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Jeannette, Pennsylvania, 1897

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While I am unable to do local 'on the ground research'
I am an excellant online researcher
might be able to help you locate that missing piece of your "Ancestral Pie"
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"With thanks to Nancy for all the work she did gathering resources for Westmoreland County"

Westmoreland County History

All of the Province of Pennsylvania was granted by Charles II of England to William Penn.

In 1682,William Penn began a settlement in his Province
at Philadelphia.Philadelphia, Bucks, and Chester Counties were
formed by William Penn when the Province was formed in 1682. Next, was Lancaster County in 1729, York County in 1749, Cumberland County in 1750,and Bedford County,
out of the western part of Cumberland, in 1772.

A new county had to be erected by an Act of
Assembly and on February 26, 1773, the Assembly passed the act organizing a new county--Westmoreland from Bedford County.
The new county was named Westmoreland,
after the county of the same name in England.

The original Westmoreland County included all the territory of Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette, Greene, Allegheny, Butler, Beaver, Crawford, Erie, Mercer, and Lawrence, and part of the counties of Indiana, Armstrong, Venango, and Warren. 

Westmoreland County Neighbors:
Allegheny ~ Washington ~ Fayette
Somerset ~ Cambria ~ Indiana
and Armstrong and maybe a corner of Butler

New Resource for one of our Neighbors:

Estate & Marriage Records: FS Historical Images
Cambria Co., PA
Estate Files:
1017858778, 107858779, 107855100, 107855099, 107855098
107855097, 107855096, 107855098, 107855097, 107855096:
107855092, 107855090, 107855091 Dates: 1808 > 1950

Marriage Records:
107858791, 107858786, 107858787, 107858790, 10858785, 107858784, 107858788, 107858792, 107858789: Dates: 1892 > 1897

107858780, 107858783, 107858781, 107858782: Dates 1974 > 1976

107855095, 107855094, 107855093: Dates 1960
All films can be found on FS.
Log in to your Acct, Search, then "Historical Images", then 'More Search Options', then Advanced Search', then enter the film #

Search Westmoreland County

Rostraver Grant Map: Names
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Many of these families had properties before the formation of Allegheny County and Fayette County and therefore may be shown on the above Counties grant maps.
The original boundaries of Rostraver Twp: "Beginning at the mouth of Jacobs Creek, and running down the Youghogheny to
where it joins the Monongahela; then up the said Monongahela to the mouth of Redstone Creek; and thence with a straight line to the beginning."
Contributed by Raymond Popp of Rostraver Township Historical Society.

Other Maps

Historical PA Maps ~ Another Historic Map Site 
Historic PA County Maps
Perry Casteneda Map Collection
Historic County Lines ~ Survey Books: 1681> 1912

PA Topo Maps ~ LOC: Sanborn Maps
Historical Atlas, 1867: Westmoreland County
 PA State Archives: Maps &
"Land Office" Maps
PA Panoramic Maps ~ Civil War Maps
USGenWeb Archives Map Project - PA

'Topo Zone'
Use Topo Maps to find Cemeteries

A Specialized Map:
Draft Registration Boards, WWI: Street Maps for 1917-1918
LDS Film #8206990

Pennsylvania Archives: Magazine
These publications are chock full of great information and can be downloaded here.

Libraries & Miscellaneous Resources
University of Pittsburgh ~ Historic Pittsburgh Digital Collections  
Rauh Jewish Archives

Got Quakers ?
Quaker Resources:
Monthly Meeting Notes: 1681 > 1935 [Ancestry]

The above resource is chock full of great information.

Quaker Information Center

Cyndi's List of Quaker Records

Friends Historical Library
Quaker Records: Family Search
Hinshaw Index to Quaker Records

Hinshaw Records are also available in the FS Catalog

Another untapped Resource
Genealogical Collections of the DAR
FS has a huge collection of film that has marvelous and unpublished documents.
Use the FS Catalog, Search using 'DAR' and Pennsylvania.

