our lines now rest on the north bank and the enemys on the south bank of the Chattahoocha River about 6 miles from Atlanta the rebs had very strong works on this bank of the river but they evacuated them night before last and crossed over I an on picket to day right on the river the enmys pickets are on the opposite side not three hundred yards distant we can talk to them all the time we agreed this morning to be friendly today and not shoot eny bath partys have kept their word so far their hasnt bin a gun fired to day we are all out running round with out our guns and equipments their has lots of them came across the river to day they stay and talk awhile the go back they say they are tired of the war and hope it will soon close they say if the privates had the say so the war would soon close we are just as friendly as old school mates to day perhaps to morrow we will fight a hard battle Hardees corps is in our front they are good fighters

Well I havent got a letter from home for some time you wished me to send you them photos I cannot get them till the campaign is over you must hury and send me yours you said the boys bin at home I hope they enjoyed them selves well. I must close write soon direct to 1st Brigade 3rd division 20 A. C. via Chattanooga I remain your affectionate

Cousin Lafe Grice

to my Cousin Sarah R. Eastburn

July 12th/64 P S I came off of picket last night I got a letter from home they are all well and hearty they was all busy with their harvesting


Camp 79th O. V. I.

Near Vinings Station, Ga.

Sept 13th 164

Cousin Sallie

Your ever willcom missive of August 21st was received yesterday and was read with great interest as you letters allways are as I have bin on duty iver since till now I have a fieu leasure moments and I hasten to comply this is sutcha plasent eavening I an sitting in my tent wrighting by candle light I am well and hearty at present and never enjoyed myself better since I have bin in the army I hope these will reach you and find you all in the enjoyment of good health for that is the greatest blessing witch we can enjoy in this earth

Your letter was read with some what greater interest this time for the reason that it had bin so long since I had received a letter from you I had almost come to the conclusion that you had taken a quere idea to quit letter wrighting I am glad to know that I was mistaken Our communication has bin cut and we hadnt received eny mail for several days till yesterday I got three letters yourís one from my dear mother1 She has been quite sick for ssome time but was a good bit better at the date of her letter witch was Sept.1st I was very glad to hear it it makes me feel quite bad when I hear that she is ill she has bin sick so mutch and she takes so mutch trouble about me since I left home and more espatially since we started on the present campaign where we have bin exposed to somutch danger and had to endure so many hardships their has bin so many of our poor boys fell this summer she is all most afraid to look at the paper for fear she will see my name in the list of casualties we have bin in a great many battles since the campaign commenced but the last and hardest battle we have had was fought on the 20th of July in Peachtree Creek by our corps you have no doubt heard all about it ere this our brigade was on the right of our division. the division on our right gave back and the enemy came very near taking us in we had to fight very hard to save our selves but we finely whiped them and sent them howling back with heavy loss our loss was allso heavy but not over one fifth what theirs was the loss of our little regt witch went in with three hundred men was 11 killed and 67 wounded they waas most all badly wounded scardely eny off them will ever be fit for service again several of them have since died the loss of our company was 2 killed and 6 wounded the loss of our company since the biginning of the campane is 6 killed 12 wounded and one died of sickness they were all good brave boys and fell in a noble cause.

My other letter was from Cousin Mary A. Hillman2 to days mail brought me two letters one from Coz Lil States3 she is well and hearty the rest of the family were well Cousin Abe4 was in libby prison the last they heard from him the other was from my Sall5 She is all right but very ancious for the war to close As am I for I begin to want to see her Well that great citty atlanta is at last ourís it was surrendered to our division on the 23rd of September but our brigade didnt get to go their we had just bin sent about nine miles to the rear to gaurd communications we are here yet and I think it is very likely that we will remin here for awhile. Plese come to another page


1. Rebecca States Grice - Lafeís mother and Sallyís motherís sister

2. Mary A. Hillman - unknown

3. Mary Elizabeth States - 1st cousin of Lafe and Sally; d/o Joseph T. States, brother of Sallyís mother

4. Abraham H. States - 1st cousin of Lafe and Sally; as distinct from Abraham H. States , Sr. who wrote to Sally; this Abe is son of Joseph T. States, brother of Sallyís mother

5. Lafe later married Salida Jones in 1865, then remarried to Sallie Carpenter; assume the former

Lafe Grice to Sally, Sept 13, 1964 Continues:

Well I was very sorry to hear of Uncle Williams1 illness but I hope he will soon be better again well I was sorry hear that your brothers2 had got so far from home but I suppose they are like all other soldiers ready and willing to go where ever duty calls them you spoke of the extreme heat in the south and so far the climate is as pleasant here as in Ohio the winters is not near so cold and when the hot weather dose come we dont feel it more than we do the change of seasons in the north.

