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     Isaac H. Detweiler.  The Bucks county families bearing the patronymic of the subject of this sketch are descendants of several different German emigrants bearing that name who arrived in Pennsylvania at different period and who bore no known relation to each other, though settling practically in the same section.  The first Detweiler to own land in Bucks county was Hans Jacob Detweiler, who arrived in Philadelphia in the ship “Winter Galley,” September 5, 1738, and who settled in Franconia township, now Montgomery county.  He obtained by patent dated September 8, 1740, two tracts of land in Bedminster township, of about 175 acres each.  Nearly the whole of one of these tracts has remained in the tenure of his descendants to this day.

    Martin Detweiler, the paternal ancestor, was, however a later arrival coming from Germany in the ship “Crown,” Captain Michael James, which arrived in Philadelphia, August 30, 1749.  He also located in Franconia township, where he married Maria Meyer, born November 30, 1738, daughter of Christian and Magdalena Meyer, the former of whom is supposed to have accompanied his parents, Christian and Barbara Meyer, to Pennsylvania when a mere infant, having been born about 1705; he died in 1787.  He purchased land in Franconia in 1729.  Martin Detweiler purchased in 1774 a farm adjoining that of his father-in-law, Christian Meyer, containing 159 acres, and lived and died there.  Martin and Maria (Meyer) Detweiler were the parents of twelve children, viz.:  Christian, Isaac, Samuel, Hannah, Susanna, Maria, Abraham, Sarah, Barbara, Joseph, Benjamin and Jacob.

    Christian Detweiler, eldest son of Martin and Maria, was born in Franconia, August 3, 1772, and died there August 20, 1843.  He purchased the homestead farm of 159 acres of his father, on May 28, 1798, and spent his whole life there.  He married Elizabeth Reiff in 1796, and had by her seven children:  Joseph; Elizabeth, who married Michael Young; Mary, who married Benjamin Landis; George; Sarah, who died unmarried in 1884; Ann, who married John M. Hangey (sic—s/b Hagey); and Hannah, who married Abraham L. Moyer.

    Joseph Detweiler, eldest son of Christian and Elizabeth (Reiff) Detweiler, was born in Franconia, October 26, 1797, and died in Hilltown township, Bucks county, one mile west of Dublin, and settled thereon, subsequently purchasing two tracts aggregating twenty-one acres adjoining, and lived thereon until his death in 1861.  He married Elizabeth  Alderfer, who survived him, dying in 1875.  They were the parents of nine children, two of whom died young; those who survived were as follows:  Mary, who married Aaron Godshalk; John A.; Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Bishop; George A., of Rockhill, who married Esther Eckert; Joseph A., of Hatfield, who married Sarah George; Sarah, who married Gideon S. Stover; and Jacob A., of Hilltown, who married Hannah George.

    John A. Detweiler, eldest surviving son of Joseph and Elizabeth (Alderfer) Detweiler was born in Hilltown township March 9, 1823.  Early in life he learned the carpenter trade, and followed that vocation in Hilltown for several years in connection with the tilling of the soil.  He purchased in 1847 a small lot in that township, and resided thereon until 1849, when he purchased a farm of forty-two acres on which he resided until 1858, when he sold it to his brother-in-law, Aaron Godshalk, and removed to Bedminster township, where he purchased a sixty-acre farm on which he lived until 1873, when he conveyed it to his brother-in-law, Gideon S. Stover, and returned to Hilltown.  He married Maria Leatherman of Bedminster, who was born February 5, 1826, and died April 7, 1898.  Five children were born to them:  Jacob L., Elizabeth G., Albert L., Joseph L., and Granville L.

    Jacob L. Detweiler, eldest son of John A. and Maria, was born in Hilltown township, February 5, 1847, and was reared and educated in that and Bedminster townships.  He learned the carpenter trade with his father, and removed to Philadelphia, where he followed stair building for a few years, and then removed to Perkasie, Bucks county, and erected the home in which he has resided for the past thirty years.  He has followed contracting and building in that thriving town during all that period, and is one of the leading builders of the town.  He like all his ancestors, is a Mennonite, being a member of the Blooming Glen congregation.  In politics he is a Republican.  He married December 18, 1869, Elizabeth Hunsberger, daughter of Isaac Hunsberger, who was born November 25, 1846, and died October 22, 1895, and they were the parents of two children:  Mary Ann, born August 20, 1879; and Isaac H., the subject of this sketch.

    ISAAC H. DETWEILER, only son of Jacob L. and Elizabeth (Hunsberger) Detweiler, was born in Bedminster township, June 28, 1872.  He was reared and educated, however, in Perkasie, where he has lived from a small child.  Early in life he learned the cigar making trade, and has always followed that business.  He has always taken and active interest in the affairs of the town and is the present assessor of the borough, having been elected to that office in February, 1904.  He and his wife are members of the Lutheran church.  He is affiliated with Mont Alto Lodge, No. 256, K. of P., and in politics is a Republican.  He married December 5, 1896, Lizzie Nungesser, daughter of Jacob Nungesser, of Perkasie.



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Davis, William W.H., A.M. History of Bucks County, Pennsylvania [New York-Chicago: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1905] Volume III


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