The "Gleanings" from my years of Database Research
can be found here:
Two Sections: Family Search & Ancestry

Crime & Prison RecordsFamily Search / Ancestry
Military: Family Search / Ancestry
Miscellaneous: Family Search / Ancestry
CanadaFamily Search / Ancestry
Cemeteries, Fun Hm's, Coroner: Family Search / Ancestry
Vital Records: Family Search / Ancestry

If you just want to look at all the files gleaned from
Family Search: Use this Link

If you just want to look at all the files gleaned from
Ancestry: Use this Link

Vital Records may be found in other Resources
Some of those are listed below:
Act of February 20 1866: Name Changes: California
AK- Pioneer Home, Appleton Biographies,
CA State Hospital Rec's,
Early Oregonians, Jackson Co., MO Voter Registrations,
Michigan Mortality Schedule, North American Families,
Oregon Biography Cards, Pima, AZ, Voter Registrations,
PassPort Applications, Prohibition Agents, American Red Cross Nurses, BaseBall Questionaires, Craft Persons, Eastern Cherokee Registrations, Homestead Records, Iowa Tax Assistance, Post Master Assignments,
Quaker Periodicals, Register of Scientific Tech's,
US Consular Applications & Certificates, US Biographies: Women,
St Albans, VT, Border Crossings
Ok, Westmoreland is ready to have a new face.
Many of the old files have been reformatted for easier access.

There was a huge set of old Cemetery files, they will be found in the last section of this page below the Biographies & Military Data

On we go...
There were no 'Lookup Volunteers'
So, if you have resources to share, send a note.
The PAGenWeb has a set of Mail Lists for each County
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Lookups are available for the following NewsPaper Sites:
America's NewsBank ~ Newspaper Archives
[Obits, Vital Records]
Other Subscription Database Access:
 My Heritage / Heritage Quest / Fold3 / Historic Map Works

Google Archives for lookups in the Pittsburgh Gazette
Please include Name of interest and time frame with your query.

"What's New"
From the FS Catalog:
Tidbits from the Big Piney Examiner of Sublette Co., WY
1912 > 2006 - Some Years Missing
Compiler: Anna Lee Woffinden
The Indexes for Each Booklet are Here
The Booklets are full of Obituaries, Death & Funeral Notices
Accidents, and the odd news article about local Pioneers
Send for scans
Download individual booklets from the FS Catalog

Divorce Records from Oregon
1925 - 1968: Index is Here
[Note, there are other Vital Record 'Odds' with the above link.
Actual Data is on Ancestry]

Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
[Mid-Continent Library - Subscription Site]

This file has a listing of the Information, Types, etc
followed by an Index of the Generals.

I am happy to do lookups, some of the information
[Biographical of the Generals in the list]
may be found by doing Google Searches,
but it will not be the handwritten reports. Martha

Newspaper Resources
California Digital Newspapers
This Site has a great collection of CA Newspapers,
but many of them have articles from other States.

Use this Link

Family Search: Historical images

The Explanation:
The Resources are wonderful, but the search parameters and functions are intimidating to the novice FS Catalog Researcher.

The Types of Information:
Baptism's, Delayed Births, Biographies, Cemetery, Church Records, Court Records,
Deaths & DC's, Deeds, Dockets, Estate Rec's, Genealogy, Grantor / Grantee Rec's, Land Records, Marriages [and Bonds], Marriage Licenses [+ Indexes], Military & Militia Rec's & Pensions, Obituaries, Probates, Vital, Warrants, Wills

Locations & Time Frame: o:p Parishes, Towns & Townships:
Alice, Arnold, Biddle, Carbon, N & E Huntingdon, Fulton, Sewickley, Harold, Hopewell, Donegal
India, Industry, Irwin, Larimer, Mt Pleasant, Penn, United, Washington, Webster, Rostraver, Westmoreland [Proper]

Time Frame: 1553 - 2015

The following will help you get a handle on information that could be of value to your search for Family data.
Use the chart linked here for the Film #
To access the Historical images, log into your FS Account:/span
Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical images:
You can begin with the search, but if you get lost or cannot figure it
all out, then use the chart I have created to access the information.

Backtrack to Search, Catalog, and plug in the
DGS Film number of interest from the Chart in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.

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There is a lot of FS Film for Westmoreland County, PA.
The Chart below gives the types and number of Files.
To Access: Log in, Search, Catalog, Location
Enter Westmoreland County, PA
Westmoreland - Biography ( 5 )
Westmoreland - Cemeteries ( 3 )
Westmoreland - Census - 1783 ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Church history ( 3 )
Westmoreland - Church records ( 5 )
Westmoreland - Directories ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Genealogy ( 4 )
Westmoreland - History ( 5 )
Westmoreland - History - Revolution, 1775-1783 ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Land and property ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Maps ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Naturalization and citizenship ( 2 )
Westmoreland - Newspapers ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Obituaries ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Probate records ( 551 )
Westmoreland - Probate records - Indexes ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Taxation ( 1 )
Westmoreland - Vital records ( 6 )

LDS Film 7809506
Marriage and Death Notices
From Weekly Newspapers: 1818 - 1865
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania: Vol 1
Copied & Compiled by:
Della Reagan Fischer [Mrs Frank Christian]
McKeesport, Penna, 1963

Index Img Rg
A - F 322 - 331
G - L 331 - 339
M- R 339 - 346
S - Z 346 - 353
Revolutionary Soldiers 354
War of 1812 354
Intro - Explanation 355

Vital Records: "Old Westmoreland Files"
Vital Record "Odds"

There were Marriage License Notices
as well as
Marriages listed in local Newspapers
The htm files were reformatted and
combined into searchable pdf files.