When you write again tell me where Harrison3 is I havent heard from him for a long time I would have written to him again but couldnt find out where he was

you said that you didnt know my address it wasnt quite right but I got it all right all that was lacking was the number of the regt. it came to brigade headquarters as I happen to be well quainted the mail boy knew where I belonged Their is some talk of our corpse being transferred

to the army of the Potomac but dont think we will be. well I an still looking for that photo I have a very nice little album that isnt quite full I should like very mutch to have yourís to help fill it.

I must bring my scribblings to a close for the present write soon to your affectionate Cousin Lafayette Grice

Direct to Co. G. 79th O. V. I.

1st brigade, 3rd division, 20th A C

Atlanta Georgia


1. William Helstead - husband of Sarah States Helstead, sister of Sallyís mother

2. Joseph and Alfred Eastburn - Sallyís brothers in Pa 104th, in S. Carolina at this time.

3. Harrison Eastburn - Sallyís brother, wounded and canvalescing at hospital in Beaufort, SC

Clinton Station, Oct. 1st / 64

Miss Sally

Dear Cous

I take the presant opertunity of riting you a few lines to let you know that I am still in the land of the living and have got home Safe and Sound but I seen pretty hard times after we left the post that the Reg. was Stationed at when I rote to you we left there the 5th of July and got into a fite on the 9 and got badly whiped and had to skidadel to Baltimore a distance of 45 miles But we fought about 5 times our number all day until about half past 5 oclock in the eve and then was forced to give back there was about 5,000 of our troops and about 25000 of the rebs but we lost some of our Brave Boys the was 2 of our Co. kill that day in the fight and 5 wounded and 16 taken prisoners and poor cousin Abraham States1 was one of the unlucky ones to fall into the hands of the rebs but we have heard of him a time or to Since he has been in the hands of the Rebs and he was all rite ore would be if he was at home he was well and doing as well as could be expected under the Circumstances I had a letter part rote to send to you when we was ordered to leave the eastern Shore but didnít get to finish it until we got into the fite and then the rebs got it and I supose they finished it or at least they finished everything elce that I had fore they got my knapsack and everything that was in it but they didnít quite get me that heard [?] of fools [?] but they got me in about 3 weeks after that though they didnt hold me long they thought that I was rather to trubelsom on their hands and they let me go again but not till they had to I was recaptured by our men in about ten minutes after the rebs got me I got home on the 2nd of Sep and have bin under the wether most of the time since untill now. i am getting so I am trying to work a little but it goes tolerable hard with me after being so long without it but reckon I will have to try and get broke in again fore I havent soldiered longenough to learn to live without work yet and I will try to finish letter to day we are all well as Comnun [?] to day and are enjoying our selves at home although it is rather a gloomy spell of wether at presant it has bin cloudy and raney fore several days and hasnt eny prospect of Clearng off yet uncle Josephs2 foks is all well and aunt Rebecca3 is well also Richardís Children4 has the whooping cough the last time we heard from them that was about 2 weeks ago and roberts5 folks was well when the left my house 2 weeks ago to day to go to illanois and I reckkon they are their before now if they went rite on as I learnd was their intention and I hope they well Do well By the Change fore he has money enough to get a home out in some new country and that is the place fore a Poor man to go to get a start for land is Cheap and grane is high and I think that I shll role out for some new country before long if I keep my health and strength I had thought that I would off made you a visit this fawl but I am so situated that it impossible to Come and therefore I Shall have to postpone it till Some uther time there is but little excitement hear about the election for we feel safe and secure and the election of Lincoln is sure and the close of the war is as sure and when he is elected we will have peace on our terms and not on the rebs terms there is more excitement over the grate victories in the Shanandoah Valley then eny thing elce well those photographs that I was to send to you has not come yet I reckon for I have never sent them but will some time I hope if nothing turns up more than I know of at presant but I have bin looking for you out here all the faul but hav failed to see you my brotherinlaw Lewis Johnson6 that I spoke of when I was out their was kild at the grate battel before Atlanta Ga. before I got home but the other 2 george7 and Amos8 is Still in good health at last stock but henry that was in the reg with myself was taken sick just Before his time was out and is just getting well and he looks rather puney yet well I must close for this time by asking you to rite soon and often and I will do the same Direct to Clinton Station Clinton Co Ohio give my love to all inquiring friends and resev a portion your self this is from your ever loving Cous

