Cemeteries: Smearman Cemetery near Poister's Mill, Black Twp., Somerset Co., PA

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CEMETERY NEAR POISTERS MILL Also known as Smearman Burying Ground

Situated in Black Township, Somerset County, PA on farm owned by Roy Snyder. Northwest of old buildings about 50 rods from an old road.

One child's grave planted on recently (son of Frances SANNER)

Three children's graves, native stones, not inscribed.

One adult grave, native stone.

Two adult graves, not inscribed.

One adult grave, not inscribed.

Two adult graves, not inscribed.

Two adult perceptible depressions, evidently graves, no stones

Three adult perceptible depressions, evidently graves, no stones

Four adult graves, native stones, not inscribed

One adult depression, no stone.

Total 20 graves.

Probably some members of the POISTER family who owned the mill.

NOTES: Two uninscribed graves MR. & MRS. SMEARMAN

Parents of Mrs. Rev. Christian MANKAMYER who is buried in Temple Cemetery, White Oak, Larimer Twp. Information by Grandson, Joe Mankamyer.

Also buried here is REUBEN KLINK, son of Reuben KLINK. Child two of Wm. ENOS' children.

The body of CORNELUS BITTNER was removed to Laurel Church Cemetery.

The body of SARAH, wife of Anthony GROWALL was removed from this cemetery to the Hauger Cemetery near Rockwood, PA. She met her heath by coming in contact with a circular saw on a saw mill splitting the head two parts. Information by Mrs. Roy Snyder. (transcribed Geo. Hamilton & E. C. S., Sept. 21, 1947)