The time frame for the Notices seems to be 1890's
and early 1900's

The License Notices are here.
The Marriages are here.

There were Death Notices and Obituaries from Newspapers
The Death Notices are here. The Obituaries are here.

There were some Wills.

There was "Data that had not been added"
That file is here.

There was also a book found in the files:
Church Records: St Vincent's, Latrobe, PA
Sportsmen's Hall, St. Vincent, Latrobe, PA
Father Peter Helbron's
Greensburg, PA Registers

also called "Clear Spring"
Baptisms 1799 TO 1828
Marriages 1800 TO 1818
Burials 1804 TO 1819

Author: Barbara Brady O'Keefe
The reformatted file can be found here.

Canadian Records: Family Search / Ancestry
California Records will be found here [Ancestry]

And Please Remember the Special Access to Ancestry which offers
Pennsylvania Records at no charge.
Use this Link

Looking for your people in New Jersey?
"Reclaim the Records"
This great Resource can be found here.

Zabasearch could assist with 'Live People Searches'

Odds with a 'Vital Connection'
For King or Country
A Bicentennial Project of the Orange County, CA
Genealogical Society
Revolutionary War Ancestors with 200 Years of Descendants
Use this Link
Two Volumes ~ PDF Index : Published in 1975

Old Burial Records:
All of the Old Westmoreland Cemetery Files
can be found using this link.
Along with the old Westmoreland Cem Files,
the following LDS Films are included.
These records were indexed and transcribed by the DAR:
5218620 ~ 7941566 ~ 7649483 ~ 8218614 ~ 857005

Burials in Long Run Cemetery, Irwin, Westmoreland County, PA
By: Mary E Weston: Published: 198?
LDS Catalog
"Tabulation of 1930 and after by May Robbins & Sallie
Continued: 1931 by Mary E Weston"
Hand Written Pages

Tombstone inscriptions. Old Union Graveyard, German Reformed and Lutheran, Greensburg, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Wood, Mary Ellison (Added Author)
More Old Burial Records:
Alverton  ~ Mt Pleasant ~ Scottdale
Books & Magazines

These three Cemeteries were recorded
by Mary A Groensch before 1931.

Source: National Genealogical Society Quarterly Pgs 61 & 62
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania state and county records; v. 12
Family Search Catalog The Pages are here in pdf format.

Bash [Summer's Private Burial Ground]
Near Ligonier, Westmoreland Co., PA
Contributed by Mrs Eleanor Roberts Ray, ex-regent of Conemaugh Chapter, Blairsville, Penna - The Pages are here.
Source: DAR Publication. Pgs 748-750
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania state and county records; v. 12

Canada: Family Search / Ancestry
Inlcudes the following:
Obituaries, WWI Military Files, F-A-G,
Ontario, Can Marriages, Council Registrations US Residents serving in Canandian Expedition Forces
Marriage & Death Registers

Canadian Digital Newspapers

Canadian Digital Archives
Canadian Genealogy

There is a website dedicated to Canadian Obits
from local papers.
Please use this link.

"California Gleanings"
Databases for Folks from other States
who left a paper trail in California
Use these links:
Ancestry: California / Family Search: California

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A new way to do Family Research
Join the PAGenWeb
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Vital Records &  Obituaries
The basic search locations for Vital Records such as Family Search
The Western Pennsylvania Genealogical Society
are just links, everything else will have indexes for your use.
The Databases and links below will assist you with your research.