A H States Sr to Sally Eastburn

good by for this time


1. Abraham States - 1st cousin to both Sally and Abe, s/o Joseph T. States, brother of Sallyís mother

2. Joseph T. States - brother of Sallyís mother and Abe, Sr.ís father, settled in Clinton Co., Ohio

3. Rebecca States Grice - Sister of Sallyís mother and Abe, Sr.ís father, settled and married in Clinton Co., Ohio

4. Richard Ambrose States - possibly, brother of Abe, Sr., location unknown

5. Robert B. States - brother of Abe, Sr., in Clinton Co. Ohio

6. Louis Johnson - brother of Louisa Johnson, Abe Sr.ís wife. family from Ky then settled in Ohio

7. George Johnson - brother of Louisa Johnson, Abe Sr.ís wife. family from Ky then settled in Ohio

8. Amos Johnson - brother of Louisa Johnson, Abe Sr.ís wife. family from Ky then settled in Ohio

Clinton Station Ohio

Apr 23rd /65

Miss Sallie Eastburn

Dear Cousin and Friend as you expressed your desire that I should write to you I embrace the present opportunity of sending you a few lines in my husbands1 letter. Though I must confess I hardly know what to write as you are a stranger and I dont feel in much of a sriting mumor this evening. we are having some cold ugly weather now the spring is quite backward and we have had a good deal of wet weather we have not got hardly any garden made yet and farmers have not got any plowing of account done yet. Uncle Josephís2 family are all well.they are not keeping house Lil3 lives with a family in Reeseville and Emily4 with aunt Rebecca5 aunt was not very well when she was up a couple of weeks ago Ben6 has got home all right he was gone almost a year he got pretty tired of prison life Alpheus7 lives with his grandmother8. Tell you Mother9 that Grand mother10 has grown to be very feeble but she is still able to read and sew a little and walk out in the kitchen to eat she suffers a great deal Abby11 does not have very good health any mor. give my love to your mother and tell her I should much like to see you all but I expect I never will unless you come west I have always thought that some time when we got able we would come to Pen. on a visit but it is the calculation now to go west this fall and if we do it will be so far that we will hardly ever make the trip. I want you to send us your photo when you write will I must close for this time give my love to all the family and write soon and tell us all the news. for we have not had a letter from the east for a good while I subscribe myself your cousin and well wisher Louisa J. States




1. Abraham H. States, Sr. - husband of Louisa Johnson States

2. Joseph T States - brother of Sallyís mother and Abrahamís father. Served as wagonmaster in 184th Ohio Inf.

3. Mary Elizabeth Statrs - Sallyís and Abrahamís first cousin d/o Joseph T. States

4. Emily States/ Abigail E. States - Sallyís and Abrahamís first cousin d/o Joseph T. States

5. Rebecca States Grice- mother of Lafayetter Grice of these letters; sister of Sallyís mother and Abrahamís father; aunt of Emily States. She died in 1867.

6. Abraham H States - 1st cousin of Abraham H. States, Sr and Sally, s/o Joseph T. States, the one in Abe, Sr.ís letter referred to as having been captured by the Confederates.

7. Alpheus States - 1st cousin of Abraham H. States, Sr and Sally, s/o Joseph T. States

8. Grandmother Hester - name unknown, this is by deduction since Josephís mother died in 1845

9. Esther States - Sallyís mother and Abraham Sr.ís aunt

10. Grandmother Hester?? - Due to context it assumed that this is the grandmother to whom referred, yet the context also implies that Sallyís mother knows her. Sallyís motherís brother married Catharine Hester in Ohio and the census lists Catharine as having been born in Ohio.

11. Abigail States??- Is this the same as Emily? Some other Abby? Grandmotherís name?

Camp 79th Ohio

Goldboro North Carolina

March 30th 165

Dear Coz I embrace the presant oppertunity of replying to your kind letter of February 15th witch came to my care March 26th I was quite happy to hear from you but very sorry indeed to learn that you had not bin enjoying good health but I hope when these comes into your care that they will find you in the enjoyment of good health for that is a great blessing i have never had mutch sicness but enough to know that it is very disagreeable to be sick

Well I have bin with Sherman on another of his raids and this one proved to be on a large scale we cut loose from all communication and from the world at large on the 1st of February depending on the porr little good for nothing state of South Carolina for subsistence but it supplied us very well I dont think soldiers could live eny better than we did coming through but it happened to be a plentiful season we struck communication at this place witch is on the welldon Railroad and Nuse river on the 24 of the present mont after nearly two months march in witch time we marched about 500 miles over rivers and swamps considered by all others except General Sherman impossable for an army to cross we destroyed a great many miles of R.Road we had but one fight coming through that was on the 16th of this month we lost 23 men in our little regt. killed and wounded I came through without a scratch. We met the 23rd 24th and 25th Corps here we got a big mail the next day after we came here I got 7 or 8 letters some of them was from home the latest was February 27th they were only in tolerable health I got Mothers photo it looks quite natural

You wished me to send you another of my photos Dear Cozz please dont ask that favor of me now for it is impossible for me to comply with your request at present we have no we have no chance of getting them taken at present nor havent had since we left Nashville we think our selves well off if general Sherman lets us stop long enough to write a few letter to the loved ones at home but the time is not far distant when if I live and keep my health I expect to be my own general then I intend paying you a visit then you can see for yourself what an ugly good for nothing cousin you have got. then if you still wish my photo you can take me to a good artist and we will have them taken to our own fancy I have only about four months at farthest to stay and some of the boys [unreadable word] to be mustered out the 1st of July if we are mustered out in the field I expect to dome that away and pay you a visit before I go home but if we have to go to Ohio to be mustered out I can not come till after I go home then I will try to persuade Mother1 to come with me I would have sent you some of my conrades photos before this time if we could have got them taken so you must excuse me for not sending them we have some very fine young men in our regt I wish you could get acquainted with some of them I expect their is some of our sick and wounded in the Philadelphia Hospital When you write again please tell me what brigade divisiion and corps Joseph2 and Alfred3 belongs to We have very fine present weather down here now the health of the troops here is excelent. I never had my health better than I have now Well I must close please write soon to Coz Lafayette give my respects to Coz Mary A. Hillman4 [killman?] tell her I am expecting a letter from her daly My respects to your mother family and all inquiring friends and relatives

Direct to 7th Brigade 3rd Division 20th A. C. Shermanís Army


1. Rebecca States Grice - sister of Sallyís mother

2. Joseph Eastburn - Sallyís brother

3. Alfred Eastburn - Sallyís brother

4. Mary A. Hillman - unknown


[Letterhead of] "United States Sanitary Commission"

Raleigh N. C. Sunday morning

Dear Cousin April 23rd /865

This pleasant morning finds me once more seated with pen in hand for the purpose of trying to comply with your ever wellcom missive of the 9th witch came to my care a few days ago I was very glad to hear from you as I allways am your letter was purused with great interesst for I was so ancious to hear from you I was glad to get your photo I think you it is a very good one but I dont think it is quite as good as the other one you sent me. I got a letter from M. A. Hillman the same day I got yours I answered it right away and was going to answer yours but just as I got herís done our company was detailed to go forageing we didnt get back till night before last and yesterday we had to go on grand review so this is the first opportunity I have

had of answering yourís I hope you will excuse me I will try to do better next time. if all reports be true I dont think I will be so far from you the next time I write it is reported that we start for the neighborhood of Washington Citty some time this week some think we will have it to march there think we will get transportation if we have it to march we will not get through for some four or five weeks.

Their is an armistis gooing on now and has bin every since we came here witch was on the 13th Consequently we have bin laying still every since and have had a very good rest so if we have to march north we are in good trim for it.

Since the armistis has bin going on I suppose they have bin treating for peace I guess they have effected it but we cant find out eny thing about it to asertainty we have had no official notice of it yet we get no late papers only what is printed here and they cont print eny thing about it I dont know what is the reason unless they want to get every thing fixed up before they let us know eny thing about it. I expect you know more about the treaties for peace their than we do at least you have a better chance for finding out than we do. we heard several days ago of the Asasination of president Lincoln we tried to disbelieve it for agood while but it has come to strait for us to doubt it eny longer I never hated to hear of eny thing so bad in my life he was sutch agood honest man I think the best president we ever had but all must die sooner or later I think Mr. Johnson will make avery good president but we as a nation can never have the confidence in him that we had in Abe Lincoln. Well you wished me to tell you witch hospittals our boys were in in Pila I dont know that they are in eny in the Citty we went them to the north and we think they are in some of the eastern hospitals we dont know where for we never herd from them