Delayed Birth Records: Filed: 1941-1976: FS
Use the chart below to locate Delayed Birth Records for
folks born in Westmoreland County:
These are actual birth records and petition Images
Log into your FS Account, Search, Catalog
and plug in the film number of interest
Volume / Dates Film #
Delayed births, v. 10 (p. 266-end) to v. 12 (p. 1-336) 1943-1944 1292617
Delayed births, v. 1-2 (p. 1-319) 1942 1292612
Delayed births, v. 12 (p. 336-end) to v. 14 (p. 1-743) 1944-1947 1292618
Delayed births, v. 14 (p. 743-end)-v. 17 1947-1950 1292619
Delayed births, v. 18-19 (p. 1-307) 1950-1952 1292620
Delayed births, v. 19 (p. 307-end) to v. 20 (p. 1-267) 1952-1953 1292621
Delayed births, v. 2 (p. 319-end)-v. 4 1942 1292613
Delayed births, v. 20 (p. 267-end) to v. 22 (p. 1-94) 1953-1955 1292622
Delayed births, v. 22 (p. 94-end)-v. 23 1955-1956 1292623
Delayed births, v. 24-26 (p. 1-150) 1956-1959 1292624
Delayed births, v. 26 (p. 150-end) to v. 28 (p. 1-140) 1959-1963 1292625
Delayed births, v. 28 (p. 140-end)-v. 30 1963-1981 1292626
Delayed births, v. 6 (p. 243-end) to v. 8 (p. 1-257) 1942-1943 1292615
Delayed births, v. 8 (p. 257-end) to v. 10 (p. 1-266) 1943 1292616

Compiled Resources for Westmoreland:
Deaths, Obits: Family Search Databases

Vital Records : Marriages: Family Search Databases
Records from the following States:
AL, AR, Arizona, California, Iowa, Idaho,
Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachussets, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York [City & County], Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Virginia

"PA Only" records will be found here

Many Indexes will be found using the above link
Records from the following States:
 AL, AR, AZ, CA, GA, HI, IA, ID, IN, KY, MI, MN, MT,
NC, NH, NV, NY [City], OH, OR, Philadelphia, PA, SC, TN, TX, UT, VT, WI, Willamette Valley, OR, WVA

Obituaries from NewsBank
For the 4 PA Counties I host:
Allegheny ~ Beaver ~ Jefferson ~ Westmoreland

1983 > 2020
/ Contact Martha for Obit

Coming Soon... Obituaries for Somerset County

Newspaper Records & Obituary Indexes
Use the above link for updated indexes.
Records from the following States:
AZ, CA, Grants Pass, OR, HI, IL, ID, MI, MN,
NH, OH, PA, San Diego, CA


LDS Films: Vital Records: Marriages & Deaths
LDS Film #8218622  Vol 1 - Item 1
Marriages & Deaths
Newspapers: 1818-1865 Img Rg
A - L 7 - 23
M - Z 23 - 37
Records are Chronological 38 - 325
LDS Film #8218622  Vol 2 - Item 2
Marriages, Vol 2
Newspapers: 1866 - 1900 Img Rg
A - F 333 - 366
G - L 366 - 394
M - R 394 - 418
S - Z 418 - 444
Records are Chronological 447 - 684

Obits from the old Pages / 1888 Obits [Historical]
Obits from the PA Gazette: 1728-1791-Index

Pennsylvania, Schuylkill County, Schuylkill Haven,
Funeral Home Obituary Cards, 1914-2007

The above resource contains obits and other information for many PA Counties. 
There appear to be two images for each name entry

American Daily Advertiser
This publication has Marriage and Deaths gleaned from the Newspaper:
The dates range from Jan 1800 > Dec 1810 for
both Marriages & Deaths.
The whole book can be downloaded from the FS Catalog,
but I have separated out the index alpha pages:
Both Marriages and Deaths are on the index.
The pages are hand written by one person, so once you get used to the formation of the letters the names are not too hard to read.
This Link will allow you access

Obit, Vital Lookups
I  have access to San Luis Obispo County Newspapers
and will do lookups
Obits-GenealogyBank [FS]:  Born: MN, MO, OR, PA, & WI
Died: San Luis Obispo Co., CA  / Contact for Query

And check these great Pubs:
Pennsylvania Magazine of History & Biography
Great Resource
This link get's lots of Volumes

Pennsylvania Genealogical Society Publications
This Link has many Vol's

Want to search my "Pennsylvania Gleanings"?
Use this link, all sorts of stuff

There are several books that have biographies
and other types of interesting information.

All of the Indexes for the Books listed below can be found here.
additionally, all of the books are on the
Archive.org site or Google Books

History of the
County of
Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
With Biographical Sketches

George Dallas Albert
Publisher Philadelphia, L. H. Everts & Co.
Read Online or Download: Archive.org
Note: This book has 4 really cool maps in the front.