please come with me to another sheet

you said you had ayoung lady from the country boarding with you ao you thought I could enjoy myself if I would come to see you I shall certainly come to see you if I should live and keep my health witch I hope I shall I shall expect to enjoy myself in some way I have the promise of some of my comrades coming with me expecially if we are mustered out before we go to Ohio I think I can bring one or two of them with me eny way Some of our boys has friends living their they are good boys and I think you would enjoy their company very well if I can only bring them along their is a little Sarget Meyer with me that has some friends living near their he talks of going to Philad with me he is of german decent and right good looking if I am eny judge but dont think you would object to eather of theas faults if you was to get acquainted with him but I am saying to mutch for him and making to many rash promises I fear you will think he is of no account and that I will never fulfill eny of my promises. So I guess I had best close for the prestent please Write Soon Direct as before So remaining as ever your affectionate couisin

Lafayetter grice

I bid you good bye for the present


Clinton Station

Clinton Co.


June 25th 1865 [july 9]

Miss S. R. Eastburn,

Dear Cousin

I once more seat myself with pleasure to comunicate to you the few thoughts that present them selves to my mind we are all well as commen and hope these few lines may find you in good health when they reach you and in a states of grate rejoicing as there a grate time in this vissinity just now the 79 Reg O.V.I. have just got home and in it our county was pretty well represented they have bin out almost 3 years and have bin in 14 pitched battels and 43 skirmishes and have never had to give back a step and never new what it was to bee whiped they started out 900 strong and recruted between 4 and 500 fresh men during their time and returned with only 440 men they have traveled above 8000 miles on foot and about about 4000 by rail and watter and the Boys that got home look fine and harty and there is a grate time of rejoicing in these Rigens well I reseved your picture and was mutch pleased with it

July 9 Well I will try and finish this letter too day as it has bin on hand a long time Well there is not mutch news afloat hear at present nor is their mutch going on since the fourth we had a good time at Wilmington they gave a grand Diner gave by the citizens and grate oratioins By Some Distinguished men and amongst them was Col. Doan of the 79 Reg. of O.V.I. witch has bin out 3 years and has Distinguished him self as a soldier and warm friend to his men Cousin Lafeyetter grice1 is in this neighborhood at present and aunt Rabecca2 and they will bee hear after bit Sally I must tell you something that you didnt know we have the prittiest fat baby3 that you ever seen I know it is about 8 months old and it can say some words all reddy wen you rite again you must tell me how father is getting along and if you see him give my love to him I am still at pump making yet and am doing very well we are all well as comin and hoping these few lines may find you the same Direct to Clinton Station Clinton Co. O rite soon this is from your affectionate Cousin A. H. States

give my love to all

I am verry mutch oblige to you fore your foto it came safe to hand in do time and is very nice

good bye fore this time

P S Cousin S. I have just looked over Abrams lettr and I thought I must tell you any how that you must make some allowance for praise of our babe for I expect you will begin to think she must be a wonderful baby you must write soon and tell us all the news for we have not had any letter from there for a good while except yours. give my love to Aunt4 and the rest of the family. your cousin affectionately L.J. States




1. Lafayette Grice - 1st cousin of Sally and Abraham; s/o Rebecca States Grice, sister of Sallyís mother and Abrahmís father

2. Rebecca States Grice - wife of William Grice; mother of Lafayette Grice

3. babyís name unknown

4. Esther States Eastburn - mother of Sally; sister of Abrahamís father, Daniel.


Clinton Station, Ohio

Jul 31st 65

Dear Sousin Sallie

I take the opportunity of sending you a few lines in Cousin Linís1 letter. I supose that ere this letter reaches you Cousin Lafe2 will be with you and I write to make a request of you. it is this. I have a dear Brother3 who lies sleeping his last dreamless sleep somewhere in Phila. and if it is anywhere near you you would confer a kind favor on us by visiting the spot or requesting Lafe to do so and then he can tell us all about how he is buried and where he died among perfect strangers and it would be some comfort to his sorrowing friends who can never even look upon the place he lies to know that some of their freinds had visited the spot. However it may not be in your poser to do so I dont know how far it is from you I will give you directions. The chaplain wrote to us to apply to the Government Undertaker Mr Good who lives in Spruce St No 921 Phil and my brothersí name was George M. Johnson. He was wounded on the 2nd day of Apr and died on the 12 in Broad and Cherry St. Hospital he had only been there 2 days before he died. He was very young and it was very hard to give him up so but our Heavenly Father knoweth what is for the best let us put our trust in him of my e brothers who went out to our countrys aid in her hour of peril only one returned my oldest brother4 was killed at the battle of atlanta. I am sorry Abram5 did not get to see Lafe before he started. Him and Uncle jo6 went down to see him but he was gone Abram wanted to send money for his father7 to come out if he wanted to we have not got to house keeping yet but expect we will soon we are well as to commen I went to sabina yesterday and got my babes8 likeness taken it is real nice she stuck one little hand up to her mouth she is just 9 months old she is so sweet you must send her something pretty when Lafe comes back or maybe you will come yourself. I must close for I have not time to write more give my love to aunt9 and all the children10 and reserve a share for your self. afectionately your cousin L. J. States



1. Linford Eastburn - Sallyís brother; this reference is probably about a letter written to Linford, very probably written by Louisaís husband.

2.Lafayette Grice - 1st cousin of Sally and Albraham States; s/o Rebecca States Grice, sister of Sallyís mother

3.George M. Johnson

4. Louis Johnson

5. Abraham H. States, Sr. - Louisaís husband

6. Joseph T. States - bother of Sallyís mother and Abrahamís father

7. Daniel States - brother of Sallyís mother

8. daughter of Abraham and Louisa States; name unknown

9. Esther States - Sallyís mother

10. Sallyís brothers and sisters


October the 2 1865

Dear Friend

I take my pen in hand to write a fue scraches to no wat is to be don about goin to mount holly mow I tell you I want you to come up with pat laif and bul was down a Sunday morning to se if you had come up laif said he had wrote to you and you had not come nor anserd his letter and he did not no wether you would come or not he said that when he did se you he would smack your ass he said he would not come down to morrow and he wanted me to come with pat but I couldnt and I told him that I would write and you could come with Laf lay is a coming down to morrow nite to se wether you come up or not do come with him if you can and stay eny longer then thersday or Friday for we wont have half the fun if you aint a long and if you cant come sit down and write and tell me the reason I ges this is a nuf of this scribling for I amin an offle hury and my pen is very foor you told me that you would write to me when you got back home but I have never saw a scrach yet be sure and come and we will have a gay time

So good by

From youre Frieng ojenne to Sallie


[CTH - Iíve tried my best to transcribe this, but the meaning and people are confused, as am I]

November 5th /65

Dear Cousin

I have at last concluded to writ you a fiu lines in anwer to yours witch I received afew days ago I was glad to hear from you as I all ways am.

Well I expect that you all think that I have for gotten you since I came home but I can assure you that I have not but I have bin so buissy since I came home that I havent had time to write a letter I went to work the next morning after I came home and have bin very buisy since I put in a large crop of wheat then Father1 and I bought a mill and commensed the manufacture of sorgum molasses that was very confining business fater we got through with that I got in to work away from home I was makeing $3 a day I thought that was pretty good for this good for nothing western country so I did not like to loose eny time letter wrighting through the week and you know that youngsters never has eny time to write letters on Sunday but enough of that for I have bin brought to a halt in my wild career I guess I will have ample time for reflection and letter wrighting to I was working at home yesterday and after dinner I went out to split some stove wood will I got the wood split but that wasnt all for the axx or me one made a snip lick and cut an awful gash in my right foot I walked into the house but I havent walked a step since and I dont think I will soon so you see I am in a honey of a fix Here I am sitting cant move with out help this is Sunday it is all ready bin as long as two common days and isnt mutch more than half gone yet. the worst of all I was to have bin married next week and thats out of the question now for I cant even go to see my gal2 aint that to provokeing for eny thing. Well, I have bin looking for Linford3 or my shirts one or the other for some time but havent seen eather yet I havent needed the shirts yet for I have bin to buisy to use them but when you get this if Lin hasnt started or going to start in a day or two please get him or some of the rest to send the shirts by express right away for I cant work now I am going to act the gentleman if I dont get them in afieu days I will have to buy some new ones and I dont want to do that direct them the same as a letter. Give please give Cousin Mary Allice3 and Will4 my compliments and tell them that I wish them mutch hapiness give my respect to all inquiring friends and reserve a large share for yourself no more only I remain as ever your affectionate Buckeye cousin Lafayette Grice

Write soon tell the rest to write.