Biographical and Historical
Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Compiled, Edited and Published By
John M Gresham & Co, Samuel T Wiley, Chief Assistant
Nos 1218 & 1220 Filbert Street, Philadelphia : 1890

Borough Centennial Souvenir
Greensburg, Illustrated
History of
Greensburg, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania
Greensburg Schools

Copyrighted 1899 : Printed and Published by
Vogle & Winsheimer, Greensburg, PA
Note: This little booklet has almost 200 Illustrations of local buildings and people

Old Westmoreland
A History of Western Pennsylvania
During the Revolution

Edgar W Hassler
J R Weldin & Co ~ Pittsburg: 1900

History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
John N Boucher ~ Illustrated: Vol 1
The Lewis Publishing Co ~ New York & Chicago, 1906

History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Genealogical Memoirs

Compiled by John W Jordan, LL.D.
Vol II, New York & Chicago
The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906

History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
Genealogical Memoirs

Compiled by John W Jordan, LL.D.
Vol III, New York & Chicago
The Lewis Publishing Company, 1906

Old and New Westmoreland Genealogical & Personal History
Under Editorial Supervision of Capt. Fenwick Y Hedley
Vol IV, New York & Chicago
The American Historical Society, Inc, New York, 1918

Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania:
History of Old Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania

Vol IV, Issues 1 > 4 Published: 1983
Tables of Contents
This Gazette is available on the Archive.org Site
This Gazette is packed with wonderful stuff from the beginnings of the County.
I have created indexes for the one Volume I can find.
All of the files can be found here.

Brief of Title to Nine Tracts of land
District No 3 of Depreciation Lands
Formerly in the County Of Westmoreland,
But now partley in Allegheny Co., and partly in Butler Co., Pennsylvania [Published in 1869]

History of the Brownlee Family
There was a page of "Family Data" found in the
"Old Westmoreland Files"

There are a lot of Family Histories in the
Family Search Catalog.
Log in, Search, Catalog
Enter Family Surname or do a General Search
Use: Westmoreland County, PA, Genealogy

1785 Tax List: Mountpleasant Twp., Westmoreland Co., PA,
 October 1785
The Historical Society of Pennsylvania state and county records; v. 12
Family Search Catalog
The Pages are Here

Marriage Bonds: 1784 - 1786
Partial List: I cannot find H > J
LDS Film # 7734098
A > B: 1090 - 1163
C > D: 1164 - 1222
E - G: 1223 - 1334
Continued: LDS Film # 7733666
K > L: 11 - 60
M > O: 61 - 111
P: 112 - 135
R > S: 126 - 207
T > Z: 208 - 265
For Access: Log into your FS Account,
Search / Catalog / Enter film # where it says 'Fiche/Film

New Resource:
The American Civil War Research Database is for researching the individuals, regiments, and battles of the American Civil War. The database contains indexed, searchable information on more than four million soldiers and thousands of battles, together with 17,000 photographs.
I have access to the above Subscription Database:
I will do limited lookups: Contact Martha

Genealogy Trails has some nice Civil War Biographies:
Major-General George Brinton Mcclellan
Major-General George Gordon Meade
Major-General Winfield Scott Hancock
Major-General John W. Geary
Brigadier-General Alexander Hays
Major-General John Fulton Reynolds
Lieutenant John T. Greble
Rear-Admiral David D. Porter
Rear-Admiral John A. Dahlgren

Genealogy Trails also has lots of other
Pennsylvania Military Data.
Please use this link
for access.

"Thanks to Gen Trails"
We appreciate You
Military Information & Resources
War in PA & Westmoreland County
Local Memorials
Arona Veteran's Memorial
Mt Pleasant Veteran's Memorial
Vietnam Veteran's Memorial
Twin Lakes Park Greensburg.
Located by the Upper Lake, near Pavilion
214th Quartermaster Detachment Memorial
Army Reserve Unit
Carbon, Hempfield Township
20th anniversary memorial service photos

Historical Wars  
Civil War ~ War of 1812 ~ Spanish-American War
War of the Revolution [Wiki] PA Digital Archives ~ War Records Internet Archives
Misc War Records
Fort Pitt ~ Military Forts in PA
Military Records
 Family Search Soldiers of the Great War, Vol 3, PA

Life-struggles in rebel prisons : a record of the sufferings, escapes, adventures and starvation of the Union prisoners, containing an appendix with the names, regiments, and date of death of Pennsylvania soldiers who died at Andersonville
Statement of Responsibility:
by Joseph Ferguson ; with an introduction by Joseph T. Cooper
Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress Photoduplication Service, 1988
Microreproduction of originals published: Philadelphia : J.M. Ferguson, c1865. xxiv, 206 p.
LDS Film # 08812501
A - F: Img 117 - 120
G - L: Img 120 - 123
M - R: Img 123 - 125
S - Z: Img 125 - 128