1. William Grice - father of Lafe; husband of Rebecca States who was sister of Sallieís mother

2. probably Salida Jones, whom Lafe married November 22, 1865, in Warren Ohio, about 2 weeks after this letter. Apparently the wedding was delayed only a week.

3. Mary Alice Eastburn - Sallieís sister and 1st cousin of Lafe

4. William Roberts - husband of Mary Alice, married September of 1865

New Antioch Jan 11th / 66

Dear Cousin

I seat my self once more to drop you a few lines to inform you that we are all well at present with the exception of bad colds and that seems to bee a common thing this winter in this part of the world I have bin looking and wating fore a letter from you fore a long time But have not seen one yet so I thought I would jog your memory again and let you know that we are still in the land of the living yet there isnt mutch news as I know of to rite about since the war is over with The boys have all got home about here that lived to see it threw But alass there is manny of our Brave and nobel Boys that sleap in Suthern graves But they died in a glorious caus their names will not bee forgotten in our minds nor in the on the pages of our Contrys history evry thing goes on quite and smooth since peese has bin declared and there isnt a copperhead to be found in the whole Contry and if you accuse a man of voting fore vallanDingham or little Mc he declares that he didnt and would almost sware that he never heard of eny sutch man as Ross too Well I must tell you something of ny bussness I have bought a tile establishment out and have bin running it some since I got it but the wether is to cold to do eny thing at it now but I an buisy a getting in wood to carry it on with next summer it will take about 100 cords of wood to run one season I supose this is rather a new thing to you and I will attemp to give you a brief history of it well in the first place it is made of clay molded in an ovel shape and is hollow and then it is set in the shade to dry and when dry is burned liken to a brick and is used to lead the watter under ground it cauld ditching or drain tile fore the purpose of making the land dry enough to cultivate it is a profitable buisness in this contry at this time and I will bee fore some time to come but pretty expensive to

Sally I hope you didnt get offended becaus I didnt caul that babe of ours Sally that is a pritty name but the Baby1 is a site prittyer it is the sweetes thing you ever seen I know it can walk and talk but if you did just wate till you come out hear and then you can have it changed if you want it Louisa2 and the 2 babes3 have gon to bed and left me and I must go to as it is gatting late the folks is all well as far as I know rite as soon as this comes to hand and oblige your affectionate cousin

A H States

P S Direct to New Antioch Clinton Co. O



1. daughter - unidntified

2 Louisa Johnson States - Abrahamís wife

3. daughter - unidentified

[Note - Apparently they decided not to go west as Louisa had related in 1865]


Jan 14th 1865 [1866]1

Well Sally I will try to finish this letter this morning if I can well I thought I would send to know if you knew eny thing of father2 and fore you to rite to me and lit me know where and how he is and where Kruson3 is and how to rite to him well I must close fore this time give our love to all inquiring friends and keep a good protion fore your self

good bye for this time yours as ever

A. H. States, Sr.


Cousin Sallie

I am not going to pretend to rite you a letter but only a few lines in the shape of a postscript. I wrote you a letter5 while Lafayette6 was there giving you directions how to find the place where my brother7 was buried but you never answered the letter or at least I never got one and I have not see Lafe since he came home and I expect I wont soon for he will be so devoted to that wife8 of his that he will never think of his poor kindfolks again. but enough of this. write soon.

L. J. States9


1. a. due to the content of the postscript on the back, which dates the letter after August, 1865, we will assume that Abraham made the error that many of us do when writing the year in early January.

b. this sheet was separated from the letter that Abraham said he was finishing, but due to the date, we assume it is part of the letter written Jan. 11th, 1866

2. Daniel States - father of Abraham, sister of Sallieís mother, who remained in Pennsylvania while Abraham went to Ohio. The 1860 census places him as a farm laborer on Sallieís fatherís farm. It must be assumed that he moved on, based upon context, but where?

3. Jacob Kruson States - Abrahamís brother

4. Postscript on back of letter

5. letter written July 31, 1865

6. Lafayetter Grice - son of Rebecca States Grice who is sister of Abrahamís father. Lafe was Louisaís 1st cousin by marriage,

7. George M. Johnson - Louisaís brother, died of wounds in Philadelphia on April 12, 1865

8. Salida Jones - wife of Lafe Grice, just married on November 22. 1865

9. Louisa Johnson States - wife of Abraham H. States, Sr.


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