Westmoreland Co., PA
Revolutionary War Pension Applications
Applications for the following may be found here.
Isaac Anderson [Some Family Info Incl] ~ Ephriam Blaine
William Mc Cormick ~ Adam Maxwell ~ Robert Orr
Arthur Mc Claire ~ John H Sloan [Some Family Info Incl]
Thomas Wadsworth [Note: Not Complete]
Source: Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Vol 12, Pgs 54-58

Modern Wars
Timeline of World War I | Timeline of World War II
Korean Conflict
| Viet Nam | Bay of Pigs Desert Storm ~ Gulf War
Compiled Service Military Records
The Internet Archives [Archive.org] has a huge amount of filmed records.
This link is for PA

Military Biographies
Soldiers And Patriots Biographical Album
Containing Biographies and Portraits of Soldiers and Loyal Citizens
In the American Conflict, Together with the
Great Commanders of the Union Army
A History of the Organizations growing out of the War:
The Grand Army of the Republic,
The Loyal Legion,
The Sons of Veterans, and
The Woman's Relief Corps
Chicago, ILL
Union Veteran Publishing Company, 1892.
The Complete Index can be found here.
The Book may be read online or downloaded here.

Soldiers of the Great War
Pennsylvania, Volume 3

Military info from the "Old Westmoreland Files"
Memorials: WWI ~ WWII & Korea
Communities: Whitney & Lycippus

Ancestry Multiple Databases
Miscellaneous Military Records
POB: Westmoreland Co., PA

Family Search: Multiple Databases
Miscellaneous Military Records
POB: Westmoreland Co., PA
Missouri, Pre-WWII Adjutant General Enlistment Contracts,
The above records are for National Guard Enlistments.
Note: The list contains the names of the databases.
Note: Draft Registrations for WWI and WWII are not included

FS Military Data in the Catalog:
Donation lands or military tracts granted to the officers and soldiers of the Pennsylvania Line in the Revolutionary Army,
LDS Film 8248349 Read Image 6 for Explanation and Use. 

Pennsylvania, Register of Military Volunteers,
1861-1865 [Searchable Database]

GAR Roster: Published:1912 Book: Grand Army of the Republic.
Department of Pennsylvania

Draft Registration Boards, WWI: Street Maps for 1917-1918
LDS Film #8206990

Miscellaneous Military Information

Military: Family Search / Ancestry

The types of Records
Disabled Veteran's Homes
Iowa Armed Forces Grave Registrations
DAR Lineage
Search the DAR ~ GAR ~ SAR
US Army Nurse Records

Prison Records
Record of the Federal Dead
Buried From:
Libby, Nelle Isle, Danville & Camp Lawton Prisons
and at
City Point, and in the Field before Petersburg and Richmond
Published: US Christian Commission
James B Rodgers, Printers, 1865
There is an Index and an Explanation about the Cemeteries
Use this Link for the files
Download Book from Family Search or Contact for Lookup

New Databases for "Crime & Punishment"
 Missouri State Penitentiary: 1836 - 1931[Search]
    Online Explanation of the Prison& Records
FS: Documents & Records - Explanation & Image Charts
 How to Access the Records on Film
   LDS Films: 2407222 ~ 2406002 ~ 2405919 ~ 2405920
 Use this link for Film 2406002
  Family Search Catalog: Missouri State Archives
 Court Martial and Military Prison Records
 Military Prisoners & Court-Marital Records
Prison Records: Family Search Databases [Film]

1617966 ~ Mc Neil Island
1906: Crime Booklet
956170 ~ Territorial Prison at Yuma, AZ
978902 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1851-1867 [Index]
978903 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1851-1867, Register
978904 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1876-1889, Register
978905 ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, 1889-1897, Register
978906 - Vol A ~ CA State Prison, San Quenton, List of Convicts, A - C
978906 - Vol B
978906 - Vol C
978907 ~ CA State Prison, Folsom
978907 ~ Register, 1884-1886 [Prisoner #s 11092-12354

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Westmoreland County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham
PAGenWeb State Coordinator: Nancy Janyszeski
PAGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator (Eastern Counties): Mary Ann Lubinsky
 PAGenWeb Assistant State Coordinator (Western Counties): Martha A C Graham

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